We (being me, Justine, Maureen Johnson, Cassandra Clare, and Theo & Holly Black) just got back from Atlanta. We all took the train down there to DragonCon, a four-day sprawl of costumed mayhem and unashamed geekery.

Rather than issue separate reports, Maureen and I have pooled our video and stills of the event. On the train back, she swiftly and skillfully edited this embarrassment of riches (of embarrassment) down to Six Minutes that Will Change Your Brain:

Note the necessary greetings to absent writing partner John Green and his brother Hank.

There are a few more photos and scraps of video that I’ll be posting later, but quite frankly this is the definitive document. It was a fabulous four days (almost a week, including a day of the Cresent Line on either side). So thanks to my pals for letting me convince them to come.

And special thanks to the folk of the Con who make such fantastic and creative costumes, and to all the staff of the YA thread (Bev, Suzanne, Lydia, Karen, Heather, Tara, and Mary!) who invited us, squeed us, and showed us a great time.

And one more round of applause for Maureen for making the video happen . . . and for dressing up like Wonder Woman.

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  1. Girl at sea, Devilish, 13 lttle blue envolpes,and The Bermudez Triangle,all are books she wrote. If you click on her name in the post it tells you more though.

  2. UGGHHH!! I can’t stand my math teacher!! He gave us those stupid (no offence) suduko things to do, with out even explaining how to do them. I’ve been doing it for FIVE HOURS STRAIGHT. And I can’t get it. I’ve asked my parents, friends, and other teachers, and NO ONE can get it!! I’m SO MAD!! So, now I’m probably going to loose points on an assinment he didn’t even explain. UHHHH!!! Does anyone else think that’s SOOOOO unfair?!?!

  3. Oh, and Scott. Congrats on Peeps for winning one of Texas’ many literary awards. I have no idea which one, but I saw it in one of the book lists.. Right next to ‘Burned’ by Ellen Hopkins (VERY good book also)! And my library has nice hardcover copies of the Uglies Trilogy. Also, I was still kinda freaked when, on the back of ‘The Last Days’ where your bio was… It said Midnighters was a sequence, not a trilogy. Yeeha.


    Oh, and Kadie-wa…whats with the whole


    Thing? Explain. but even though i have no idea what it means…im gonna start doin it to!!!


  5. Oh, and Sudoku ROCKS BY THE WAY!!!
    today we had to like talk about one of the things we dislike the most in language(practice for public speaking). so i talked about my frizzy hair. and now all the guys in my class are calling me Frizzy Lizzy. and its only the second day. they are stupid!

  6. Yes, Bri-La, it really DOES SUCK!! But he was like, since none of you completed it…I can’t count it on your grade, now can I? And he was all mad and his eye was all twichy…blech. Scary.

    Lizzy-Wa…it’s my signature! 😉


  7. spooky-making. my uncle has a twitchy eye. and his name is Nelson. kind of wierd. i hate teachers who dont explain stuffs.


  8. hey ppl. does anyone hav meebo?? if u do u should check out my chatroom i made. its called “Uglies Only”. u can chat about scott and his books (behind his back hehehe…) jk. i would never say anything bad about u scott.

  9. OHMIGOSH! i started school yesterday and i haven’t even been on the computer at all since then!

    well, in reference to the video:
    ~LOVE the boots!
    ~Theo is the new Anakin
    ~Scott needs a record deal after that performance!
    ~and he should be on dancing with the stars. if he was on it, i’d actually watch the show!
    ~random character texting on their cell…hmmm…
    ~good thing i don’t eat at mcdonald’s!
    ***and last but not least***

    i once spent 45 minutes on a “medium” (level of difficulty) sudoku…and still didn’t finish. give me a word search and i’ll finish in 10 or 15, but sudoku? you lost me.

  10. things i forgot about school:

    i have to sit next to a complete idiot in global studies…he’s funny, but he talks a lot and i don’t want my grade going down because of him!

    my math teacher is duller than a rock. he laughs at his own jokes, but they aren’t funny, so no one else does, and he seems to have been a philosophy minor in college because he asks the oddest questions!

    i have to go from intensive biology, on the 1st floor of my school, all the way to studio art, on the 4th floor, in 3 minutes! yes, that’s how long we have between classes, THREE MINUTES!

  11. The twichy eye bugs me too. But the WORST part is that I have this seventh grade guy taht sits behind me, and he talks to himself. No kidding. Yesterday, he started talking to his calculater, and then today he got mad at his ERASOR. I mean, he is so weird.


  12. taylor: We only have 4 minutes, and i have to walk back and forth between the 6th grade wing, 7 grade wing, and 8th grade wing. and, if I gotta go to the bathroom or somthing, I can’t!! Any one else have that???


  13. We have a minute and a half to get to our next class. its all on one floor. i go from one end of the school, all the way to the other side, then all the way back to the front portables without air conditioning, and then back the the opposite side of the school. all in a minute and a half.
    Life stinks.
    Sudoku is a snap for me! i can do like those highest level ones in like under seven minutes!
    Dess i’m tellin ya.

    Lizzy-wa 😛

  14. Oh, so today i found out that like every girl in my class (no boys. stupid people) was either just starting Specials, or reading Peeps because they were done with Specials. So then i was like: “oh isnt Scott Westerfeld like THE best author in the WHOLE WIDE WORLD!??!?!?” and they were like: “yeah, i REALLY like his books!!!” so then i was like: there are only 2207913 seconds left until EXTRAS comes out!!!!!!” and then they were like:”And that is…” and i was like: “only the 4th UGLIES BOOK!!!!!!” and they were like “oooooohhhhhhh.” and i was like:”you guys are hopeless”
    So that was pretty much my day.

    Lizzy-wa 😛

  15. Hahaha, my friends and i are going to a scifi convention in October.
    It isn’t gonna be HALF as cool as this, but still is gonna be kickass, hopefully.

    This is freaking awesome.
    You guys are my hereos.

  16. Thank you so much for being at Dragon*Con. I really enjoyed the “Blood & Fur” panel and other YA Lit events. Having authors come down really helps to balance the con experience (adds a little cerebral squee to the general fan hysteria). Thanks again!

  17. see?! VERY different. theres the little – thingy at the beginning. and then im like OUT! and then im like 😛

    -Lizzy-wa OUT! 😛

  18. Scott and Gang,

    We were there with you! (Shy Julia in the front row and her mom) Your talk was wonderful and very inspiring listening to all of your stories. My daughter and I enjoyed it enormously although at 14 she was far too cool to express it. I want to thank you for the autograph you gave her at the talk and for making and posting the movie on your site. I forgot my camera and was very disappointed at not being able to take photos of all the wonderful costumes. Julia told me the whole story about the Princess Leia outfit and after seeing a few at the convention I can understand why Maureen made the change. It was the most fun I’ve had in years and I thank you again for being the reason we made the long trip.

  19. Alas poor Hellaware. Unfortunately enough I live there. That’s okay I agree. A reader from Hellaware who agrees! HAHA Hooray!

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