Extras, Page 1

Here you go:

And thus ends page one. That’s actually the first page as it appears in the sample booklets handed out at BEA. (It’s more or less the final text, but a couple of words will be different, because there’s always these editors around editing.)

Oh, by the way, I now have several dozen of these samplers:

That’s them sitting on my chair. So many of them! What shall I do with them all? Maybe this . . .

Between now and October 2 the FIRST COMMENTER of each post, including this one, will get a copy of the sampler sent to them! Autographed! By me! To them!

Here are some tips:

1) Make sure that you’ve filled out your email address in the comment log-in box, so I know who you really are.

2) You don’t have to post your address in the comment itself. Just in the log-in thingie.

3) DON’T put your snail mail address anywhere online! I’ll email you and get that.

4) One per person! If you’ve already won on a previous post, be nice and let others conquer.

Remember, this applies to the first commenter only on every post between now and October 2.

Let the commenting begin . . .

372 thoughts on “Extras, Page 1

  1. They sound asian and kinda past the whole operation, but Aya seems to want an operation. We can’t wait to read the rest of the book! this page has made me want to read it even more and it leaves alot of questions like, will any one get the operation, what is the evils or dangers in this book, and are Tally and David in it and what evil awaits them?
    We can’t wait to find out!

  2. OMG! I’m so excited to read it! I was really sad at the end of the specials, that it was over so fast (I read the whole series in 11/2 weeks)But when I found out about this book, my heart almost stopped. I’m going to buy a copy for all of my friends! I can’t wait to read it!!!

  3. Hey Scott i just want u 2 no your now my favourite author! I so hope u never stop writing for for us n i m sure every1 else will agree.
    Anywayz i was just wondering i m from Australia (Sydney let me know wen u come back) ill love to go to and meet u at 1 of your book signings.
    Will extras be coming out in our book stalls on october 2 as well? If not do u know when it will be coming out?
    Thankz so much Scott.

  4. I very much enjoyed reading your Uglies series. It was very refreshing, something more interesting that Harry Potter.

  5. aaaaaah im like obbsessed with the uglies trilogy!
    i can’t believe zane died :O it was so sad it made me cry :'(
    but i can’t wait for extras
    and is there really going to be an uglies film?
    oooooo i hope so :):):)

  6. This is amazing!! when i found out about the fourth, i went nsane. i was pulling my hair out!! i really cant wait for this book!

  7. Scott I have to think you so much for writing this trilogy. Of course, I’m almost done with Pretties, this is the first time I ever actually read a book and put it down. Even famous books like Harry Potter and etc. bored me. But, I simply can’t get my hands off of this book!
    Hopefully I will be done with Specials before the 4th book comes out!

  8. Me again..
    I just went serching the net, and I found there was a thing on Wikipedia saying something about a movie!?

  9. OMG!!!!
    i am SOOOOO exited!!!!!
    the only thing im kinda bummed about if that im REALLY gonna miss tally and david.
    i REALLY hope they apear at least a little in Extras…but even if they dont i know ill LOVE this book anyway cause its by the same AMAZING author!!!
    CANT WAIT!!!

  10. theirs gonna be a movie?
    ooooo that would be AWESOME!!!!

    hey… to all you uglies, pretties, and special lovers… try out this book
    Maximum Ride: the angel experiment
    its by james patterson and thats the 1st book
    its my all time FAVORITE series besides harry potter and uglies
    but odds are most of you have already read harry potter and uglies
    well…DUH to uglies
    who hasn’t read it!

  11. omg. i cant wait for extras! i hope tally is somewhat incorporated in the book though…she probably wont be but i really wish there could be another book about her adventures with david. I LOVE YOU SCOTT! thank you for writing these amazing books: they are literally the best books i have ever read!!

  12. Hey, scott make another post so i can win a copy!!!!!! I read Uglies,Pretties,Specials all in a week and a half. couldnt stop reading!!!! YOU ARE A AMAZING WRITER!

  13. Dear Scott,
    Hey! I’m so excited for your book to come out in October 2nd! I bet I’m not going to get a free copy of your new book because I’m the 300 something person! You said you only have a few copies. Don’t worry! I’ll just buy one but I just want to give you feedback! Excellent series! I had a difficult time stop reading it; seriously. I brought your book everywhere I went and read and read, one after the another. I’m reading So Yesterday, Peeps, and Midnighters now; hope they are good!


  14. hahaha guess i loose. OH MY GOSHHH im so depressed i finally get my computer working and OPPSS i loose the contest :[ now i have to wait. Lol. Im crying on the inside right now.

    I LOVE YOU SCOTT!! Ive read pretty much all your books. and the bigest Uglies trilogy fan


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