Slo Yesterday

I got a cool package yesterday, the Slovenian version of So Yesterday! Check it out:

Now, Slovenia is not a place I know much about. The Wikipedia article tells me it has a population of two million, less than 1% that of the US, less than Brooklyn. So they must read a lot per capita, otherwise I can’t see how they’d make money with translated books. I mean, what percentage of those two million are teenagers to begin with?

Below is the first page—of Chapter 1, not Chapter 0. It’s clearly a Slavic language, but even knowing the text, I can’t figure too much out. But I love the word inovatorka for “innovator.”

Annoyingly, I’m not finding any Slovenian translation tools that work, so I leave it up to you guys to translate the title. Something about “cool”?

Of course, it occurs to me that I shouldn’t be so clueless about this place. Parts of my next trilogy, Leviathan, will take place in Slovenia. Or rather, what’s now called Slovenia, and was part of the Austro-Hungarian Empire back in 1914.

For Slovenian speakers and crazed compleatists, here’s the website where you can buy Lovci na Kul.

And in other news, The Last Days has been long-listed for an Inky over at Inisde a Dog. Yay!

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  1. for the whole movie thing, I hope that they JUST do Uglies… like end with the same exact line as the book ends. “I’m Tally Youngblood, make me pretty” yeahh. that would be totally fawesome. and if they star like a pop princess I will be soo mad. but that’s just if the movie actually is made. >.> lol.

  2. I hope they use new actors/actresses, ones we’ve never heard of and not people like Hillary Duff, or, god forbid, Jamie Lynne Spears!

  3. i just read that a chinese couple wanted to name their baby @.

  4. omg that would ruin the movie for me! they SHOULD use unknowns. it would make the movie better. because they would use beautiful actresses and stuff and that ruins the point of the book.

  5. Yeah, I read about the @ baby, who cares what you name your child, all names are just words, Hillary means ‘cheerful’ in Old Greek.

    Plus it would be easier to make unkowns seem ugly, then creepy pretty, then scary beautiful. rather than using a well known artist, and etc.

  6. I guess it would be easy for them to write their name on their test papers.. lol. yeah it would be easier to make unknowns seem ugly, so on , and so on.

  7. hey i wanna get that book and read it except i don’t know Slovenian.
    that’s fool that uglies is gonna be a movie, but it’s gonna be hard to make it like the book. i just hope it doesn’t get slaughtered in the process

  8. my friend started calling me Amy-la the other day, and she hasnt read the uglies trilogy. this is what happened:

    Rosa: “Hey Amy-la!”
    Me: “Uh… I’m only Amy-la online.”
    Rosa: “Can I call you Amy-la?”
    Me: “OK”
    Madaline: I want to call you Amy-la too!”
    Me: “OK”

  9. Wow, thats cool. I can speak english, and thats all, so no idea what that says. But I like the cover, it’s really cool!

  10. Hmmm…how much did I miss?? Any one else watching So you think you can dance? I hope Sabra wins!!

    And Scott, I’m posting this again…I have four three week old kittens: Two girls and two boys and I named them Shay, Tally, Zane and David. When you click on my name, it shows you Shay, but you can see the rest of the kittens pics too!! They are on my name also!!

    Just thought that I would add that again!

  11. ^^Aww, that’s sooooo cute!

    Can you imagine if they used actors such as HSM stars or pop stars? That would totally suck–like, boycott. And they shouldn’t deviate from the book too much; espeically the last line. =D

  12. i found a website to translate slovenian to english and this is what i got:

    hunting party upon kul

    i guess it couldnt translate ‘kul’

  13. Hey Gil, if you check up at my fourth comment (the lengthy one), I found a translation that I think works. Yay for things that are re-interpreted for translation.

  14. for the movie they should use us!!!! that would be awesome but unlikely unless you went to a acting school in new york and were like omg aaudtions i should go etc… i want movie with famous ppl… and then they will be famous… majorly

  15. oops sry suppose to be i DONT want famous ppl etc… wow that can totally come out wrong if ou miss a word… i want contest…

  16. i know because when famous pplz r in movies, you just think of their caracter as how u saw them before! brain-missing producers!

  17. wow did you people stay up all night or something? and kadie-wa, i’ve tried like 20 times by now, and i can’t see the other kitty pics! i can see shay, but when i click on your name it just says “this album is private. please log in.” so can you change your settings so it’s public? b/c i want to see the kitties… 🙁

  18. Umm, I never said Minerva was my fave, I liked her, but she creeped me out. WAY too peeps for me, Lace and Cal weren’t as horny. But I guess that’s what makes her such a great character. My favorite characters of all his books that I have managed to get my fat little fingers on are Dess, Melissa, Rex, and Zane, and Pearl. But mostly Dess and Rex. So what are your faves?

  19. Hi!!

    I just finished The Last Days and it was fexcellent (lol). But I have to say, I’m really confused about the end. Does Pearl end up with Moz or not?? o.0
    And So Yesterday was still the best novel you wrote (in my opinion). Muahahaha. Can’t wait for the Uglies movie. =]

  20. Taylor: Yeah, sorry! I’ll change it to public!

    I liked Lace the best, I think. But she said Dued once too many for me.

    I would SO wanna be in the movie if he used us!! That would be FAWESOME!!

    P.S. I’ll go change the public thing now, so don’t click on this name.

  21. HEY! where did everyone go!? and why hasn’t anyone answered my question? I want a discussion about Peeps, The Last Days, Midnighters, So Yesterday, and the Uglies series! No one at me school knows what I am talking about, plus it’s summer and I am all alone.

  22. You say blech to soccer try-outs yet you say blech? Isn’t trying-out for the team optional? Yeah I’m inputing client information under duress, blech! I’m sooper busy.

  23. Just check youtube, tye in Potter Puppet Pals, then watch and listen to ‘The Mysterious Ticking Noise’. Your life will change as you know it.

  24. omg i LOVE potter puppet pals! haha i like “bothering snape” the best!

    “that was fun.”
    “i liked the part when he stopped moving!”

    lol i probably messed up the dialogue but you get the idea.

    and idk why i like minerva the best…she is—well, at the risk of sounding like a screwed-up fairytale—“the horniest of them all,” but i just like her other traits better! she intrigued me with her oddness.

    “naked time!”

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