So as the crack publicity team for Extras swings into gear, I’m seeing some images I never saw before. For example, this uncropped photo from the US cover of Pretties:

Man, that is mildly freaky. Those two really do look more bubbleheaded in this bigger version. Something about the hair. I can see why the image was cropped a bit, so as not to scare anyone off. They look all zombified.

This uncropped image, and much more, can be found at the Behind the Pulse site for Uglies news and downloadables.

That’s right: downloadables! Chat icons, message board avatars, screen savers, and wallpaper like the picture above. You can have those glassy-eyed pretties in massive 1280 x 1024 size. Or giant uncropped Aya, or Tally behind the leaves, or Special Tally. And unlike Wearable Extras, it’s all free!

Here’s the Behind the Pulse homepage for Uglies.

Or you can click here to go straight to the downloadables. Like this nifty little animated icon gif:

Heh, heh. Sparkly.

Okay, Justine and I are headed off to DragonCon now. I’ll try to post from there, but you never know on the road.

You guys have a good weekend!

274 thoughts on “Downloadables!

  1. basically, ur old teachers give you a bunch of ratty old paperbacks and a math packet, and u gotta hand them into ur new teachers on the first day. which means everyone does it the last day of summer.

  2. Serafina-la…that stinks! we always get like 400 pages of gigantic packets at the end of the year to do over the summer. but nobody does them. all you get when you finish them is a Jolly Rancher. and then the teacher just recycles them without looking twice at em. WHAT’S UP WITH THAT? i even DID it once because i thought you HAD to do it. it made me SO MAD!

  3. I had my first day of school today, but it wasn’t really a full day, because i’m a LINK leader, so I only had an hour and a half of real school. My link kids are phyco


  4. first day tomorrow…only a few hours left!

    and we’ve never had summer homeowrk for school, we just have to read a book for english, which isn’t too much trouble lol!

    it’d be kinda cool to get to meet your teachers a day before everyone else, but when you think about it, it’s not like it’d help that much. i mean, you’ll have new teachers in 10th 11th and 12th grade, too, but you don’t get to meet them early! but i see how it would help if you were going to a new building though…

    i just went to my school gave myself a tour of where the classes are so i won’t get confused tomorrow, and put a bunch of binders/folders in my locker so my backpack won’t weigh a trillion tons!

  5. Hmm, we’ve never had homework over the summer either.

    ^^ But when you go into grades 10, 11 or 12, provided that you didn’t change schools, you would already know some of the teachers anyway.

    Ahh, le francais. Pensez-vous l’est difficile?

  6. We never have homework either…I mean over the summer. But my first day was today. And of the 1.5 classes that I went to, they are HORRIBLE. There are really smart 7th graders in my math class, but the kid behind me wouldn’t be quiet. our teacher gave us a sudoku thing to do, and he was all, “Oh I can’t do this, it’s too hard. I hate this. This is stupid.” And he did that for the whole hour, so I turned around and said, “It’s not easy for the rest of us, but do you hear anyone else?”

    I know it sounded a little mean, but he was doing that the WHOLE HOUR. and people around me were getting annoyed too!! I was saving them! 🙂


  7. Hey Scott–I’m loving the “Extras” cover…finally a little something for the poc fans–…although I do understand the representational issues being addressed and points made with previous covers…



  8. my first day of high school was today, not that exciting, but definitely different. Off campus lunch was fool though.

    I’m taking Spanish I wanted to take German but Spanish is the only second language offered.

    We used to have the link thing at our school but it got cut.

    we have 15 new teachers in my school this year, which is a lot b/c my school is small so it was weird having those teachers not know the rules or were our next class was. Also me and my 2 best friends Robbie and Colleen went together, we didn’t want to show up alone or anything. So we ended up all being late and we walked in to the gym with everyone at the assembly staring at us. After that happened 10 min into 1st per. colleen gets called to the office and suspended, and I still don’t know why. So that’s the story of my first day.

  9. Sudoku is the devil. I hate anything and everything to do with numbers. Thank god I don’t have math this semester; haha.

    Okay, I never realized that DragonCon was in Atlanta! I live like thirty minutes away from the city- I COULD HAVE GONE, GOSH DARN IT!

    And now I have to convince my mom to make an exception on her ‘no more books’ rule that she made after my last trip to the bookstore *maniacal laughter*
    But seriously. She had better let me buy Extras when it comes out, or I’m going to walk to the store and buy it myself.

  10. Oh, man, I hate sudoku. Luckily I don’t have to deal with any numbers until second semester.

    I’m taking Spanish second semester, too, and in the meantime I’m going to teach myself French. I’m not sure how well I’ll be able to do that, but it’s worth a try, I think.

    I’m going to preorder Extras online. I’m scared that if I go buy it at the bookstore, I’ll get trampled by all the other fans.

  11. Kelsey-wa…Suspended on the FIRST DAY!?!?!?! and you dont even no why?!?!?! thats just WRONG!!!
    My first day of 7th grade today…kind of. because im in 8th grade Algebra, my schedule is even more messed up than last year. i miss half an hour of Language, and then later i have a half hour gap where i think im just gonna help in the office. not sure yet. and then in the end of the day…I HAVE TO DO 6TH GRADE PE!!!!!! I HATE PE!!!!! and now i have to do it with a bunch of tiny squids(our nickname for 6th graders)!!!!!!!!!! And i have to miss lunch for the next 3 days of school because im in an ASB assembly rules thingy. and then my arch nemmises(dont think thats how you spell it)has his locker right next to mine and he kept closing my locker everytime i opend it!!!!! and then i missed orchestra because i didnt no i was supposed to BE in orchestra.

  12. Sorry if that post was long-ish.
    By the way…
    Only 2285998 Seconds Til EXTRAS!!!!!!!!
    Thats a multiple of 13…
    just like my locker combo…13-26-49

  13. There was some minor stuff wrong with harry potter covers actually, for example bleepit Mary gran pre, he’s right handed, it’s mentioned every book! Argh! Oh well.


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