Trivia Night

The Obsessive Refreshing Experience has been an interesting experiment in group dynamics, but not as much fun as I’d hoped. Everyone racing to comment has been kind of disruptive to the discussion threads here, and probably to your lives as well.

Maybe it’s time for a change.

So this is the last giveaway that goes to the first commenter. We’ll have to think of something more interesting. (And maybe not based on being fast, you know?)

In the last comment thread, Kim suggested that I ask a trivia question and see who answers first. That’s still time-based, but it could be more fun and less random.

So here’s a trivia question, and the first person to post the correct answer wins a sampler! (That’s right, I’m giving away two samplers today! Oh, the excitement!)

Question: In my book So Yesterday there are two characters who each have two last names (but both in different ways). Who are these characters? Please identify both characters by their one first name and two last names.

Is this question slightly confusing? Tough. It’s supposed to be. If you post a partial answer, don’t blame me if someone steals it from you and wins with the whole answer!

Let the games begin.

Also, let’s use this comment thread to come up with some other ideas. Is there any way to do this where you don’t win based on timing at all?

My next post will be in 48 hours, give or take 15 minutes.

295 thoughts on “Trivia Night

  1. (people do this one all the time)
    12. talk about how wierd people are

    hola, we’re making a list on how not to be bored

  2. 13.deniy the fact that you are bored.
    (I do this but i deniy the fact that im awake in the morning)

  3. allichie
    July 16th, 2007 14:33 208

    14. run away screaming when Chelsea-wa starts to post

    oh THANKSS. lol.

  4. lol. this has been fun, being the victim and all, but I might not be here for awhile. i’m downloading brushes. ;o

  5. 19. scream at your mom when she tells you to go to bed
    20. continue to make the list when the only thing you are making a list of is stuff people already do so you don’t actually need to make a list but you are so bored you feel like you have to make a stinken list and you can’t stop because it’s something to do and you are no long bored because you are making a list
    21. go on and on about lists

  6. lol. can i pick on chelsea-wa?

    iv got one!!!
    19. put on crash bracelets, a bell sensor, and get a hovor board (might want to get a special hover board)

  7. i was reading the first midnighters book, but then i decided to come online. maybe i should go back to the book

  8. my sampler hasnt come yet
    i think people might still obsessively refresh to be the first one to see the trivia
    you should make a contest on making the best cover for RUSTIES then have us vote

  9. It doesn’t necessarily have to be drawn. It can be a photograph, digital art, drawn, etc. But still too hard to draw.

    Mine hasn’t come yet, but I bet he is waiting until a certain number of people win so that he can go send all at once instead of having to keep going back to the post office every time someone wins

  10. I got an idea… it does some-what involve speed, but no so muc, and it also involves trust.

    okay here it goes, its simple really. Scott picks a number any number, tells people that who-ever posts on the correct number with the correct answer to some EASY question gets it, but u cannot post more than 10 times, the trust issues are for Scott not to change the number, and relying on people to ONLY post 10 TIMES, c’mon every one here is honest right??

  11. liek i said before i think he shoudl just pick a number and whoever posts on it should win, makes things less complicated

  12. scott could pick a number and not tell us that way we will not know and not post millions of poss trying to get the number. then as soon as the number is reached he could put a blog up and tell us who the winner is.

    kim in 154.


  14. i feel sorry for you toomanypeoplenamedhillary!

    why are you not allowed on the internet at home?

  15. Kim, wouldn’t people post millions of times trying to get the number, because a higher amount of posts means a better probability of reaching it? It would be an ok idea, but it is opening an opportunity for a lot more random posts (trust me, I know. I was one of the weirdos doing it before). Maybe you’ve got an ok concept going, but there needs to be something added to it to make it less of a free-for-all.

  16. Hillary Winston-hyphen-Smith
    haha i wrote it out exactly as the book because it amused me and last but surely not least
    Mwadi Wickersham aka Futura Garamond

    sadly with my luck i know i lost.
    ive never won anything in my life…i think.
    good question can you win something without counting on timing hmmm

  17. wow… uh… hmmm… how about the 100th commenter wins! or the 2nd (thinking of ally-wa) or the 100th… im all out of ideas (not that i had any, i just said that an idea someone else made was a good one.)

  18. Kim- Sadly, not everyone is honest. All you have to do to win is, once you get on, to post single words at a time or something. Unless Scoot had it where, if you posted more then a certain amount of posts, you wouldn’t get the prize if you posted on the number he picked. He’d just need to have a back-up number or two.

  19. This might sound a bit strange…

    Scott could write “What would I do if…” and name a situation
    And the nearest person to that answer wins

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