165 thoughts on “Utter, Utter Silliness

  1. Wanna know somthing scary?? Well, if you said no, I’m still going to tell it anyways.

    So today i was going to go play with my dahlings. (The kittens) And when I got in there, there was only Zane and Tally and The mom. I paniced a little, and then started serching the room for them. After an hour and a half, I looked for the 20th time in the corner of the room and guess who was there–Shay. She was sitting there all cute. So I picked her and Tally up and I put them in a kennel so I could keep track of where they were. And I threw a toy in there so they could injoy themselves. I started looking around again and…wait, where did Zane go? Great, so now I found one and lost the other. Perfect. So I start looking for one of the boys. After another half hour of serching, i looked at the corner where I found Shay. And guess who was there…David. I put him in the kennel with the other ones and he plays with them. So, I’m only missing Zane when I hear a faint meow. I go back over to the corner where i found the other two and guess who was there? Zane. It was C-R-A-Z-Y!!! I swear, they just fell out of the ceiling and landed in that corner

    Wow, sorry that was so long!


  2. Me? Yes, I DO tend to get bored extremely easily. And then all of my soccer teammates say, “Only the boring get bored!” But I hate that quote.


  3. ahahahah that was great!

    Aww but Scott why didn’t you join in with the dancing? You deserved to have stinky socks thrown at you in the end you spoil sport! hehe j/k

    That was a good watch, definitely made me laugh 😀

  4. that is so amazing. 5 of my favorite authors (including you) in a movie dedicated to ANOTHER of my favorite authors.
    that is so awesome that you are all friends!

  5. Wouldn’t it be awesome if all the people on this site who are as crazy as them met eachother in some *ahemhemhemcoughchokeiminnocentchokewheezesputter* coincidence? We’d probably make the randoms’* eyes pop out.

    *I use random to refer to the normal, boring people.

  6. whoa……i dunno if i entirely got that….hmmm….gotta ponder on that…..
    -riderchild-wa 🙂

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