Slo Yesterday

I got a cool package yesterday, the Slovenian version of So Yesterday! Check it out:

Now, Slovenia is not a place I know much about. The Wikipedia article tells me it has a population of two million, less than 1% that of the US, less than Brooklyn. So they must read a lot per capita, otherwise I can’t see how they’d make money with translated books. I mean, what percentage of those two million are teenagers to begin with?

Below is the first page—of Chapter 1, not Chapter 0. It’s clearly a Slavic language, but even knowing the text, I can’t figure too much out. But I love the word inovatorka for “innovator.”

Annoyingly, I’m not finding any Slovenian translation tools that work, so I leave it up to you guys to translate the title. Something about “cool”?

Of course, it occurs to me that I shouldn’t be so clueless about this place. Parts of my next trilogy, Leviathan, will take place in Slovenia. Or rather, what’s now called Slovenia, and was part of the Austro-Hungarian Empire back in 1914.

For Slovenian speakers and crazed compleatists, here’s the website where you can buy Lovci na Kul.

And in other news, The Last Days has been long-listed for an Inky over at Inisde a Dog. Yay!

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  1. i’m making lots of typos today
    my third try:
    “…her (minerva’s) other traits better than THAT one (her uh, needs?)”

    and kadie-wa the kitties are so cute! i like zane the best. again, idk why! i haven’t gotten to go school shopping yet…i told my mom that she has to take me soon or else my 40% off coupon is gonna expire. yay, ae all-access pass! i can’t wait to go though…most of my computer time (when i’m not on this blog) is spent shopping online. not buying anything, just making wishlists. i already have everything picked out that i want. lol i’m like OCD or something.

    sorry for the triple post!

  2. Taylor: I’m the same way I make wishlists all the time when I’m not on here and my favorite store is AE.

    I getta go school shoppin on sunday which should be a lot of fun b/c i’m going w/ one of my best friends and our mothers.

    Then back to school on Monday… =( …when do you guys go back?

  3. the ppp was pretty funny

    I haven’t gone school cloths shopping yet either my sister went today but she wouldn’t let me go. i keep denying schools not here yet by not going

    have you seen the count of Monte Crisco
    dumbledore is naked in one of the scenes it was so gross we watched it in school.

  4. yeah i’m big on wishlists…i’m usually the only one that see’s them, for birthdays/hanukkah i just ask for gift cards rather than specific items.

    kaylee: AE’s the store that i probably shop at the most often, it’s the only one of my fave stores that the mall in my town has! i have to drive an hour to get to this HUGE mall, which is where i go for school shopping & for a few other times a year. i wish i could go shopping on sunday! but both my mom and i have to work…i sound like a shopaholic…which i kinda am…lol.

    kelsey, are you going school shopping on the 4th or does your school start on the 4th? i’m going school shopping on the 28th, and i still don’t know when the first day of school is for me!

  5. is anyone else watching HSM2? i feel kinda idiotic watching it, but hey, it was the soundtrack to my bball season! it will foever hold a special place in my heart…

    lol melodramatic much?

  6. haha yes i’m watching HSM2 also. lol. my town is small too. all we have in our mall is JCPennys, Maurices, the Buckle, Halmark, Radio Shack, Bath & Body, Claires, Gordmans, a nail place, a vitamin store or something like that and an old lady wut its called…oh and a movie theater…its pretty lame.

  7. here’s of the stores in my mall (there might be a couple more but i can’t remember): JCP, bon-ton, maurices, hallmark, bath & body, claires, AEO, target, deb (where nearly every girl in my school—including me—gets their homecoming dress), a sears, a sporting goods store whose name i can’t recall, movie theater, and i think that’s it! my teeny tiny mall. i wish i could go school shopping w/ one of my friends…hmmm…maybe i’ll make a call. lol but seriously that’d be fun to go with a friend and/sans their mom. most of them will have probably finished their shopping by then though.

    ok this is probably the corniest movie in the northern hemisphere (i can’t speak for australia). i can’t believe i’m weatching but I CAN’T LOOK AWAY! lol x2.

  8. you guys are lucky i have to drive a half hour to go to a mall with old navy, Gotshalks, target, Ross, and a few other small stores. My town is so small that unless you drive an hour the movie theatre only plays 1 movie a week. 8,000 people to be exact

    school starts the 4th i think I’m ging shopping next weekend

  9. *watching* (i’m averaging .5 typos per comment. yeah i made that up)

    whoa…i just went to the HUGE mall’s website and there’s over 250 stores! i knew there were a lot but i didn’t know there were that many! i guess some are probably like womens’ shops, some mens’ shops, and some just ones that i don’t shop at. man oh man i can’t wait to go—all this thinking about shopping is making me more excited to go shopping.

    shop/shops/shopping count: 5

  10. wow…and i thought i had it bad. if i drive a half an hour theres like three or four pretty good sized malls–(thats where i’m going shopping on sunday)–and our movie theater here plays i think 7 shows-(it just got re-done)-which is pretty fool cuz theres like the chairs rock are are really comfy. but your lucky u don’t have to go back till the 4th. my summer is pretty much over….sadly only one more party..its gonna be pretty huge though..all the freshman are invited to my friends house and then a bunch of ppl from another school are coming too. its gonna be crazy.

  11. my town only has 933 permanent residents in it (i did a project for school, ok?) but the next town over has something like 15,000 to 20,000 and that’s the small mall that i usually go to. so i guess it’s not really in my town, but it’s 10 minutes away from me so whatever.

    oh wait, there are some outlet stores (that are actually in my town), like tommy hilfiger (but i don’t shop there), pac sun (i DO shop there!), and coach (i don’t even own any designer handbags, i’ve only been in there twice!)

  12. HSM2 doesn’t come on for another hour here my sister is watching tv and there is a little clock ticking away the min. and sec. in the corner on Disney channel

  13. my town doesn’t even have a walmart
    but it’s really fun here in the summer b/c theres this huge lake and it’s really pretty so everyone comes here to stay. So we all hang out at the lake,and i don’t really like to that much but the big thing amung teenagers here is to jump off the briges

  14. movie theater note (i’m such a late commenter): the movie theater in the next town over has 8, uh, movie-showing rooms? idk how many shows there are a week.

    and yeah i had that little clock thingie on mine too…i DVRed it for my friend b/c she had to work tonight and now i can watch it over and over and over and…you get the point!

    hey kelsey are we from the same town? b/c you basically described where i live right there!

  15. my lake is 32 miles long , and the reason i said “permanent residents” before is b/c in the summer the population goes up to 15,000 to 20,000, that’s how many people own/rent lake houses or stay in hotels/motels or camp in RVs/tents. it’s a major tourist destination i guess

    and at the beach in my town there’s this pier that all me & the other kids in my school jump off of.

  16. although that’s kinda implausible if HSM2 already came out where i am…lol nvm!

    alone, alone, alone…well, to get back on topic, where’s my hebrew uglies trilogy? ok not spot-on topic, but close enough.

  17. im here….watching mtv cribs. sry if i don’t talk a ton.

    whats your fave movie? …mine is Dejavu have you seen it?

  18. ooo yea i love that song…we always end up singing it at softball practice cuz theres this girl named Delilah.

    my favorite band is The Fray. wuts yours?

  19. the guardian was good not really my fav though
    have u guys seen hairspray the kid in HSM1&2 is in it

  20. yea i really like the guardian too. and nope i haven’t seen hairspray i wanted to but never got time.

    have you seen posiedon? or however you spell it.

  21. o its like a remake of an older movie i think idk it was on my rent a movie thing on my tv…its about these ppl on a cruise ship and this huge wave comes and knocks the ship over and like this group of ppl trys to make their way up to the bottom of the ship b4 it sinks and theres like all this stuff that happens to them…its great! can you tell i like suspensful stuff.

  22. haha, i see the posts have been filling up with people having private conversations with each other. in public.


  23. hold on,
    before it’s too late
    or until we leave this behind…

    lol i have the goo goo dolls stuck in my head…i’m changing my site back to them for now.

    and since i shut off the computer before kaylee came back (and since i have nothing better to do) i’m gonna answer all questions asked since then.

    ~fave movie: stick it! (i have a lot of gymnast friends)
    ~fave song: i can’t pick just one so i’ll do three—“Name” by the goo goo dolls, “Lo Bueno Tiene un Final” by nelly furtado (spanish version of another one of her songs), and “touchdown turnaround” by hellogoodbye.
    ~fave artist: goo goo dolls (but nelly furtado and HGB are at a tie for 2nd)
    ~haven’t seen hairspray but i REALLY want to.
    ~seen poseidon 2 times
    ~haven’t seen deja vu, looks good tho!
    ~haven’t seen the guardian

    no one really cares but w/e! again, boredness…

  24. Hey, Taylor, I’m EXTREMELY bored too. I don’t know what to do. I’m actually thinking of cleaning my room. Since it is a downpoor ova here…

    I think I’m going to start a new topic…does anyone have a new topic? Ou OU OU!! I know we can continiu the other one….Does anyone play an instrument? I play four. Recorder, Hulusi, Piano, and French Horn!!!


  25. There’s going to be a HSM 3!

    Kadie-Wa 45 days until Extras!
    or 1 month 14 days or
    3,888,000 seconds or
    64,800 minutes or
    1080 hours or
    6 weeks
    That’s really not that long, if you think about it. It’s like another summer Vaca!

  26. Cool!! I wish i could play the Violin. It’s so pretty sounding. And it’s pretty too. My piano is like 200 years old. It’s a different kind of pretty…the kind i don’t like. lol jk.

    A Hulusi is a Chineese woodwind. It’s really cool sounding. But finding music is EXTREMELY hard to do because I don’t speek chineese and I can’t read it either, so it’s hard. but every once and a while I’ll find some music in english.


  27. I can’t wait for the Extras either!! It’s not that far away at all!!!! AHHH!!!1 but school on the other hand…that’s going to bee soon….:(


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