We (being me, Justine, Maureen Johnson, Cassandra Clare, and Theo & Holly Black) just got back from Atlanta. We all took the train down there to DragonCon, a four-day sprawl of costumed mayhem and unashamed geekery.

Rather than issue separate reports, Maureen and I have pooled our video and stills of the event. On the train back, she swiftly and skillfully edited this embarrassment of riches (of embarrassment) down to Six Minutes that Will Change Your Brain:

Note the necessary greetings to absent writing partner John Green and his brother Hank.

There are a few more photos and scraps of video that I’ll be posting later, but quite frankly this is the definitive document. It was a fabulous four days (almost a week, including a day of the Cresent Line on either side). So thanks to my pals for letting me convince them to come.

And special thanks to the folk of the Con who make such fantastic and creative costumes, and to all the staff of the YA thread (Bev, Suzanne, Lydia, Karen, Heather, Tara, and Mary!) who invited us, squeed us, and showed us a great time.

And one more round of applause for Maureen for making the video happen . . . and for dressing up like Wonder Woman.

88 thoughts on “DragonTrain!

  1. Oh man, I really wish I could have been there! Hope you had tons of fun! (meaning, of course, enough for the both of us) 😛

  2. ha! i like how scott has on a wearable extras mindcaster tee in one of the pictures. funny video. and finally, new post. we’d beyond run out of things to talk about on the last one

  3. that is incredible beyond all reason, and i think that maureen is quite possibly the most awesome wonder woman in the entire world!!!! love you maureen!!!! and i love the wearing of the midnighters shirt in the pics, yay for you scott. and yeah, this is made of awesome!

  4. to say im disturbed would be an understatement. but it looks like you had lots of fun! so good for you!! 😀 and tell maureen i LUV the boots. totally fawsome. i hope no one got hurt from that flying sword…. o ya and scott, were u SINGING on the train?!?!? uh id say stick to writing buddy. and no more dancing either. but then again u all seem pretty fearless. like ur totally imune to embarrassment. i’ll stop insulting you now. but very funny :D!!!!! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!

  5. o ya and i just finished reading So Yesterday and i was wondering How did Mandy end up with 2 last names??!!?? plz explain.

  6. Ha ha awesome video. I loved the sword trick, although I was scared that someone got hit at the end. I wish I had been there. It looks like so much fun.

  7. and im glad ur back, i was getting really bored with no new posts. yes that is how incredibly lame my life is.

  8. haha That’s pretty funny. But I think it’s so awesome you know Holly Black. I love her books. They’re so dark and gothish… Sad and at the same time reflective.

  9. I love that Theo lost the sword! I love the 5xl shirt! I love that Holly is so PRETTY! And I love how Justine just sidled out of that video and never appeared again! I love that ALIEN!

  10. I love that video. It’s hilarious!

    I just noticed the use of “squeed” in your blog…Do you like PotterCast (I know you like HP, so..?), or has that word just gotten out to the non-PotterCast public?

    Any way it looks really fun, and I hope I can go next time!

  11. speaking of holly black, off i go to reread my newly purchased copy of Ironside, also known as the sum of the awesomeness of Tithe and Valiant is equal to double the awesomness of the parts.

  12. great video, it got pretty intense when the old guy on the motor chair went by, but then the sword went the other way(phew). Funny too!

  13. Oh. My. God.

    The Pacman.

    The pacman is win.

    Reminds me of the time I spent my last $5 on a pacman machine at the Ballarat Train Station wating for the bus back to Melbourne after some really crappy school camp…it was the highlight of the whole thing, really.

    Yeah. Pacman. I love pacman.

  14. Ahhh! what happened to the rest of my comment up there? there was more! *panicks* guess i’ll have to write it again. *sigh*
    lol Wonderwoman! ^_^ i have the first season of that, lol. XD
    looks like u guys had fun!!!

  15. lololol. That is just about all the highlights of dragoncon. The only thing missing is where you said “parents exist so that their kids don’t end up in a YA novel”

  16. ohh Fawsome. you do have the most ahhh-mazing dance moves out there, along with maureen’s beastly skills with theo’s sword. love you all. by the way, why dont you post anything about the making of that film for John Green? even if you didnt show up till the end. e. lockhart did, and you know you want to. anyway..27 days till Extras!! WOOHOO !

  17. Thank you a million times for coming Scott! It was so great to meet you, Maureen and Justine and to see Holly and Cassie again. We had such a great time and were so glad to have y’all on panels!

    Can’t wait for Extras! Just saw the t-shirts and that is awesome!

    Hope you guys will think about coming again next year!

  18. HAHAHA! If only you had lost the bet….. I wish I could have gone. THough my being in NH and DragonCon being in Atlanta it really couldnt of happened, exspecially with school and all. Can’t wait for the extra clips.


  20. “There but for the grace of God” indeed…(though did you see the duct-tape lingerie lady? That’s what I get for walking back from the HP read-along through the Marriot at 1:00 AM…)

    Next time someone loses a bet, the conditions should include anime cosplay. It’s a surefire way to get glomped. (Trust me.)

    Thank you so much for coming, Scott! It was fantastic to meet you, if only for an hour. Hope we haven’t scared you off too terribly. 🙂

  21. Anyone know what the bet was??? And what would Scott have to do if he lost it??? Hmmmm

    Maggie: I think that they are going to start shooting for the cast in winter of 2007. That’s why it doesn’t say cast or anything like that. And then, the movie would MAYBE come out in 2009 because all of the special effects they have to do. Believe me with the special effects, it takes for EVER!! (Plus when they are shooting the movie it takes about three months)


  22. Okay, I wanna ask this with out getting made fun of…

    Who is Maureen? I see her in alot of thing sthat Scott posts, but I don’t really know who she really is?? Help?


  23. I was wondering the same thing. never heard of her.
    LOVE the pacman!!!!!!!!:P
    LOVE wonderwoman!!!!!
    LOVE the Midnighters shirt Scott-la!!!!!!
    (and was that a real sword?!?!?!?! because i wouldn’t wan’t to be within a mile of them!

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