Wearable Extras

So I’ve been fooling around with making my own promotional shirts for a while, and sometimes people want to buy them from me. But it’s not like I’m going to manufacture things and then (shudder) mail them. I don’t do packages and stamps very well.

But with Extras coming out in just six weeks, I suppose it’s time to let the t-shirts flow. So I invite you all to the launch of . . .

Yes, it’s the online store for shirts and hoodies that reveal your Ugly (and Midnightery) side. Behold a few examples:

All these and more are available right now by clicking right here.

A few notes:

1) As with all online clothes shopping, check the size info carefully. I chose Spreadshirts.com because they’re very clear about the measurements of their stuff. Just click the product details for info.

2) I don’t get any money from this, but one dollar from each shirt goes to Katrina relief. If anything goes wrong with an order, please bug Spreadshirts and not your humble and clueless author.

3) If you think these shirts are lame, feel free to design your own at Spreadshirt or Cafe Press. Click here for a big tridecashirt file. And here for a big file with all the Midnighters symbols. Rock out and share with the rest of us.

4) Yes, they ship to Australia and many other countries, but it costs.

5) Discounts on bulk orders (25 of the same thing).

Hope you find these fine wearables amusing, and let me know if you have any Special requests. (nyuck, nyuck.)

Again, here’s the store.

194 thoughts on “Wearable Extras

  1. i would have gotten a team david shirt but my cousin is named david and he goes to my school. so that would be really akward…

  2. true true i would have died living in the smoke now if david was grown up in the city and became a pretty now THAT would be hott.

  3. but w/ the whole name thing: i get why david’s name isn’t as cool, like because his parents had older beliefs, so he had a more classic name; while zane lived in the bubbleheaded world, so he had a more futuristic, unusual name. it’s just an awesome name.

  4. i kinda wish that they would have caught david and made him a cutter too…how cool would that be then tally wouldnt have to be slowed down by an ugly all the time when they run away. but thats just my opinion.

  5. i only know one person named david…just the younger brother of one of the girls in my class…wait i forgot i work with a kid named david…that’s kinda pathetic that i did’t even remember the name of someone that i work with but i remember that it’s someone’s younger brothers name!

  6. i wonder if david will ever get any surge done or just do anything that would change the way he looks…i guess we’ll have to wait and see! but i doubt it.

  7. i sorta doubt it, david’s thing is like, he’s the only character who hasn’t had multiple brain surguries.
    that’s why extras is gonna be awesome, cuz tally was getting really crazy (in a good way) and now aya’s still like, human i guess, not off in pretty-ville or cutter-land

  8. i can’t wait for the release! this is like the biggest deal ever made for one of scott’s books. you know, the store, the contests, everything!

  9. yeah, this is really the first one i’ve been waiting for the release date—-all the others i read after they came out

  10. Extras is gonna be sweet, but confusing in the beginning though, and i wonder if Tally and david will ever get back together or if she will ‘never love again’ or some crap lie that. THAT would make me very mad. i think it would be cool if david did get a surg just like an eyescreen or a tattoo. He would at least fit in better with Tally and they wouldnt look like total opposites.

  11. yea ive never had to wait for any of his books they all came out right before i started reading them.

  12. yeah, just some superficial stuff so david doesn’t stand out as the normal dude. and even tho awesome zane is gone, i really think she should get back with david, i mean, he’s cool, and she should be happy.
    october 2nd, can’t wait!!

  13. im going to my little sis is gonna buy me the I’m an extra long sleeve hoodie and what other shirt should i get?

  14. i haven’t got any yet, but i’m gonna get a “ur so 1159” one and maybe a special circumstances sweatshirt

  15. i know totally they should get back together. And he hsould get AT LEAST one tattoo. my little sister is getting me the extras long sleeve hoodie. what other shirt should i get?? except midnighters cuz i havent read them.

  16. in a way i kinda hope that david doesn’t get anything done to him. even if he is “the normal guy,” that’s kinda been his trademark thoughout the trilogy: not getting any surgery in spite of everything.

  17. kinda but it would be so much more interesting. but something happens and his surgery goes wrong and he almost dies but then he survives and that is how they meet aya because she is in the hospital getting ready to get the pretty surgery…oh yeah now THAT would be cool

  18. i dunno, my fav uglies shirts are “i don’t want to hurt u but i will if i have 2”, and the sideways special circumstances ones, or the i’m an extra one

  19. how about at “Team tally/shay/aya” shirt? i would say get “the smoke lives” but just before i ordered it, my mom (who hasn’t read the books) pointed out that some people might think it’s some weird drug/cigarette reference. so i scratched that idea

  20. well which of the two is your favorite?

    and whoa we all posted in the same minute…fawesome.
    and i would have gotten a special circumstances one but it’s just in women’s. and when compared to my regular shirts, it’s a lot wider.

  21. it seems like aya isn’t gonna get pretty surge tho…
    i found the description of extras on amazon, check it out—
    As if being fifteen doesn’t suck enough, Aya Fuse’s rank of 451,369 is

    so low, she’s a total nobody. An extra. But Aya doesn’t care; she just

    wants to lie low with her drone, Moggle. And maybe kick a good story for


    Then Aya meets a clique of girls who pull crazy tricks, yet are deeply

    secretive of it. Aya wants desperately to kick their story, to show

    everyone how intensely cool the Sly Girls are. But doing so would propel

    her out of extra-land and into the world of fame, celebrity…and extreme

    danger. A world she’s not prepared for.

    sounds very fawesome.

  22. eek serafina i’ve already seen the description but i’m not letting myself read it.

    and personally, i sat tally, just cause shay’s had her meanie moments way more often than tally.

    hi hillary!

  23. Hi! Taylor. I just got a new book! I’m so happy! But, since I got it yesterday I’m almost done, so I’m gonna be very sad.

  24. cool rachael-la! i got team aya just cause she’s the new girl in the series and she needs SOMEONE on her side lol. and b/c she’s an extra and feels all unpopular.

  25. oh, i read that one. it was pretty cool. she’s a pretty good author–devilish was really funny

  26. oh i’ve read the key to the golden firebird and the bermudez triangle by mj and i’m very angry w/ the banning in bartlesville. TKTTGF is my fave though, idk why.

  27. i know, the whole banning thing is scary and stupid. i mean, i read the book and it wasn’t bad in any way whatsoever.
    key to the golden firebird was good, but it practically made me cry. 13 little blue envelopes rocked too

  28. Yeah I’ve only read 13 LBE, then I really had to read another so I got the new one. I really wanted to read Devilish, but GAS jsut looked so yummy! I’m on Team Zane.

  29. 13LBE made me cry! TBT debaucle is ridiculous! I’ve never understood the point of banning a book. It just makes no sense whatsoever. Yeah, I have TKTTGF, DEV., TBT, and GAS all on acquisition at my library. And Magic’s Child.

  30. has anyone every read an abundance of katherines by john green? b/c that book has made it to like my top 20 favorite books and i heard about him from scott’s blog.

    and yes, go team zane! cause we know he’s cooler.

  31. i’ve practically run out of stuff to read, i read all the westerfeld books, and the whole magic or madness trilogy, and all the maureen johnson books, and like everything. so now i guess i’m just stuck waiting for extras.

  32. I’ve heard of it, I think my library might actually have it.
    Yeah, I know that feeling of having nothing to read. It’s like you’re empty or something awfully fat is dancing inside your head when you KNOW it is too big to even be in there. Or maybe that’s just me.

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