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I got a cool package yesterday, the Slovenian version of So Yesterday! Check it out:

Now, Slovenia is not a place I know much about. The Wikipedia article tells me it has a population of two million, less than 1% that of the US, less than Brooklyn. So they must read a lot per capita, otherwise I can’t see how they’d make money with translated books. I mean, what percentage of those two million are teenagers to begin with?

Below is the first page—of Chapter 1, not Chapter 0. It’s clearly a Slavic language, but even knowing the text, I can’t figure too much out. But I love the word inovatorka for “innovator.”

Annoyingly, I’m not finding any Slovenian translation tools that work, so I leave it up to you guys to translate the title. Something about “cool”?

Of course, it occurs to me that I shouldn’t be so clueless about this place. Parts of my next trilogy, Leviathan, will take place in Slovenia. Or rather, what’s now called Slovenia, and was part of the Austro-Hungarian Empire back in 1914.

For Slovenian speakers and crazed compleatists, here’s the website where you can buy Lovci na Kul.

And in other news, The Last Days has been long-listed for an Inky over at Inisde a Dog. Yay!

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  1. I like how for books in different languages, they basically do a whole new cover for it. haha. Too bad I don’t speak Slovenian, so I have no idea what the title actually says.
    Ooo, new trilogy, I wonder what that’s about.

  2. By the way, congrats on your Inky nom! And ooh, the Austro-Hungarian empire. That should make for a delightfully messy trilogy.

    Also, seeing books in other languages always makes me jealous that I don’t read them! I like investigating the connotational differences.. Alas.

    Well, thanks again for the update!

  3. YAY! Has Peeps or Midnighters or Uglies been translated into Spanish? that would be really fool!

  4. If I had a book written I would definately want it to be translated into Slovenian. It would be a great conversation starter.

  5. Okay, according to the first source listed below, “lovci” means “Hunters” or “Hunt” in Croatian and Czech respectively. Because Slovenian and Croatian are both South Slavic languages (Croatian is West Slavic), I have a feeling there are similarities among words. According to Wikipedia’s Slovenian language page, words can be assimilated into the language. There are four ways to do this:
    “sposojenka (loan word): fully assimilated [e.g. pica (=”pizza”)]
    tujka (foreign word): partly assimilated, either in writing and syntax and/or in pronunciation (e.g. jazz, wiki)
    polcitatna beseda ali besedna zveza: partly assimilated, either in writing and syntax and/or in pronunciation (e.g. Shakespeare)
    citatna beseda ali besedna zveza: kept as in original, although pronunciation may be altered to fit into speech flow (e.g. first lady)”

    I would say “Kul” falls under the first category “sposojenka” or and thus ..just means “cool.”

    So it is … somewhat safe to say that the title could be “Cool Hunters,” or, more likely, “Hunters of Cool.” How’s that sound to everyone?

    Also, a Public Service Announcement:
    Please use Wikipedia responsibly. Sometimes their information is incorrect. So don’t use them for school research!

  6. Kadie-Wa, what’s a hulusi?

    Naw, I’d have mine translated into Armenian. Now that is a conversation starter, or Hebrew.

  7. Hey, Scott! How come I can’t find The Risen Empire no matter where I go? I really want to read that and Evolution’s Darling. Where can I find them?

  8. Hillary!, A hulusi is a chineese woodwind with a fool sound.

    If I had a book published, I would want it translated into French for sure.


  9. hillary!, i was just about to ask the same thing! seriously b/c i’d love to read that! and it’d be cool to see what the covers/titles are changed to…

  10. Hey, Scott:
    Remember when I said that we had a litter of four kittens:2 boys and 2 girls? Well, I have the pictures up! They are so cute, just click on my name and I put it there! They are adorible! Tally is all black, Shay is all Grey, David is grey and white and Zane (the littlest one) Is black and white!


  11. Yeah, I read HP in Spanish, very translated!
    I’d like to hear a hulusi, man, Kadie-wa you play alot of instruments, like in The Last Days. YAY the kitties are sooo cute! look at my name!

  12. Hey Scott! When were you planning on telling us that an Uglies movie was coming out! I about had a fit! Oh yeah oh yeah.

    I mean I guess you could have but I have been totally checking your blog like… everyday for about half a year so… I don’t think I would have missed it…

    But it says it right here:

    So. Ne-ner-ne-ner-nene.

  13. Shelby, production hasn’t even started, I wanna audition sooo badly, even if I am nothing like the characters in the Uglies series, I’m more like Dess, or so my friend Darren says.

  14. Cool pics, Hillary!! Did you draw them? And lol to the guy, (sorry forgot his name :() I like ur pictures!

    P.S. I SO wanna be Shay!! That would be fawesome!! Actually, I would even wanna be an extra (lol, funny word play) anything to see them make it would be fawesome!

  15. Umm, I didn’t draw anything…what are you talking about? His name is LELAND CHAPMAN! Dog The Bounty Hunter’s son. He is smexy!

    OMG! Think of the hoverboard scenes!!!!!!!!!!!!

  16. I seem to be all alone…how did that happen?!?! Taylor? Hillary!? Amy-La? Well, i suppose that means I gotta go clean my room…or listen to Mika. GO MIKA!!!


  17. OHHHHHHHHHH! Those are by Clive Barker! From his Abarat series, they are very fexcellent! but expensive, even in paperback, unless you get the mass market pb. Which I didn’t b/c the illustrated ones give you a better visual. He wrote Hellraiser, the only movie to scare me as a child, and numerous other comics. Abarat was at first opptioned as a quartet but is now a quintet, which made me very happy inside.

  18. Hey, u r still on!! Well, I think those drawings are cool in a creepishly way. Kinda like..Mel…I’m not even going to try to spell her name, but you know the girl from the Last days!

    Mika: THey are an FAWESOME group. You should listen to some of their music. Love today is my fav.


  19. Mika is pop. I’m listing to FOB right now, though. I like them too. I listen to the weirdest music, and then regular stuff too. Probably bc I am surrounded by dance music. My family dances, but I have no cooridnation what so ever. lol I like hellogoodbye too! They are so cool!


  20. Larbalestier, Yeah, I love her too, I actually read her first, then wondered who Scott Westerfeld was, then I read Uglies, then a year later I found out they were married! That explained alot. I love that people who read MorM move on to Uglies or read Uglies then move on to MorM.

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