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  1. wow, it’s been a long time it seems since i was last on here. I wonder when scott will post? PLEASE POST SCOTT!!

    clap clap

    Hmmm…not working to well…

    I thought for sure that when I got back from vacation scott would have posted. Whaaa!!

    Well, I’m done.

    I feel your pain though Amy-La! (Hope you don’t mind me calling you that)


  2. Hey la’s! Back early! I have to go back tomorrow tho. 🙁 It’s like a three hour drive. Car-sick-making. I dont get the chair thing either. Maybe its supposed to be when David finds out that Tally betrayed the Smoke? SCOTT-LA NEEDS TO POST!!!

  3. Poor Amy-la!! Hope you can find all of ur classes allright!! But I bet that you are eating lunch right now at your school, bc it’s like 12:30. Can’t wait to hear how horrible it was!!


    Please post Scott!! PLEASE! Make Amy-La have a happy day after her first day of school!

  4. my math class will be very interesting. i have a teacher that is from tiawan and you cant understand what she says! My language arts class will be fun because i sit behind my friend, Rosa. my social studies will be ok, despite the fact that my teacher called me my sister’s name, Jennifer. in science we will do a lot of labs, so that will be fun. then i have technology. in technology, you do stuff at these stations and one of the stations is space *insert cheering here*. then i have gym. that is my last class so i will like it the most. then after gym we have to go back to homeroom to wait for your bus.

  5. Ok, well I dont get it is this a whole new series based around the same things as the uglies, or is it a add on to the uglies series? Will tally be mentiond in this book?

  6. Well I think the 4th book should be based more on tally until her fugure dies down or actually dies, I mean the serises started off with her and it should end with her, alot of people want to know what will happen to her, and if she will ever be with David, and then the next book should come out , after tally dies down or dies, I mean there is no point in starting a series then ending it with questions, I mean belive me I loved the books, but I think this next book might make me find another series to read

  7. I really dont want to go back 2 school. Really. I have to go back monday, not lookin forward to waking up early. I even had 100 pages of homework over the summer, which I still haven’t done! 🙂

  8. i am so happy. ok not so happy, maybe just shocked. i finished the seventh harry potter book sooner that the smartest kid in my grade. he finished in a week and i finished in a day. just thought to put that out there! (and just so you know that i’m smart too, i have 4 classes with the smartest kid in my grade) 🙂

  9. hey i decided to link my youtube account w/ my name now…so if anyone wants to see my fave videos you can go there (i don’t have any of my own, though–my dad would freak if i videotaped myself and put it online!)

    and amy-la (easiest for me to type) i can’t believe you start school in august! i don’t start till september __ (i don’t know the exact date yet). another thing–i want a day with only 6 periods! my classes for my freshman year (9th grade!) are:
    ~10th grade math (aka whatever-the-class-name-is–go polymaths, amy-la!)
    ~intensive biology (aka 10th grade science, but there’s no midighter name for that!)
    ~social studies
    ~studio in arts (the class i have to take so i can move onto graphic design & other math classes next year)
    plus lunch, which is somewhere in there. i haven’t gotten my schedule yet, so those were in no particular order

    that was a really long comment…sorry peoples! but seriously, if you bother to check my youtube page, at least watch the vid at the top, by whyville2. all of their videos are hilarious, i’ve already made 4 of my friends fans of them!

  10. whoo-hoo, go smart kids!

    “spider pig, spider pig, does whatever a spider pig does…”
    “he’s not spider pig, he’s harry porter!”
    man i can’t wait to see the simpsons movie!

    SCOTT POST! i wrote a comment on insideadog about how much you need to post! i’ve been gone a week and you never posted! 🙁 sadness…

  11. hello im bored its liek 1:59 in the morning and i was saposedto go some where to morrow oh well. scott ost please theres nothing to do.
    i want to see the simpsons movie to.

  12. Wow, your school starts early!! Ours doesn’t start until the 4th, but I have to go in next week for WEB training. Lucky me…
    Here’s what I have to take:
    English(AP english) ((Yay me))
    Math(Regular 8th grade math, I suck at math)
    Band(french horn)
    we have four quarers and we have to take 1)industrial tech 2)Sex Ed (great(that was sarcasm)) 3)Health 4)Art
    And Earth science
    We only have six periods in one day, because every day we swich between band and gym. And that’s not my schedjule…we don’t know what classes we have until the first day of school.

    P.S Our industreal tech teacher is waco…he is a HUGE perv. On the first day of his class last year, he said not to wear those pants that have letters across your butt, because he’d be tempted to look. SCARY!! And he’s like 82 years old. No joke. Our teacher told us. Wow, that was long. Sorry!

  13. wow kadie-wa in my school we don’t have AP classes till 10th grade (just adv. math and science) so i can’t take any yet. that’s fawesome that you get to take AP english though.
    freaky teacher…my tech teacher was pretty cool, but in i don’t really like tech that much so i went for art!

  14. Wow! We are offered AP classes from 5th grade and up, but my school sux either way. I dropped out when I realized that either way I’m too smart for them.
    Yay! I am back from my convalescence! I want the boxed set soooooooooooo bad! I feel like I’ve missed way! too! MUCH!

  15. sad day, i want the box set but i already have all the other ones…i guess i could still get the box set…hmmmmm. so many choices maybe i could give the ones i already have as a gift and buy the box set for myself that might be kinda rude so maybe i’ll just end up with 2 copies of the books. that’s ok i guess. i’ll survive

  16. back from leadership camp! it was kinda weird. i had to hold a whole bunch of guys’ hands, do the hussel and the electric slide, and listen to all of the guys at camp sing… build me up buttercup, you know that i love you… really really off key. but i learned a lot! (ish) 😛

  17. Wow my school doesnt start until september fourth, I wanna go back im so exited, but im in normal classses, sometimes I wish I could be in like PLP or something, it looks easier 🙂 Haha well guess I will just have to wait
    Went shcool shopping today, Yay.

    … 🙂 Pce.

  18. i dont like school. if only they could let us sleep in, then i would look forword to the day after Labor Day.

  19. i dont get to go school shopping. i use all of my old school supplies unless theres a sale at staples where the thing i need is 25 cents or less, and i get my new clothes for my bday in Nov. or Christmas. last year i went to school with a 4 year old binder and pants that were about an inch too short. i had to roll them up so they would look like capris!

  20. Heyy, this uglies trilogy is too bubbly-making!! i luved it and i can’t wait for the extras to come out! what were people saying about an uglies movie coming out? is that really true? well i hope it is cuz the books are like so suspense-making. The boxed sets look awesome but i already have all the books. Luv scott’s books!! All my friends are adiccted to the trilogy too, hehehe.
    Tally Rocks!!

  21. oh btw, since everyone’s talking about school starting…mine doesn’t start till the 6th. yay, my summer is not yet over! lol, sorry to brag i just had to get that out. 🙂

  22. Yeah, i luv shopping too. especially for clothes. i kinda have an obsession with shopping, lol. It’s just so happy-making!! 🙂

  23. With all the talk about the new books and foriegn covers, I cant find anything about uglies becoming a movie… Is there any info on it yet??

  24. it is. u can find it on some sites. unhappily tho, they havnt said a single thing about plot or actors! or exactly when it comes out. it cant be as good as the book tho!

  25. Yeah, totally!! the book is the best!!! hope they pick good actors though…what was the site you found it on?

  26. Heyy, thnx lotz for the website lizzy-wa. but i can’t believe we have to wait until 2008 to see it!! i’m soo exited…:D

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