Trivia Night

The Obsessive Refreshing Experience has been an interesting experiment in group dynamics, but not as much fun as I’d hoped. Everyone racing to comment has been kind of disruptive to the discussion threads here, and probably to your lives as well.

Maybe it’s time for a change.

So this is the last giveaway that goes to the first commenter. We’ll have to think of something more interesting. (And maybe not based on being fast, you know?)

In the last comment thread, Kim suggested that I ask a trivia question and see who answers first. That’s still time-based, but it could be more fun and less random.

So here’s a trivia question, and the first person to post the correct answer wins a sampler! (That’s right, I’m giving away two samplers today! Oh, the excitement!)

Question: In my book So Yesterday there are two characters who each have two last names (but both in different ways). Who are these characters? Please identify both characters by their one first name and two last names.

Is this question slightly confusing? Tough. It’s supposed to be. If you post a partial answer, don’t blame me if someone steals it from you and wins with the whole answer!

Let the games begin.

Also, let’s use this comment thread to come up with some other ideas. Is there any way to do this where you don’t win based on timing at all?

My next post will be in 48 hours, give or take 15 minutes.

295 thoughts on “Trivia Night

  1. ideas are hard things to come up with.
    a good way that is fair for people to win samplers is…
    a search game.
    have people find a picture of what they think a character from your book looks like.
    tally when she is an ugly.
    -the person will find a picture of what they think tally looks like at this stage, the person that closest matches your idea of tally as an ugly wins.

    and instead of spreading it out in a bunch of blogs, you can just do a bunch of characters at one time and have a deadline.
    then you will only have to go through the pictures once.
    and then you can get more than one winner to give out all the copies.

    i know it is a lame idea but whatever.
    it was worth a try.

    p.s. then there is no deal with time as long as you get the picture in by deadline.

    p.p.s. if there are doubles of pictures, then they all win samplers.

  2. kim in post 112, how can we post with out getting mixed up. i guess that i could change my name? or maybe we could put our last initial or do a number? post and tell me what you think.

    scott, you posted like 4 times. i was out of town.

    like the trvia idea.

  3. I liked the Trivia and thought it worked well,
    ahhh i was anoyed it was the one time when I wasn’t near the books!

  4. argh…figures he posts when i’m at dinner w/ family. i’m mad–not just because the dinner came up at the last second, when i was already waiting for scott to post, but because I KNEW THE ANSWER TO THE TRIVIA QUESTION! darn it well i have nothing to do tomorrow at 7 aso i willbe ready and waiting when the time comes…although i still probably won’t win it!

    but yeah i agree w/ most other people here: the trivia is a great idea!

    and congratulations to Kailyx and IndigoEyes!

  5. How about a fan-fiction contest? We could write in a first page of a fan-fic, and Scott would choose the most compelling one. That would be the preliminary. After which those who had won that, they would enter their fan fiction. Ranging in size from short story to novelett (Sp?). And the winner would get one of the remaining books.

    Does this sound feasible?

  6. This way it would give the more sluggish typists a chance to win.

    ((And the more sluggish thinkers. Sorry about the double post.))

  7. Ah, and it could have a deadline…

    I just think that with this it wouldn’t have to be first come first serve…

    Sorry about the triple post. My thoughts come in spurts and flashes.

  8. I have an idea. What about a quote contest? People can post a quote from the Uglies series (it really should be them, I think, because it is Extras, after all) in a comment, and Scott can pick the one he likes best as the winner.

    Here’s the catch: When you post your quote, you must also vote for someone else’s quote. If you don’t vote, your quote is disqualified.

    The votes will help narrow down the list for Scott to pick from, so that his brain doesn’t explode from trying to choose between about 30,000 quotes.

    Oh, and if more than one person posts the same quote, the first person who posted it gets credit for it, and all other postings of that same quote count as votes for that quote.

    Also, the winning quote will be chosen *no less* than 24 hours after the blog post goes up, so that everyone has plenty of time to check in and put in a quote without racing madly around in circles. *grin*

    Just an idea. 🙂


  9. Addendum: why quotes instead of trivia questions or fan-fic stories?

    The quotes would have nothing to do with timing, unlike the trivia answers, and they are much shorter and easier to judge than stories.


  10. Or…..we could make up a quote, that way it would be more original than just finding quotes from a book

  11. do we have to hold a quote contest?

    i love (i mean i seriously LOVE) the uglies series, but i don’t own any of the books! i have so yesterday, but all of his other books i’ve just gotten from the library! i’m sorry, i’m probably the only person here who doesn’t own all the books, but it doesn’t mean i don’t want to get a sampler!

    so scott, when you’re going through all the contest ideas, try to keep your devoted library readers in mind! i can take trivia questions, but contests where the books are directly involved (like picking quotes, et cetera) leave me a little bit handicapped when it comes to being the first person to answer correctly…muchas gracias!

  12. you are not the only one with out the books belive me! i dont have the uglies books i lent them to a friend and they havnt returned them. I agree with you there!

  13. Taylor I dont own all his books either but that would be pretty much the coolest thing ever!! Well Scott congrations. you now have an offical section in the bookstore by my house! It is my personal favorite area 😉 Well i am totally stoked for Extra’s to come out and i will be waiting in line for my copy.!!

  14. yay i feel wanted…lol jk. but it’s good to know i’m not the only one who doesn’t own all the books. and patricia jane, i agree that it would be completely awesome–eventually i want to own all the books.

    and i hope scott does some signings/appearances in New York for extras…i’d force my parents to bring me there, even though it’s 4 hours away from me (although i do live in NY)!!!

  15. nO!! i live all the way across the country!! he would just have to go everywhere:) Even if it was 4 hours give or take, i would still show up! ROAD TRIP!! Taylor you should feel wanted because you are!! ha ha. i am writing when Extra’s comes out on my personal calendar right now!

  16. Fan-fics?
    please, no.

    i like that trivia idea. the quotes, etc. idea seems rather complex. or at least involving a lot of work…

  17. i feel so special. i just looked at the apperance page on this site and scott is comming to atlanta,ga!!! thats awesome. i live in ga, a couple hours away from atlanta. *insert claping here*

  18. Yea the quotes are a bit too complex.

    Mary Elizabeth S. Not to put down your idea, but there is one minor error in it. If you HAVE to vote for a quote when you post your quote, then who would the first quote poster vote for? And the second quote poster would HAVE to vote for the first quote poster, etc. I like the rest of it though.

  19. the random number wouldnt work cause ppl would just post heaps and make multiple accounts even. I also dont own Scotts books- i just borrow from the lirary.

  20. how about the quote idea? but u dont have 2 vote 4 another person and it has to be in the first 75. and u can only post once. (if u create miltiple names scott knows your email adress *insert evil laugh here*)

  21. (sorry about the little evil thing. i guess i just really want this book sampler, or something to do)

  22. But I mean really..HOW can Scott judge a quotes contest? They are all Scott’s books, and so he probably likes all of his quotes.

    And Amy-La, people can create multiple emails as well. I myself personally have at least 4 emails, but I wouldn’t cheat like that. But I know others who would.

  23. i have 3 emails AshAngelAk…yeah what happened was that the first address my dad created for me when i was like 9 (without telling me) and i hated the name. then the second one i liked but eventually (since it was on outlook express) it got SUPER SLOW and i would get some of my emails up to a day late! then i got a gmail one (which is my current one) and i love it. but yeah i wouldn’t cheat–cross my heart!

  24. does anyone remember my comment where we MAKE UP quotes about what the characters would say?

  25. do you remember my comment where we MAKE UP quotes about what the characters WOULD say instead of what they DID say?
    Is that a good Idea?

  26. Ideas on how not to be bored:

    1. comment on the westerblog untill everyone gets annoyed and hunts you down
    2. read and reread scott’s books
    3. If you are really desparate you can dress up like a peep and bite everyone

    (just kiding on the last one)

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