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Hey, everyone. Sorry I’ve been gone so long, but it’s, like, summertime and the living is easy. Plus, I’ve been reading for the National Book Awards, usually a book a day. Doesn’t always leave time for other stuff.

But the crack publicity team in charge of the Extras tour has not been resting! They’ve been planning many exciting appearances (and tedious flights) for the first half of October. The schedule looks something like this . . .

October 2-4: Chicago, IL
October 6-9: San Francisco, CA
October 11: Seattle, WA
October 14-15: Lexington, KY

Update: I will also be doing some stuff around NYC the week of October 22. I forgot to put that in the schedule because, you know, I live here half the year.

If no town near you is on the list, I sincerely apologize. Alas, that’s the way it is. The factors that go into a tour like this are many and arcane. Are there indie bookstores in a city? Trade shows? Librarian conferences happening?

It’s all very mysterious to me. I go where I’m told.

But I’m happy that I’ll be seeing at least four cities’ worth of you guys. This is my first real tour, and I’m both excited and nervous. Luckily, Justine has agreed to go along with me, so I won’t be lonely on all those airplanes.

Obviously, this is just a rough outline. I’ll post the actual appearance times and locations when they’re confirmed.

In the meantime, I’ll be posting more often for the rest of the summer. That snooze was enjoyable, but it’s all over now. And yes, the samplers giveaway will continue at some point, and other surprises as well.

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  1. Maybe I can drive over to Chicago…it’s not that far from here.

    Our school has lockers that don’t lock. Well they do, but only when they want to. It stinks.

    We only have like two and a half weeks left of summer Vaca!! WHAAAAA!! 🙁 but it means that we are that much closer to the Extras!!


  2. Road trip to C.A. or sit in my bedroom and read Extras?!? DAng! Kadie-Wa you have two and a half weeks till school?!? you so very lucky! i dont know why i keep reminding myself that school is starting again, it is unhealthy. oh man i am so excited for extras! october will be a good month! Extras AnD Halloween!! very nice!

  3. Sadly, my friends would kidnap Scott and Justine for me. They planned to ‘nap Neil Gaiman for me when he was in San Diego for Comicon, they would have gotten away with it too if I hadn’t found out.
    You know how in movies and on tellie they show school corridors with lockers in which you could stuff whole people into them? NOT TRUE AT MY SCHOOL! they are squares that just about hold all of my boox, and sumx my bag, most of the time I just use my French teacher’s classroom cupboards. And the only school I’ve ever, EVER! been to that was indoors, was in Oregon, and it was elementary school, the middle and high schools were all bungalows or portables or w/e. I’d really love to go to a school with those hard to find long lockers and true corridors. My school sux. But we have great colours! RED&BLACK!

  4. It seems like you never come to San Diego, I think it should only be required that you come to Comic Con next year! Pleasssssssssssssseeee!

  5. Most authors go to big cities that are next to States that don’t get noticed alot, so that pplz can drive ova there!! (At least that’s MY theory!)

    P.S. Did you know that Pink’s real name is Alicia Moore? I’m watching a special on her.

  6. Pink’s real name makes me think of the colour brown. Is that normal? Isn’t Stephenie Meyer Mormon? It seems to me that she only goes to dinky little cities I’ve never heard of.

  7. ahhh i dont have school until sept.5!!!! thank god. we have lockers that are top and bottom, our colors are red and white (go warriors!), and each grade has a color. im in 7th so its gonna be orange…our school is really cheap.

    and no matter if there are Mormon authors, they dont even come here. never. i hate RI.

  8. What’s Mormon?
    Our school has full length lockers (floor to not-quite-ceiling.) Lucky us, huh? Except they make us buy school locks which are so over-priced.

  9. ISABELLA! you totally suck! I’ve always wanted to go to a school with REAL lockers! Who cares about buying over-priced school locks! To actually be able to fit your things in one place in easy access of all your classes…that is a myth for me, and urban legend!
    Mormon is a religion, well a person who practices Mormonism, they’re really nice but pushy people. There are alot here in SOCAL, it’s kinda creepy actually. MORMON INVASION!

  10. I can’t believe it…I’m gonna be a senior, and the first to graduate high school since my g-rents. I wanna be a librarian, what type if schooling does that involve? anyone?

  11. Scott– can’t wait for Extras. Course I’ll have to fight my two daughters for who reads it first. Heh heh. Age and treachery win out over youth and skill at my house. *evil grin*

    Maybe I’ll arrange a road trip to KY and see you. I’m stuck here in alabama, too.

  12. No need to wait, Kayla-Wa. I’m writing a book now and it’s on the 123 typed up page now. And I’m sending my Query letters out now. I hope somone will accept my book!

    And about the lockers: Yeah, ours are the cheep ones too. Like I said before, they don’t like to lock. but they have the little combo thingy on it, so if you slam the door hard enough, it locks. But then you have a hard time opening it up again. And our lockers are from floor to ceiling-ish. But they are made of this funky metal. It’s like blueish grey. Blech!


  13. its so cool you’re writing a book Kadie-Wa!!! whats it about? i wanna write one sometime, but i dont know what it should be… the longest one ive ever tried to write was only 15 pages.

  14. Thanks Kayla-Wa! if I were to explain what it was about…it would take a long long time to explain. And I gotta go soon, so I can’t really write much. but this book has taken me over three years so far to write. And I’m still not done. At first, I would keep restarting it, so it didn’t make it more then 5 pages, but somhow i got where I am now…hmmm. lol. jk jk.

    P.S. At my school, writing is HUGE! Most of the people at my school have written, or are writing books. None published though.

  15. the lockers at my school are skinny and tall, but each locker has an extra square compartment at the top that’s wider that the rest of the locker. yeah, it sounds kinda weird, and i didn’t explain it well, but everything fits pretty well. the locks are connected to the locker, and since you have the same locker throughout high school the combination never changes (i’ve heard some scary stories about what happens when someone’s ex bf/gf has their combo, tho). but we only have THREE MINUTES between each class so despite the good locker space my backpack usually still weighs a lot.

    and hillary! i love hellogoodbye… i was so sad b/c when they went on tour their only show near me was the week before i had spring break, so i couldn’t go.

    one more locker-related note: sometimes the locks are like really difficult (it depends on which one you get). i got lucky, and mine opens even if i miss a number by like three. some of my friends have to spin their combo perfectly or else it won’t open.

  16. oh, and my school colors are blue and white. go warriors! haha that’s my team’s name, too, kayla-wa. it’s so common, though. sometimes i wish we were named the burgers, like our rival school.

    very, VERY, few times.

  17. yea, our school is basicly about the science and math, but if you fail english, you fail the grade.we have to have two classes in it a day. and almost everybody besides me and the other smart kids hate it.

    our lockers aren’t bad, the standard. except a lot of the time, the lock gets stuck and people have to break them and then we have to pay $5. and we only get to go to them like 3 times. our rivals are the “islanders” and have blue and white for their colors. (it sucks we dont have a mascot tho)

  18. Taylor: the lockers at my school are the same way. Mine has a few big dents in it however and you have to hit the combo perfect like some of the ones at your school. I’m kinda nervous though b/c I’m just starting highschool and I am gonna get so lost it’s not even gonna be funny. But the good news is that we have 10 minute passing-period so that will be awesome…and we can have food/water/gum in our classes if the teacher lets us which I am very excited about. Anyways I have to go strech softball 2-a-days are killing me.

  19. kayla-wa: our mascot is a native american warrior. there’s no costume or anything, there’s just this one kid who’s been going to all the games with a headress on and blue and white paint on his face (etc., etc.) so he’s the unofficial mascot. i’ve been dying to take AP english for just about ever, or just an english class that does’t have the same idiots in it every year who never finish essays on time or study (again, etc., etc.).

    kaylee: yeah i’m a freshman this year too but my junior high (7th & 8th grades) is in the same building as the high school, so i guess that’s what’s helping me along a bit. just the fact that i kinda know my way around. seriously, though, do what i do. like invite over a friend or two once you get you’re schedules and like take a self-guided tour! i give you my guarantee that it works.

    and you’re lucky about the food! our teachers are super strict about food when it’s not a lunch period! we’re allowed gum (except in chorus, of course) and water, but anything else is like “off-limits” or else they make you throw it out.

  20. Very cool, Scott. Very cool.

    Chicago is just a few hours away from my home town. With any luck, I’ll be able to go and see you! How great that would be. Know that I’ll be waiting for your more accurate updates!
    Anyway, if I do go (and I wish with all my heart that I do), I’ll be bringing a few sketches for you, all based off my imagination and the Uglies series ;). Just in case we bump elbows!

  21. It’s fun reading the posts, of Mr. Westerfeld’s fans, realizing who’s of what age…
    I myself am a Junior in high school. I’ve been trying to write stories for the last several years, but I’ve been arting it up since seventh grade.
    I commonly find myself writing these 73 pages long and going on stories, but then i’ll think about them, or try to come up with an original idea, and all of my thoughts will end up with “That’s too much like uglies!!”
    Anyone else have this problem? Unintentionally taking ideas from other books?
    Lemme know!

  22. haha!! i’d like to at least have a native american bringing the spirit, but we just shout warriors when there is NO warrior to represent. i kno how u feel about idiots though Taylor. everytime in class since i kno the answer, i cant get called on and have to listen to the people that dont kno. ill just probly be in 8th grade algebra next year (ugh)

    im not even in high school like you guys. and my school wont let us have any gum food blah blah blah or else we’ll have detention. cept im a suck-up…so i get away wit it.

    yea and Haley Rae, i do sometimes think of something to write and its the same exact plot of another book. but if i think of something, its usually about my life.

  23. Haley Rae: Lol, I find myself thinking that alot! (That the books seem too much like the uglies) But the one that i’m writing now, is like the opposite of the uglies. But for like half of the summer, I’m at a writter’s block! (as my friends call it) And I can’t get rid of it! i know exactaly how I wanna end my book, but I’m like stuck. Makes no sence, I know. But can ne one help me????


  24. well i forgot my biggest annoyance w/ those kind of people, kayla-wa: whenever we have to read books out loud in class, they always volunteer and then read super slowly b/c they think it’s funny (or maybe that’s just their actual reading speed). and i can just never seem to stay where they are in the book, and always end up somewhere pages ahead. of course, it means i have less homeowrk if like our assignment is to read chapters __ to __. but it still ticks me off so badly and my teacher last year always called on them thinking that they wanted to make a “real” effort in class and never caught on that it was just for kicks.

    does anyone have a spirit week in their school? like the week of the homecoming game and/or dance? b/c my school does and i’m just wondering if it’s just in my area or if it’s commonplace…

  25. omg i feel bad for ou ppl with small lockers… i actually wen tto public school last year and we had the long kind that you could fit things in… adn our sprit week was crazy the students went over the top… for freshman one day we had to wear polkadots and i couldnt find any in the stores… now you look and htat is all you see it seems like… My mom is actually thinking about letting me go i think but i doubt she would let me drive down to chicago…and Haley Rae im having a prob to im like no to much like uglies or such and such book then im like shoot do i hav to start over???

  26. While you are in “San Francisco”, head down the road to Kepler’s in Menlo Park. It’s worth going just for the great bookstore, but they are a great audience for authors, too.

    Of course, while in SF you need to go to City Lights and buy some small press poetry or at least an authentic copy of “Howl”.

  27. Taylor: wow im kinda up late (not surprising) but yea i kno what you are sayin about those people who read slow. it makes me mad too. i think its just to waste time. but somehow whenever i read ahead, my teacher always notices and yells at me to “stay together”. we have spirit week here, but no homecoming (junior high) we just have different themes like tie day, nerd day etc. and whoever was the best, is announced the winner and gets like a $5 gift certificate to walmart or somethin.and the last day we have a dance.

  28. I live in Oregon and they still have classes outside, and if u know anything about Oregon u know it always rains, we all get soaked.the whole highschool has brand new lockers except the freshman hall, they have graffiti all over them and they call it the ghetto. Also i live in hicksville the name of my town is Sweet Home I kid u not so there are these kids at my school who are 20 and have beards, and chew in class and all the girls are pregnant it’s like unusual here to only have 1 kid in highschool anyways it scares me cause the school here really sucks. we have spirit week it’s a big deal in my town b/c football games are like the only thing to do so there is mud fighting and these huge bonfires and everyone paints there face etc. etc. But i am looking forward to an English class were kids know how to read. I always got in trouble for reading ahead, and i know what u mean about your teacher never calling on u b/c the other kids need a chance too. usually I just yell it out after he calls on like the 6th person and they still don’t get it. last year we read To Kill A MockingBird, which is way to high a reading level for the kids at my school, but in my class after you read u call on the next kid so every one thought it was really funny to call on the kid that stutters really bad, and that kid that stutters was in every class that i had.

  29. well for spirit week at my school (it always start the monday before our homecoming game, which is the 2nd week of october), the student council decides on themes for each day. friday is always “warrior spirit day” (and everyone where blue and white) b/c it’s the day of the game, and there’s a pep rally. there’s always “pajama day,” and then the other 3 change each year. 2 years ago one of them was “favorite rap star day,” and last year there was “pirate/ninja day.” needless to say, i didn’t do either of those ones.

    no one gets in trouble if they don’t participate, and there’s no prizes for like “most spirited person” or anything. that’d be kinda cool though.

    and btw, since my jr high is connected to the high school, everyone from grades 7 to 12 can dress up for the week. sometimes even teachers do it!

  30. oh yeah, and we have the homecoming dance the day after the homecoming game (saturday).

    really pathetic fact: our football team really REALLY stinks, and last year the homecoming game was on friday the 13th! we were also playing our (much more skilled in football) rival, and the end score was 0 to sixty-something! i don’t believe in friday the 13th, but it’s just a funny coincidence that our worst game was on friday the 13th.

  31. hey walter, so how did you find this site? most people who randomly find scott’s blog usually just say “wow, scott! i loved reading ______!” and if they happen to actually READ the post they’ll say “wow, scott! i loved reading ______! that’s so cool about ___________!”

    i.e., they usually don’t give tips for “places to go” in san fransisco. and your grammar is correct, which as you can see doesn’t mean much to the rest of us “anti-capitalization” people.

    i am a very sarcastic person at times.

    to the anti-capitalization people: sorry about the triple post!

  32. Taylor, kheidi-la, Kayla-wa: my school is very much like Taylor’s when it comes spirit week, but our school purportedly has a really good football team, I wouldn’t know, I never pay attention unless my dad needs info or my friends make me. Spirit week for us is one week every month during the football season, and it always changes, except for pajama day (which makes no sense whatsoever since people are always wearing pajamas and flip-flops despite what the dress code says) and class colour day, except each year the colours change.
    Our school mascot is the Husky! and the mascot is always well loved, and we have a male and female Huskie! Our colours are the shiz-nat! Red and Black!
    The lockers are red and square, five tall, and it really sux when you get the bottom or top one. Luckily I always get the middle one and juniors and seniors get to choose their lockers. So no fear for me this lasy year of high school.
    Our school is pretty lax on the rules, except the whole no blowing bubbles rule, which is kinda ridiculous, I mean, seriously, the damage done to that kids eye was not serious!

  33. lol hillary!…”the damage done to that kids eye was not serious!”

    and (a bit more) about our football team: yeah, i don’t pay that much attention to it either, but one of my friends is crazy about it, goes to all the home games, and ALWAYS tell me the scores and “highlights.” the only game that i go to is the homecoming game, i just invite some friends over and we walk to it since i live right up the street from the field. and it’s pretty fun, too!

  34. our descriptions only show how different and alike our schools are! 🙂 and my school is different. we have no football. just basketball, soccer, and cross country. im in band tho and play the alto sax.

  35. Ahhhhh!! I woke up today at 10:30!! And for me that’s a bad thing! My parents say that I should start trying to wake up an hour earlier every day until school starts! NOOO!! This is a VERY bad sign….

    About spirit week: We have it too, but our school’s are all dumb. But it’s kinda fun too, like last year we had ’70s day and my friends and I brought walkers and canes to school to say that we were like 70! 🙂 it was so funny. All the teachers loved it. If one of you guys have ’70s day, you should do that! We even wore wigs…good times…good times.

    Lockers: Since this year i am the oldest in the school (6-8 graders) We get the newest, and nicest lockers. I’m SO HAPPY About that. Bc these ones have like rubber locks, it’s cool.

    Okay, last thing: Locker room: (blech) Last year, we did’t have our gym lockers until third quarter! So when the school year was 3/4 over, we could start changing in there. Other wise we didn’t change at all! And it was only because the janitors didn’t want to change the locks! MEAN! Right, I know.

    Wow, that was enormously long! SORRY! 🙂


  36. Kayla-wa: i do too! i play the barry sax too.

    i just got done w/ band camp last week *haha* it was fun though b/c i was with a bunch of my friends and i made friends with a bunch of seniors/juniors/sophmores. oh and were playing this really awesome song for marching band its called “Paint it Black”–(My school colors are Black and Gold) and we go out in football games and have this little routine..except we have to wear these ridiculous looking outfits w/ ugly little hats which kinda blows. Our other songs are (I can’t get no)Satisfaction, Jumpin Jack Flash, Celebration, Vehicle, Smooth, and then of course the fight song and Star Spangled Banner. Yes, I am 100% band geek. lol. It’s pretty awesome. I’m excited. So does anyone else play an insturment?

  37. I used to play the Cello, but then I moved to Cali, yeah, it sux. But guess what Kaylee? Being a band geek is totally cool at my school, or just in my amoeba of freinds.

    Taylor, my friends go to the games, but I have never EVER been to one, they don’t dare drag me away from my books, they are afraid of what I’d do to them. And only the really inept friends try to tell me about the games. I haven’t even been to a dance since I was 14.

    Kadie-wa, I wake up just about every day at 420, just so I can be coherent by 435, so that we can go to the gym at 500, or else I’d still be speaking gibberish in a weird mixture of Italian, French, and Spanish. My school isn’t really into the 70’s, we’re more punk than anything, but 80’s punk. But we do have that weird group of kids who dress like they were just transported from the 70’s, but they’re pot-heads, so most people stay away.
    I have never heard of rubber locks.

    I cant remember who mentioned going to school in Oregon, but I remember quite clearly how much it poured. And at my school, even the AP kids read slowly, which really annoys me b/c I know they are so not faking it. And my teachers stopped telling me to read ahead a long time ago, I’m smarter than most of my teachers, but bored, so I am sad to say that I don;y do well, because I’m busy teaching myself things that only college proffesors usually offer.
    WOW! I sound incredibly arrogant and conceited!
    And it’s long again!

  38. Bye the way, the bubbles rule was started because my best friend was walking around her sophomore year blowing bubbles, celebrating the impending end of the school year when it got into a fellow student’s eye. So starting my Freshman year they made a HUGE deal about not bringing bubbles to school. I was seriously confused until I met said friend near the end of my freshman year, after which I had forgotten about the stoopid rule, and she was gripping abot it. I couldn’t stop laughing, we still bring it up to this day, and it still makes her angry. She was almost suspended! just for sum kid getting in the way of her innocently blowing bubbles!

    Hey! when does Specials come out in paperback? I really hope it’s out already! I’m going to Border’s this weekend, well, I’m going to the shopping center where it is located, my Mammi doesn’t quite know that we are going to Borders yet;p

  39. ooh i just posted and the australian time is like tomorrow right now in california its aug 16 11:45….. ooops :46

  40. oh and you dont have to bring justine with you even though i totally dont mind you can draw a figure on a napkin like maureen

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