So as the crack publicity team for Extras swings into gear, I’m seeing some images I never saw before. For example, this uncropped photo from the US cover of Pretties:

Man, that is mildly freaky. Those two really do look more bubbleheaded in this bigger version. Something about the hair. I can see why the image was cropped a bit, so as not to scare anyone off. They look all zombified.

This uncropped image, and much more, can be found at the Behind the Pulse site for Uglies news and downloadables.

That’s right: downloadables! Chat icons, message board avatars, screen savers, and wallpaper like the picture above. You can have those glassy-eyed pretties in massive 1280 x 1024 size. Or giant uncropped Aya, or Tally behind the leaves, or Special Tally. And unlike Wearable Extras, it’s all free!

Here’s the Behind the Pulse homepage for Uglies.

Or you can click here to go straight to the downloadables. Like this nifty little animated icon gif:

Heh, heh. Sparkly.

Okay, Justine and I are headed off to DragonCon now. I’ll try to post from there, but you never know on the road.

You guys have a good weekend!

274 thoughts on “Downloadables!

  1. thanks bri-la and serafina! but i hope scott does sonething creative with the last sentence (i know he will though). well, since extras isn’t really apart of the trilogy, and for the trilogy the last words were always the names of one of the others, maybe scott’s doing the same for Extras! maybe his next book will be called “Cake!”

    okay, if he does that i will hit him over the head with a BOULDER. unless the cake book has a very good plot.

  2. maybe it’s gonna be evil zombie cake or something….you never know.
    or maybe that’s just that last word, and it has no metaphorical meaning at all. or maybe the next book is a supernatural baking extravaganza. with giant lizards. and souflees.
    come on, picture it for a second.

  3. Taylor, Taylor, Taylor. Come on, let’s get creative here. Forget the brick, forget the boulder, hit him in the head with a CAKE! AND A BOULDER! Knock some sense into him! Although i have no idea how you’re gonna get a giant cake and boulder and yourself to Australia without totally blowing you’re college funds. Maybe you could catch him in New York instead.

  4. airport security could also be a problem there. though, theoretically, if you were going with the cake plan, you could go to australia and then obtain one there. just as long as it isn’t a giant-lizard-souflee…

  5. YEAH!!! and not just a cake, an ICE CREAM CAKE! because everyone loves ice cream!

    and if i don’t go to australia then i’ll have to wait until june or whichever month scott comes back to New York.

    BUT, i could HIRE a talking kangaroo to do it all for me, and save myself a small fraction of my college funds! talking kangaroos don’t come cheap, you know.

  6. because of course talking kangaroos are all over in australia

    and i don’t think that u’d love ice cream cake if it was getting smashed over ur head…cold.

  7. Dragon-Con was awesome. I was on a time-restraint so I couldn’t see you, Scott. But the rest was awesome. My first Dragon-Con.

  8. remember at the beginnning of blue noon where rex was all crazy with his combination lock, like he couldn’t spin past mulitples of 13?

    well, it’s ttly random, but now i’ve got like, the darkling lock supreme.
    seriously, the combo’s got a 12, a 6, and a 24. freaky. i hope this means that i won’t find slithers in my locker every day or something. no one wants to find psychokitty on top of your algebra book.

  9. I don’t get the SECRET part…explain Lizzy-Wa? And you pplz keep copying me!! WHAA WHAA WHAA 🙁

    Kadie-Wa Wow, exactly 30 days until EXTRAS!!
    or 1 month or
    2,592,000 seconds or
    43,200 minutes or
    720 hours or
    4 weeks

    P.S Isn’t anyone going to ask my why I don’t like Ice cream? I mean everyone loves ice cream!

  10. ur lactose intolerant?

    hey everyone I just got back from Portland at my grandma’s house. I’m so busy right now and school starts the day after next, so I can’t read through it all. but that is not what the Zane in my head looked like, or what the book made him sound like, he had black hair w/ sharp features

    yaaaaaaaaay extras in a month

  11. Kadie-wa!…Why dont you love ice cream? Whats the matter with you huh??!?!!!?
    And 104400 seconds are SECRET because only us Midnighters, slithers, and Darklings can see them. DUH!

  12. OMG Maureen’s costume is the awesomest thing EVER! wonder woman aaallll the waaaayyy…haha i love how she has to wear it because she lost a bet with scott…

    and kadie-wa, those are some of the random mumblings of my mind!
    the ones that come from the special section where talking kangaroos wielding ice cream cakes steal popsicles and then fly home to Kyrgyzstan. (yes, it’s a country)

  13. Scott,
    This is long overdue. Thanks for not being afraid to publish such an inventive and original YA fantasy series. And it ticks me off when people think I’m reading a (quote) girl’s book when I’m toting ‘Uglies’ and ‘Pretties’ around. With ‘Specials’ creepy cover, nobody asks any questions. 🙂 Looking forward to Extras!

  14. oh. em. gee. (i just love saying that!) wow there’s another person on here named Taylor. and it’s a guy–which is another rare occurrence.

    lol yeah i just had to say that.

  15. As soon as I clicked on the Wearable Extras link, I went insane. SHIRTS! AHHHH! I immediately ran downstairs and proceeded to poke my mom in the arm for a good twenty minutes before she got so annoyed that she came to see what all the fuss was about.
    Mom: *looks at page* “They’re shirts…”
    Mom: “We’ll see.”

    *rips hair out in frustration*

    I wish I had my own credit card.

  16. Poor poor Tiera.

    It stinks when our school has pizza partys, and I can’t go. Or when at my friend’s partys, I can’t eat the ice cream OR the cake. But I get through!! 🙂 I still don’t really like the way that soy milk tastes….yuck.


  17. I know…i HATE soy milk. do you like tofu? its made of the same stuff. dizzy-making.
    yeah i dont know why hardly any guys are ever on here. theyre totally not girly books! i mean, a guy rote them rite?

  18. Good point!! They are TOTALLY for both guys and girls!! I think that some guys are just scared to walk around with books in general, I mean how many guys do you know that read? Well, that’s at least at our school that guys don’t like to read.


    I used to be vegitarrian before I was a lackey and i would eat tofu all the time. Now that it’s in liquid form, it’s gross. 😉

  19. we dont have geometry in our school. but im in AP algebra in 8th grade! they just made math half an hour longer than it was last year. I LOVE MATH! im kinda like Dess i guess. except im not quite as good at it.

  20. yeah we’re (nearly) all math geeks here…i had geom. in 8th last year, now i’m having 10th grade math in 9th grade this year…i forgot what they call it so i’m using “10th grade math” for now lol.

    school starts in exactly 34 hours and 51 minutes (according to my computer clock)…adrenaline mixed with overwhelming anxiety over freshman year…interesting combination…

  21. ya, i love math too. im in the same math class as you Taylor, we call it math 2 or algebra 2.

    my school starts in like 12 and half hours. All the freshman go tomorrow and the rest of the school goes on wed. I’m so not ready to go back yet though. The whole getiong up early and homework thing, what a drag.

  22. so you can meet your teachers and stuff without all the other grades being there. i don’t really know that’s just how they do it. It kinda sucks though b/c everyone else has one more day of summer, like my big sister. it’s one more piece of evidence that my towns weird, every school here does it like in elementary the 1st graders go a day early and like wise at the junior high.

  23. ^^Awesome! Can’t wait–Deathly Hallows will also be extremely interesting to see on the big screen. Bet it’ll cost loads to produce. In the meantime, I suppose we’ll just have to wait for Half-Blood Prince.

    Wish they would make Uglies into a movie too, though. …

  24. Hmm, that is strange, with the frosh starting a day earlier than everyone else. Wow, I guess I’m a math geek too then–a year ahead in terms of math courses. 😉 There must be some sort of positive correlation between readers of Scott Westerfeld’s books and math scores. 13th of August… that’s pretty early. But do you get out of school earlier, in like May or something?

  25. wow, that would massively suck (the 13th august thing). did u guys get out really early or something though?

    and the freshman starting a days early thing is actually a good idea, less pressure.

    i’m all edgy cuz there was all this hazing stuff in my town, but i’m hoping to get off cuz i really don’t know any older kids.
    not to mention the fact that none of my friends are in the same lunch as me.
    but whatever, trying to ignore those glaring truths. focusing instead on EXTRAS!!! and the return of heroes! and all that summer homework i desperately need to finish by wensday!

  26. and i’m not really a math geek. i might have been in algebra 1 (the most advanced math class for my school) in 8th grade, but i almost failed it, so it really doesn’t count. didn’t stop them from promoting me to algebra 2 though, for unknown reasons.

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