Extras UK Cover

Since this week is all about covers from other countries, check this out:

Yes, it’s the UK cover of Extras, which comes out November 3, only a month after the US release date. You can order it here.

I’m not quite sure what kind of bottle that is. A milk bottle? Or is it more lab equipment?

In any case, it’s just as brain-rattling as the previous Uglies covers from the UK:

The chopped-up doll parts makes these covers much creepier and darker, as if the series was about surgical atrocities. Which you could argue that it is, I guess. The images and colors are all so intense, especally the one for Specials, which focuses more on the cutting than the US one. Too much so for me, but the booksellers over there love it.

And you gotta appreciate how the image sets up the tag line: “Don’t let fame go to your head.”

Heh, heh. (Because it’s, like, heads. Oh, yeah, you got that already.)

Update: Because a couple of people have asked, this link to all my books listed on Amazon.co.uk gives you a quick overview of the British covers.

78 thoughts on “Extras UK Cover

  1. whoa! i actually got 1st! not that it matters anymore, but i’m still excited!

    and i love that line at the bottom, lol. that speacials cover is kinda scary though. i wish they’d kept with the amputated doll parts.

  2. Those are sooo different and sooo creepy-ish. I don’t particularly like the whole barbie doll thing, but it gets the message through I guess. The third one, for specials, kind of seems out of place because it goes barbie, barbie, razor, barbie. Of course we don’t want a picture of a barbie cutting herself but still… x.x

    I still have to say my favorite covers are the German ones. But it’s still cool to see all the different things different countries come up with.

  3. I’ve never left a comment here before, but I’m starting to think that Graham Norton is designing all your UK covers–he’s got the dismembered doll thing going on on his show, too.
    Just thought it was kinda funny. And yes, it’s kinda creepy as well.

  4. That specials cover is kinda creepy. But I like it! I like their covers. It’s hard to tell which ones I like better. But the Extras is SO cool. THat would have been cool if they put the little eye thingy in the Barbie heads.

    Why do they have different covers for different countrys? I never really knew why they would want to change it different every time. But maybe because they had more ideas for covers? Hmmm…

    Well, It’s hard to decide. I REALLY like these ones, but I really like the German ones too…but I think I like these ones better. But of course, I like the U.S. ones the best!!!


  5. Is there a way to order the books from the other countrys? i wounder which ones I would order…maybe the UK ones so I could read it. Because I don’t speak any other languages, except a little french from my mom.


  6. The Specials cover kind of creeps me out. But the covers look cool. But they still are a tad bit creepy

  7. wow those covers are really freakyful (he he my word). i’m not sure i would buy a book with a cover like that… well, maybe. but probaly not. i like the American covers better! the German ones r my fave tho. ^_^

  8. A quick note to Kadie-wa:

    You can buy any of my UK editions at http://www.amazon.co.uk, as per the link in the entry:


    But just so you know: Parasite Positive is just the English title for Peeps. They change the name in the UK sometimes (like we did with Gold Compass and HP1) . “Peeps” apparently sounded to Sasha Cohen to British ears.

  9. Ohhhhhhh. Hehe 🙂 I thought that it was a new novel. Whoops, but cool cover still! 🙂

    YAY! I’m goona see if I have enough money to buy one!! EKK!! THat would be SO SO SO (etc.) COOL!!


  10. How does ‘Peeps’ sound too Sasha Cohen. I’m sorry, but I must be the only one who doesn’t like that nasty man. But I do love all these fexcellent new covers! And I think the reason why each country has a different cover is because teens are different everywhere, they are even more different when they are from different countries. And maybe it’s like Kadie-wa said, they have different marketing ideas all over the place.

  11. Parasite Postive sounds like a pretty cool title too. I was about to ask it if was essentially Peeps, but it looks like you got there first 🙂

  12. Okay, so how much US money would 3.99 be? And it has that little symbol infront of the 3.99. I can’t figure it out! 🙁 But I’m goona keep trying.


  13. Wow, I didn’t make any sence. Lemme try again. Okay, in UK it is 3.99 with the little sign in front of it. How much money would it be in the US??


  14. wow, that is pretty intense. i actually saw the UK edition of “Pretties” in the bookstore in central minnesota. but i didnt get it until now. lol

  15. thats definatley strange
    ok ita kinda scary actually
    especially the one with the bloody blade thingy
    definatley weierd

  16. the UK Midnighters covers look too… adult-y. like something my dad would read… actualy, i think he read a book with a cover similar to those. ya know, the font and color and stuff. XD

  17. i like them. but the german covers are still my favorite except for the specials german one. I really don’t like the midnighters uk covers. No offense but like look quite trashy novelly. 🙁 Makes me sad.

  18. Kadie-Wa

    i saw it at the barns and noble in st cloud. it was on the table for teens, although it might not be there anymore. but i picked it up and almost got it…….kinda wierd!!!!!!! but i bet its still there.

  19. Oh haha Actually I didn’t get it until u said it (the tagline head thing). I was thinkin that since (i think) now everything is based on how “known” u are Aya’s going to do something with her click and become in the top numbers and then she’s going to get big headed and something terrible is going to happen 🙂 And Tally will save everybody!!!! lol jk but maybe

    sorry for any mistakes I’m on my phone cuz my lil brother won’t get off

  20. Oh and I know what kind of bottle that is but ill have to wait until I can get on the computer to tell ya

  21. VERY dizzy-making. those covers creep me out! i wonder what the German cover’s gonna look like?! those ones are seriously ICY! im gonna buy them. my friend can read them to me. (she speaks grmn)

  22. Awesome!!!
    i love it!
    but my question,
    do pretties and specials have the same tagline?
    because thats kind of weird.

  23. ive noticed something… this version of the covers make the books seem really girly and they really arent

  24. You know, if they made a movie of Extras, background-people could go around saying “I’m an extra on Extras!” which would be extra cool.

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