Peeps in Hebrew

Another package from a faraway land, this hebrew version of Peeps!

This is the most impenetrable (for me) version of Peeps so far. Because the alphabet’s different, it’s pretty hard to compare editions and see how things are translated. I can’t even find the website of the publisher, Modan.

And sorry about the lousy focus, but can anyone read the subtitle?

Speaking of all things peeps-like, here’s my new favorite sentence: “Jaded zombies acted quietly, but kept driving their oxen forward.” It uses all 26 letters! Much better than that quick brown fox dude.

And in other news, this was recently spotted online: the very first review of Extras so far. Don’t worry, there are no spoilers.

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  1. Wow, I think I actually figured it out, and now I’m smacking myself. Hebrew is read from right to left, so the first letter to sound out is on the right. It is the letter “peh,” which is the sound “p.” Following that is the short letter “yod,” making the “y” sound. Then following that is another “peh,” and finally the letter “samech/samekh,” which makes the “s” sound. So it says, more or less, “peeps.” And below that is Scott Westerfeld, written phonetically in Hebrew.

  2. As far as I can tell, the letters for “Scott Westerfeld” are as follows (going from right to left): shin, (?), vav (as there is no letter for u/o/w), tay, vav, shin, tay, resh, peh(?), lamed, dalet. I can’t tell what some of the letters are because of fuzziness. Now, if you got an Arabic copy of the book, I could read it for you like BAM.

  3. creepy lookin’. my friend speaks hebrew. he has 2 read and write and speak it 2 hours a day 6 days a week after school! tired-making huh!?!?

  4. Wow, it actualy says what it’s supposed to say?

    that’s a fool cover… well, kinda fool, a bit boring. i like the american cover ^_^

  5. “my friend speaks hebrew. he has 2 read and write and speak it 2 hours a day 6 days a week after school! tired-making huh!?!?”

    I think it’s fascinating to study languages of all kinds, and I think it’s particularly beneficial to keep lesser spoken ones alive, especially in today’s generation. When I was perusing my notes to do that Hebrew translation, that was about the most fun I’d had all day. Seriously.

  6. I used to practice more, but I’ve been getting out of the habit as I move on to different languages. I can read ancient Greek and Russian because I can sound out the symbols, but I have no idea what the words actually mean. Perhaps I should have said that I wish I could speak it. Reading and writing a different alphabet is the easiest part of studying languages for me. Funnest part, too.

  7. well i know how to read hebrew and it just sais peeps in the hebrew alphebet not translated and the bottem said scott westerfeld (well actually vesterfeld as there is no ‘w’ sound in hebrew

  8. i like what Kallie said about keeping the less popular langueges alive. I’m trying to learn Japanese… Not Spanish or French like most people!

  9. “i like what Kallie said about keeping the less popular langueges alive. I’m trying to learn Japanese… Not Spanish or French like most people!”

    Which is why in addition to Spanishm, German, and French, I also study Latin and Arabic in addition to random languages on the side. So much fun…

  10. Wow, what language haven’t they covered for your books yet. lol.

    That book review just makes me want to read Extras more now. Wonder how that person got the book to review it, – it’s coming out in October right?

  11. “Wow, Kallie, isn’t that hard to learn so many different langueges?”

    Yes it is, but for me it’s fun. I am a certified language GEEK. It’s hard to keep up with it on my own without a class, but understanding the structure of languages comes easily to me.

  12. thats so kool! i wanna read it! i no hebrew lol ill tell my cousin in israel to read it…i think its so kool how ur books are translated into other languages

  13. well now like 10 people have said what it translates to but i’ll say it anyway: peeps, scott westerfeld. yeah i’m not as good as translating as my dad is so i had him do it. i’m better at reading…and kallie i want to learn greek that’d be awesome!

  14. heheh, i’m jewish and I speak SOME hebrew.. I can’t read it though. wait. I speak yiddish. lol.. I want this sooooo bad. I’ve already read Peeps, but I really want this because it’s in Hebrew. ahhh. -dreams- lol.

  15. question, either for scott or someone else who might know the answer:

    i was reading that book review and becky (reviewer) said that she’d already read extras (which is kind of apparent since she wrote a review), but who is this becky girl and why does she get extras before we do? lol jk

    but honestly, how does the publisher decide who gets advanced copies of books? like how do they pick out which websites, businesses, newspapers, etc. get them?

  16. lol chelsea i’m jewish too…i can speak and read, but i’m really bad at translating. i want to get the book (i’ve already read it too), even if the cover design isn’t as flashy as the Aus. or US ones, i want it. i mean, how often can you find a YA book in hebrew, let alone read it? but idk where to find this one, i doubt it’d be at barnes & noble!

  17. This is totally awesome!

    My son loved Uglies/Pretties/Specials and next year, when his Hebrew is up to it he can read Peeps in Hebrew. It will be tons better than boring workbook exercises.

  18. im half chinese. i can speak some too! my grandma taught me. her and my grandpa grew up in china. i cant read or write anything but numbers and my chinese name… which translates to bright and clear…. so yeah!

  19. i know hebrew and the subtitle says scott westerfeld. thats rly cool that its translated into so many different languages

  20. I know Taylor! it’s a really good book that i’ve ACTUALLY read and it’s in hebrew! that’s like one-in-a-million chance. I’m going to do an extensive search on Google to see if I can order it or find it at all.. lol. =P

  21. so cool! i just dyed the tips of my hair red. i hope it looks good.

  22. my friend put washout red hair dye on for halloween… and its still in! shes thinkin about sueing because everyone calls her wanna be… short for wanna be red head

  23. hmmm i’ll have to try too Chelsea-wa, that’d be really awesome to read!

    i wish i could dye my hair (not all of it, just like to get highlights or lowlights) but idk if my parents would let me. it’s sounds cool Amy-la!

  24. haha, Amy-la I dyed my ends red but it washed out over the next couple months.. =( now they’re just bleached and I have brown hair so it stands out. ;D

  25. Give me a few months, I’ll be able to read it. Actually, I can read Hebrew (thank you, seven years of Hebrew School), but I have no idea what it means. My school didn’t stress conversation Hebrew, which I was pissed about when I went to Israel. But I’m taking Hebrew after school twice a week this week, so maybe I’ll figure it out soon enough.

  26. im in the lowest hebrew class at school but i can still read, write and talk a bit in hebrew. I wish i could read Hebrew Peeps but I just wouldnt be able to understand what i was reading most of the time! hehe. Ill have to get my friend in isreal to read it..

  27. I LOVE LANGUAGES! Except I am more into Irish/Gaelic, and Welsh, I am sad to say though that I am very into Latin languages, French is cool and all, I take it, I can read it and inderstand it, I don’t conjugate very well at all though, but I can be very mean to peoples in French. The only reason I am good at languages though is because I can convince myself that they do make sense, maybe not to me yet, but later on they, and the hact ui makes ‘oo’ and bh makes ‘vuh’ does not bother me in the slightest! NOT AT ALL! or that can’t be spoken in a Spanish accent.

    I LOVE that we were talking about how fool it would be if one of his books were translated into Hebrew just last week! and then this turns the next week! Life is fool!

  28. Wow, can anyone read that?! I siwh I knew what it said!

    Hey, I guess our clapping worked! lol

    Wow, somone allready published a review? I’ll have to go read it now…

    P.S. 42 days until EXTRAS
    or 1 month 11 days (hehe all ones!)
    or 3,628,800 seconds or
    60,480 minutes or
    1008 hours or
    6 weeks
    And, I’ve still been counting seconds…here it goes 800,132,012 bottles of pop on the wall, 800,132,012 bottles of pop, take one down pass it around, 800,132,013 bottles of pop on the wall!

  29. Ooh! I’m so excited for Extras! Who knows what this could lead to… another book obsession for me!

  30. ugh! i read the review for Extras and now i REALLY REALLY REALLY REALLY REALLY REALLY REALLY REALLY REALLY REALLY REALLY REALLY REALLY wanna read it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (ha ha ha kadie-wa.)

  31. i posted earlier and then while in the car i relized im an idiot…. pey yud pey samech is the rough transliteration of hebrew so yeah i can read and write hebrew but i only know like a few words anyways the cover is fool

  32. “Jaded zombies acted quietly, but kept driving their oxen forward” is a good choice for “favorite sentence,” I think. I went on Google to see other references to it, and I found this:

    We took a breezy excursion and gathered Jonquils from the river slopes.

    Sweet Marjoram grew in luxuriant profusion by the window that overlooked the Aztec city.

    Jaded Zombies acted quietly, but kept driving their oxen forward.

  33. I really never liked the fox one. The zombie one is fool though because it reminds of Garth Nix’s Abhorsen series.

  34. Repeating message for someone I know.:

    this is a message to the Author Lord Person Who Writes Really Amazing Books, Scott Westerfeld:
    I just read Peeps. It is very good. I have two questions though:
    1, in New York do they really make glassphalt
    and 2, would you be angry if I used the phrase ‘nuclear peanut butter’ for the name of a blog and as a couple mentions in a story because I really liked the quote (who knows, maybe the SomeMighty Author forgot he wrote said quote 😛 -OB)

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