October Tour

Hey, everyone. Sorry I’ve been gone so long, but it’s, like, summertime and the living is easy. Plus, I’ve been reading for the National Book Awards, usually a book a day. Doesn’t always leave time for other stuff.

But the crack publicity team in charge of the Extras tour has not been resting! They’ve been planning many exciting appearances (and tedious flights) for the first half of October. The schedule looks something like this . . .

October 2-4: Chicago, IL
October 6-9: San Francisco, CA
October 11: Seattle, WA
October 14-15: Lexington, KY

Update: I will also be doing some stuff around NYC the week of October 22. I forgot to put that in the schedule because, you know, I live here half the year.

If no town near you is on the list, I sincerely apologize. Alas, that’s the way it is. The factors that go into a tour like this are many and arcane. Are there indie bookstores in a city? Trade shows? Librarian conferences happening?

It’s all very mysterious to me. I go where I’m told.

But I’m happy that I’ll be seeing at least four cities’ worth of you guys. This is my first real tour, and I’m both excited and nervous. Luckily, Justine has agreed to go along with me, so I won’t be lonely on all those airplanes.

Obviously, this is just a rough outline. I’ll post the actual appearance times and locations when they’re confirmed.

In the meantime, I’ll be posting more often for the rest of the summer. That snooze was enjoyable, but it’s all over now. And yes, the samplers giveaway will continue at some point, and other surprises as well.

Aya ASCI image courtesy of Text-Image.com.

115 thoughts on “October Tour

  1. AHHHH!! OMG, I’ve been checking back at the blog countless times a day these past few days hoping for an update!! =D And I got second post. SO excited about the upcoming Extras release–Aya Fuse sounds simply amazing. ^^ That pic is fawesome! (Just finished reading The Last Days a few mintues ago.) Can’t wait for the samplers contest to continue–Fexecellent!

  2. Sorry you missed me. There’s some talk of Justine and I going to TLA next year. Which is in . . . Dallas?

    Hmm, the commenting is a bit slower these days. (heh)

  3. Hello. It sucks that you won’t be coming near Baltimore, but then again ‘The City That Reads’ (according to our ex-mayor’s city slogan) doesn’t seem to read that much…..

  4. (he he he, city that reads.) WOO HOO!! Go chicago!! i really hope i can go see u up close and personal (heh heh heh). i probly sound like just another crazy fan. o well. again i say, i really REALLY hope i can go. and that pic of aya is amazing!

  5. darn it, scott’s not coming to New York! not even the city…i was hoping that he would b/c i might’ve been able to convince my parents to take me there for a weekend. and i think chicago is out of the question…

    and fawesome pic! now like everyone is saying—-i mean writing—-“fawesome” but it’s just fun to say—-i mean write! oh, the confusion.

    lol i linked yet another site w/ my name, another great band!

    one more thing: arrgh, great—-now “Summertime” is stuck in my head…we had to sing that song in chorus last year…i despise it…at least the version we did.

  6. 🙁 just check the schedule for oct 2-4 and it figures ur gonna b in chicago smack in the middle of the school week. *sigh* o well maybe there is still a chance.

  7. i might be able to talk my mom in letting me going… i hope hope hope… hmmm this is soo happy making!!! and i cant believe you posted!!! happy dance…

  8. The events page of a book store in my town claims you’re going to be here (Naperville: Chicago suburb) on the second. So I hope I can see you then!

  9. i really wanted to see you on tour but maybe if yall have another one i will be abke to go =]

    sierra, tx

  10. whoa i was just having some fun w/ the text-image site—that is so incredibly cool! but now i have to get back to work on my party invitations…ya gotta love summer…pool/beach parties galore! hey maybe i could use the site with my invites…idk if it’d work, but that would be really fawesome

  11. whoops! that what i get for not refreshing before commenting, i probably wouldn’t have missed it otherwise. actually i probably would but w/e.

    well according to my mom’s calendar, i have a dentist appointment on the 22nd (random factoid of my life). i can’t wait for the release!)

  12. awwww youre not coming anywhere close to where i live!!! (anywhere that my parents would let me go) but considering i live in the smallest state, and the the smallest town in it…its not surprising. but the pic of aya is kool!!! i luv her name!

  13. An update, finally, haha. Yess, I just might make it on the Chicago dates but I think it’s on a weekday of school, so unless it’s during after school hours, I really don’t know. ah well. At least Extras will be out that month! w00t

  14. 🙂 yay! ur coming to seattle!!!! i only live a little bit away from seattle…im soooo happy, both u and stephenie meyer are coming to seattle, now i just need to convince my parents to let me go to both! lol i cant wait for extras and i love the pic!

  15. nvm, that idea totally didn’t work. i’m not computer-savvy enough for that!

    and kayla-wa, my town doesn’t even have 1,000 people in it (except in the summer) so don’t feel bad! and if scott’s in the city on a school day i’ll never be able to go.

  16. ooh…i just read the last (okay, 2nd to last) sentence of the post—and actually comprehended it—for the first time: OTHER surprises!?!?!?!? now i’m even more super-happy-peppy! gosh i can’t wait for the release, but at the same time i want the contests to go on forever!

  17. i have school an october 2nd-4th :'(
    that text image thing is sooo cool. (i fell in love with it after i saw it on skull a day)

  18. *is totally freaking out because of the one minute time lapse*
    Hmm, I’m definitely going to have to try and get out to San Fransciso 6-9th~ish then. All the other locations are too far away 🙁

  19. ooh, i’d totally go to the chicago one. but, alas, school……..and the fact that i live about 7 and a half hours away from it…………….so sad-making……oh well. anyways, YOU ROCK!!!!11one!!!!1!!! lol

  20. what TIMES will you be in chicago???? I dont want to skip school (i will if I have to but really dont want to)

  21. No one ever comes to Columbus, GA i live in alabama but thats like right next door. And cool pic by the way making the cover by saying Aya Fuse over and over again…if you didn’t already have a pattern for the Uglies tetrology that would have a been a cool over.

  22. Oh and the comments are slower cause everyone is in school probably. Summer is over for us…sadly but i don’t care cause its my last year Yaaaaaaa! I think i deserve a sampler for that.

  23. Darn! Not comming by me either! Whaaa…owell maybe some other time you can come up to the 10,000 lakes!

    49 days until EXTRAS!! AHHHHH or
    1 month 18 days AHHH!! or
    4,233,600 seconds AHHH or
    70,560 minutes Ahhh OR
    1176 hours AHHHH or
    7 weeks

  24. Scott,
    You should just have a drawing. Maybe once a week? Anyone can enter once a week and you name stays in the pot. It would be easy, and fair. Maybe you even have to answer a trivia question to be entered? Just some ideas.

  25. I hope i can go (still havnt asked mom yet but working on what to say an dhow to say it…) she not a big fan of chicago but i must go … at least school not a problem (homeschooled) so maybe i hav a chance… maybe… lol

  26. Scott,
    I’m so glad to see your finally back to posting regularly!! That’s happy-making! =) And I really wanted to say thank-you for the sampler, I just got it in the mail a few days ago, and I am dying to know what happens next, because it is great so far!!

    Its a bummer your not coming to my state though… =( maybe your next big tour!!

  27. wow, only four. for some reason, i thought it’d be more. are these the only places you’ll be going, or will there be more added?

    yay TLA!! though i dunno if i’m going. but i’d like to.

  28. poor me, no visits to Oregon. oh well, maybe next time but probably not, Oregon is often skipped but on the bright side Extras is almost out, kinda. There’s only 20 days of summer vacation left (sigh) no more sleeping in till 1:00 p.m and then I’m off to high school, i hear being a freshman is fun!

  29. wow, that text image rocks.
    (i nearly wrote rox. how lame of myself)

    i’d like to see you in australia again 🙂

  30. kelsey i hope you’re right (about being a freshman)! i haven’t even gotten my schedule yet, so i can’t give myself a tour of the school! yeah it’s kinda weird every year me and a couple of my friends go to the school sometime at the end of august and take a tour of everything so we won’t be completely confused on the first day. and we put some things in our lockers so our backpacks don’t weigh a million pounds!

    question: why did scott’s publicity people mainly schedule appearances (exciting as they may be) on school days? i mean, since scott’s written only YA books recently wouldn’t most of his fans be in school? (unless they’re lucky homeschooled people like kheidi-la!)

  31. ok you have lockers……..Thta’s not fair. My school won’t give us lockers which sucks. I haven’t heard of a school here in Staten Island where they actually give lockers. I think it’s because of the amount of kids in my school.lol like two thousand! hahahaha

  32. Wolbachia wants to rule the world! Mwahahh.
    Hehe I just got The Last Days yesterday, and so I am rereading Peeps first ;P;P

    Anyways!!! You really do need to come to Baltimore =( It’s only like a few hours away from NY =( And that’s driving! On a plane it would only be 30 minutes! Ahh oh well maybe another time yeah?

    I am still waiting on the sampler too =( I hope you didn’t forget about me.

  33. ACK! Why did I have to move to SOCAL!? I used to live only 30 minutes, or so, away from San Francisco! I still even have friends up there! Maybe they can kidnap me in october? SCOTT! Why not LA! LA I can get to by train with parental permission! That Aya pick is really fool.

  34. TAYLOR! you have a very good point! why only school days? I too also like Hellogoodbye, by the way. I guess the appearances are mainly after school, hopefully…

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