New Midnighters Covers

Yes, I realize that Justine and I have been spending all our time over at Inside a Dog, but I have not utterly abandoned you!

Here, for your viewing pleasure, is the first cover for the new trade paperbacks of Midnighters!

Pretty cool, huh? That’s Jessica of the red hair and green eyes, of course.

Remember, these are the same old book, just with new covers. And they aren’t available until early January 2008, so don’t go scouring for them. But I thought I’d give you guys your usual chance to sneak peak and comment.

Or you comment over at Inside a Dog.

70 thoughts on “New Midnighters Covers

  1. Wait oh my gosh look at THAT COVER!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Matches the look/style of Peeps and Uglies/more contemporary. And look at those colors!

    Hey Scott is there a cover for a fourth book?

    (Hahaha, it was worth a try)!


  2. I actually think that this cover is better. It gives you a good picture of her and makes you unserstand the symbols more. What’s going on with the contest to get Extras samples? Any updates Scott?

  3. question, WAS I the first to comment?
    if so is that contest still on?
    I’m kind of confused! ah, well!

  4. I HOPE it’s still on 😀 because I think I was the first one to comment on thi most amazing book cover :]

  5. you know you could have mentioned this a week ago even if you didnt have the cover (i just bought the midnighters seiries but I that cover way better cuz you can see the person…)

  6. I read the first two Midnighters, but never read the last one…Blue Noon.
    Nice covers, though!

  7. that is such an fawsome cover. though i have to say i still like the other ones better. there’s not at much..mystery in this one. although on the upside, this one is not over photoshopped like the others.

  8. OMG i just finished the 1st and the 2nd boks and cant wait for the 3rd one. The book cover is amazing SCOTT {lovez it}.Cant wait to go and by it they look so coooooollll.

  9. Wow, it does look good! Thing is that, yeah, it doenst have as much mystery as the origonal covers. These look like all other book covers… Still, they are fool. (yes, i just finished The Last Days, which i loved!)

  10. Little Willow, me too!! That’s probably my favorite part of the whole cover. Although I do like the whole matching with the other books thing too.


  11. i did already comment over at inside a dog, but i do have a question, when will contests restart for the sampler books?

  12. Like I said over at Inside a Dog, I prefer the old ones because of the mystery, but this is more eye catching for non-Westerfeld-fans. And it doesn’t look like my idea of Jess, even if it does match the others. And I agree with jennifer, aka literaticat, it does sorta look like Justine.

  13. ( I thought it looked a bit Justine-esque at first glance, too.)
    Oh, it’s pretty! But I own all of them with the old covers, which I must say are also very cool.

  14. both are cool (old and new)
    i think everyone should thank and worship the cover gods
    where are the other 2 books though???

  15. that cover is so cool. i finished the midnighters trilogy last night, so its kind of weird that scott posted about midnighters. i love the cover better than the other one!

  16. Thats wicked awesome! Though isnt the flame bringer sign on her eye sorta a spioler? Or maybe it isnt and im just think that if i saw that not having read the book id have an idea just because i have read the book?

  17. love both the covers and love the books
    i don’t think the symbol spoilers it because its not like you know what the symbol means until they straight up tell you

  18. The other books are going to get another cover to. They are going to have different characters on them. Theres more info than this at Insideadog.

  19. this cover is way more awesome than the other one because u can figure out what Jessica actually looks like instead of a big blur. i like the flamebringer sign on her eye too! whos gonna be on the other covers cause theres only 3 bookks?

  20. i personally like the old covers much better. i think that’s what caught my friend’s eye and made her read it and then tell me about it. the new ones look kind of blan. there’s not really anything special about them. (haha, SPEACIAL!!) it’s odd that scott chooses to FINALLY post about midnighters, when i’m in the process of re-reading the entire midnighters series! i need 2 buy the rest of them. (i only have the 1st one) cya!!

  21. I dislike this cover for one reason, like the Uglies Trilogies covers, it specifies how Jessica should look. Not vaugly, but specificly. When/if the time for Midnighters comes, people will be expecting this face. Just like a lot of folks use the Tally cover on Uglies to use as a template for what the cast should look like.

    But I love it because it is so completly modern and it just looks nice.

  22. Luv it!! That scar is SO COOL!! I think that people are going to want to read it bc the cover looks cool!

    66 days until Extras OR…
    2 months 4 days or…
    5,702,400 seconds or…
    95,040 minutes or…
    1584 hours or…
    9 weeks

  23. omg i love the cover! the shot is really nice, and the color scheme is really awesome too.

    hey am i the only one who can’t open the inside a dog website? i keep getting that “the page cannot be displayed” message. i even googled it in case scott’s link was off (no offense) but i still won’t open! what am i going to do i need to see who wins the lolcat cover contest on the 6th!!!

    so yeah could anyone tell me if if they can/cannot open it b/c i’m not sure if it’s just my computer being dumb or there’s something wrong with the site.

  24. opps i forgot the “t” in “it” and i wrote “if” twice, i guess that’s what happens when i’m typing frantically

  25. hey, is Inside A Dog not working for any of you? all day i haven’t been able to get on the site. its saying its taking too long to respond.
    is it my computer, or IAD?

  26. ok, nevermind… i hadn’t read the last few commets. so at least it isn’t just me. i was gonna enter again in the contest… grrr…

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