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  1. Scott!!! could you post more about the movie??
    im done asking if i could be in it but i wanna know who’s playing who and what the movie is gonna be like. just knowing the movie is coming out is totally bubbly-making. xD

  2. i think i got my friend amanda into scott’s books. i told her to read peeps because she was reading a vampire book at that time, but i still dont know if she’s read it yet. (she also got me hooked on twilight because i was reading peeps and she was reading twilight)

  3. i smell mexican food. i hope we have my dads nachos for dinner. they are so good!

  4. i like mexican too. But I don’t really like extremely spicy stuff. But being a vegitarian, it’s kinda hard to eat some stuff….


  5. I have the Little House set. (only read the first 3) I want 2 by the Uglies set! That hardcover Harry Potter boxed set is tottally icy! Except the box is like a super fancy one with a lid and all. Not to mention it costs like $140!!!

  6. Scott hasn’t posted for like…EVER!!

    That was a really cute picture of him and Justine at the bottom of the winners. I’ll miss inside a dog. They had cool stuff on there!

    Kadie-Wa 55 days until extras or
    1 month 24 days (EKKK) OR,
    4,752,000 seconds or
    79,200 minutes or
    1320 hours or
    7 weeks
    Wow, that really isn’t that long of a waiting time. YAY!

  7. Well, you were on here, that’s what the cheer was for, but I gotta go pack now. So bye pplz!! I’ll be back uh…i think monday!


  8. and will people promise not to spell my na,e in all capital letters. kadie-wa made me a little nevious before i read comment #159

  9. its really weird. whenever i have my lights on in my room at midnight, they flicker. that only happens at midnight, and no other time. i think thats really weird. and the first time i noticed it, i was reading midnighters. i thought it would be kind of cool if it was the result of time freezing!

  10. if you are a Harry Potter fan, this might make you laugh. (i did)

    Snape confronts Ginny about her supposed misuse of a Love Potion, Harry confronts Snape about his confrontation with Ginny, McGonagall confronts Harry about his confrontation with Snape…. The question is, who will emerge victorious? Will any memories be modified?

  11. my 7th post in a row! i must be bored or i think scotts gonna post around 1am. (that was a joke in case you werent sure)

  12. i just asked myself a great question. if im so bored, why dont i get off the computer?

  13. o my gawd!!! i liiterally died of a heartattack wen i heard that Scott was coming out wit Extras!!!! why dont u just get off the computer if u rele want to Amy-la

  14. im scared about monday. monday is the first day of school. im scared because there are some boys that are going to play a trick on me and my friends. im scared on what they are going to do. they arent gonna tell me what their gonna do. any one want to tell me what to do about them.

  15. Amy-la: your 1st day of school is Monday? mines not til like after labor day. and about the boys, i have so many guys that pick on me! you could threaten to tell the teacher. (that works alot) or you could say Mrs. bla bla! Whatever his name is… and they’ll usually walk away as fast as they can. you could call their mom. (they get the biggest punishment fron that. especially if you lie or exaggerate. the mom always believes you) or my fav, just whack ’em!

  16. there is this one boy that i always tell on and the teacher does nothing. thats just not right.

  17. follow the butterflies! follow the butterflies! follow the butterflies! follow the butterflies! follow the butterflies!

  18. wow its been forever!!!! lol hows eveyones summer been? ready for school to start…. if it hasnt already started? i know im not lol 😛

  19. monday is gonna be the worst day ever. 🙁 i feel sorry for the county just north of mine, they started school on the 6th. my first day of school is the 13th. 🙁

  20. OH my gosh are you serious is there really gonna be a uglies movie!?!?! Will it be a animation or what…oh my gosh i’m sooo excited they end the harry potter series but the world fixes it by giving me a uglies movie. Yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!

  21. If anyla’s care, i’m going to leadership camp now. All my friends wimped out so I wont no anybody. It’s all so nervous-making. Not to mention really unhappy-making. I’ll try to be bubbly though. Be back on Thursday!

  22. if i went to camp that ended thursday, i would miss my first week of school! 🙁
    the fact that school starts is so NOT happy-making!

  23. What nanner-wa its coming out as soon as next year!!! OH my gosh i’m soo excited and do you know if they intend on doing the whole series?

  24. does anyone hav an idea on how long it will take for scott to post??? ally-wa and i are afraid that if he takes much longer extras will be out before he post or worst the contest wont start again!!! jk i want a post with more than a sentence liek the last one… 🙁 byez pplz

  25. yeah extras will be out before scott post again! that wont be happy-making if he does.

  26. i liked the on posted by nanner-wa. the chair confused me too! the one posted by kailyx was kind of creepy.

  27. the closer monday comes, the more i want to type frowny faces! 🙁 🙁 🙁 🙁 🙁

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