Fall Starts

The first of several autumn releases for the Uglies series arrives in stores today . . .

Yes, it’s the paperback version of Specials.

Note the new tagline for those of you who really didn’t like the old boring one!

Also, there’s a pink circle (known as a “burst” in publishing) talking about “Exclusive Content!” That refers to all the fine downloadable content at Behind the Pulse, including an e-book version of the end of Specials, with “director’s notes” by me.

Basically, I went through the last chapter and explained a bunch of stuff, like special features on a DVD. Specials was a particularly interesting book to do, because it almost ended on an entirely different note. (Wise editors intervened.)

Here’s the direct link to check out what I mean.

One other thing about the paperback: it has chapters two and three of Extras in the back. Along with this blog post, the first three chapters are now out in the wild!

Speaking of Extras, Justine was buying a big stack of Hikaru No Go at a Borders near us, and ran across this big ol’ sign:

Me and Jenna Bush. Hmm.

Completing the autumnal roll-outs will be the boxed set of the trilogy, available in the US on October 23.

Pre-order it here.

90 thoughts on “Fall Starts

  1. kewl! i was just at Barnes and Noble last weekend and i saw the paperback Special and i was like, “kool! i wonder why Scott hasn’t blogged about it…” then i got on and saw this post 🙂
    Justine likes manga? fawesome!


  2. Kenina: Not if I get there first, sis.


    …Too bad the nearest bookstore is a half hour away and I have too much math homework.

    Well, the new chapters out is a great reason to party. *turns on techno music*

  3. happy and sad, i felt so special with my extras sampler and now I dont. 🙁
    I did find out I could skip school for the book signing if I had good grades. what are the times and place?(I am going to the chicago one)

  4. AHH!! I love it all!! Especiall the new tagline (is taht what they are called) LOVE IT!! But who’s the other author? I’ve never heard of her before, but her book looks good! I think taht i’m going to have to get the boxed set of the uglies!!! Can’t wait!!


  5. i think barnes & noble and borders had better brace themselves for a stampede of crazed westerfeld fans. although i think i’m gonna wait for the boxed set, just because then i get all three in paperback PLUS an AWESOME CASE!!! and i’ll get extras, too, but that doesn’t have a boxed set yet 🙁

  6. That is exactly why I don’t get boxed sets until like 5 years after the last book was published. Maureen finally blogged about the making of John’s Birthday video,

  7. lacy: the site’s set in australian time, which is 15 hours ahead of US EST, 16 hours ahead of US Central, and so on. and win what? the contest is on hiatus until further notice.

  8. IM TOTALLY GONNA “RESERVE” A COPY AT BORDERS! that way i will make sure i get that one as soon as possible and actually get it. ive already ordered two online, but they shouldn’t arrive til around three…i think. then i’ll have TWO EXTRAS! (he he. double meening. EXTRAS the book(and world wide holiday)and extras as in…well extras.) going to borders today after school to get a copy of Specials two! paperback with (says in really bad announcer impersonation) EXCLUSIVE CONTENT! oh yeah…uh huh…oh yeah…uh huh…*does happy dance…you dont want to no*

    -Lizzy-wa OUT! 😛

  9. that’s not exactly possible…at least as far as i know.

    but no one’s gonna stalk you—except maybe Lizzy-wa—i promise! there’s probably a million “lacy”s in the US…or Canada…or whereever you’re coming to us from lol!

  10. oh and i meant not possible to remove your name, not that it’s not possible to reserve a copy at borders, which i’m sure is completely possible

  11. you make me ouching…on the inside. i am NOT a stalker! slightly crazy but not THAT crazy! don’t worry Lacy-wa *cough cough* i mean Avid-la. i wont stalk you. i cant…i live on a privet island. my dad invented post-it notes and now we’re rich! no im just kiddin. i live just like everybody else…in the janitors closet across from the bathroom. no seriously. i live in USA! USA! USAAAAAAA! as a normal everyday slightly crazy Scott Westerfeld worshiper with really crazy Scott Westerfeld worshipping friends! you Avid-la(is it Avid-la or Avid-wa?)are now one of those friends.

    -Lizzy-wa OUT! 😛

  12. and if you still think i’m crazy…take a look in the mirror…are your nails all the same color, is your hair all the same color, are both your shoes the same. then i’m not losin’ it. your just REALLY BORING.

    -Lizzy-wa OUT! 😛

  13. kidding, kidding…like i am right now

    WE’RE the really crazy ones? whatever you say…*backs away as lizzy-wa screams “USAAAAAAA!”*

    paint always comes off my nails within 30 minutes of putting it on because i’m so ADHD that i can’t stop myself from touching something while they’re still drying, i’d put dark brown lowlights in my hair but my parent’s won’t let me, and—while my shoes may match—i own massive amounts of converse and vans slip-ons because i’m OCD. i don’t consider myself normal, and i most certainly don’t consider myself boring.

  14. AHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!! I SO CANT WAIT!!!!!!! I am gonna MAKE my mom take me to B&N right after my violin lesson. i’ll walk if i have to! i really want to buy specials and pretties (i already hav uglies) before extras comes out. and of course i want to reserve a copy (if i hav enuf $ that is…) OMG I SO CANT WAIT!!!!!

    my finger nail are all the same color because im 2 lazy to paint them and i can never stay inside the lines. my hair has kinda natural blonde highlights, but i really want some pink or purple streaks. my mom says i can get them someday but with her u never no… and although my shoes match, they are both pretty pink converse high tops and if i could i would hav converse every color of the rainbow. do u hav hightops scott????? u should!!

  15. YEAH FOR AMY-LA! i understand Taylor. kind of. i asked my teacher today if i was funny because my friend kept saying i wasnt(because i always laugh at things that arent funny and slap my leg like a wierdo)and guess what my teacher said?!:”no Lizzy, you’re just wierd.” that meens 85% of my teachers have called me wierd. everybody also thinks its wierd that i always spell wierd wrong. even on the WASL. i missed a point on the WASL just because we had to write about our favorite person. i chose Scott-la of course and i used the word wierd about 20 billion times. so i missed a point on cups(s stands for spelling). oh shoot! um…i didnt do the WASL cause i live in washington. just cause i felt like it.

    -Lizzy-wa OUT! 😛

  16. Bri-la…it said: “the final volume in the highly acclaimed UGLIES trilogy” boooorrrriiiing!

    -Lizzy-wa OUT! 😛

  17. i hope you saw the “kidding” part lizzy-wa.

    people say i’m weird because i’m freakishly good at spelling! i’m currently the regional champ, but i couldn’t go on to the Scripps one because the one in my area isn’t “affiliated” with that. and i’m still mad when i think about it. even though i’d never win the nationals, it’d be a great story to tell!

    and i don’t have high tops bri-la, but i have a bunch of slip-ons! one pair has all these sheep on them and one sheep is black. get it? yes i laugh at these things…

  18. i own a pair of high-tops. but ive only ever worn them once. they were a gift. ones hot pink and the others black. a gift from my friend. i never wear the same shoes. unless it is COMPLETELY neccesary. like for a violin concert or something. they are now super glued to my ceiling along with a note saying “dont do this again Lizzy”. my friend added the note. it was rather interesting. got the idea form David. didnt work too well. lasted about five minutes when i started blacking out from dizzy-making-ness. i fell. luckily i landed on my bed…on my head…kinda hurt. but the experience of a lifetime! the shoes amazingly stuck to the ceiling.
    and Taylor…i forgive and forget and frosting.

    -Lizzy-wa OUT! 😛

  19. Aw I already have Specials in paperback that I got a while ago, but it doesn’t have anything special. Oh well, I can wait to get Extras. I’m going the weekend after it comes out. I’m so excited. 😀

  20. people say im weird because… if you saw me at schoo, you would know. in the locker room, there is showers that nobody uses. i go in there and scream EEEEECCCCCCCOOOOOOO! i also say shun th non-beleivers! shhhhuuuunnnnn! SHHHHHHHUUUUUUUUUUUNNNNNNNNNNN!(you on youtube and watch charlie the unicorn)

  21. ok, and if you saw my other comment, i forget to type letters. (i said schoo instead of school, i said th instead of the, and the last sentence in the parenthese doesnt make sence. it was suppost to say “go on youtube and watch charlie the unicorn” also, watch the high version of charlie the unicorn

  22. Ahhhhhhh! I just emitted a high-pitched girly shriek!

    …OHMYGOSH I’m so excited. I think I’ve read the end of Specials over 15 times, so I’ve been long awaiting Extras…so close!
    Chapter 2 and 3… awesome. I’m gonna go read it… eventually. =]


  23. I just read the author comments on the last chapter of Specials. That was really cool!
    Will we ever find out how David got his scar???? I was so hoping you were going to tell us there, but nope!

    I wonder if that was sarcasm about the ‘cake’ thing…

  24. Oh, that is so fawesome!!!! I already have specials in hardback, but I think I’m going to have to get it just for the new tagline! (and for chapters 2 and 3 of extras; I don’t think I can wait for october 2 to read more!)
    Although, I wish I could just buy a box to put my books in cuz I already have uglies and pretties in paperback! and it’s such a prett box!

  25. well they’re coming a lot slower than they were when the first comment contest was on though, right hillary!?

    whoa, but i remember when there were over 1000 comments on the—how ironic!—1000 Sk8ers post.

  26. edit: make that exactly 1115 comments on the 1000 Sk8rs post.

    god, i think i just had an avril lavigne moment…*runs to ipod speakers and blasts goo goo dolls*

  27. Amy-la’s a clicker! sorry expression from my math class. when people suddenly get things they’ve been like totally not understanding we say they’re “clickers.” no the teacher didn’t come up with that, we just started doing it sometime last year. odd, i know.

  28. yeah, see the thing with all those comments is that it’s just a hand full of Scott’s most dedicated fans chatting with other Westerfeld fans all over the world. Not 1115 different people.

  29. Umm, I clicked on the comment link, and it…pinged at me. Does it always do this, is my computer illegally pinging?

  30. ping! hi ping-la. hehe.
    did nobody notice that i said i actually tried to stand upside down on the ceiling using new hightops and it worked! until i fell. soft landing tho. i piled my entire collection of stuffed items on bed.

    -Lizzy-wa OUT! 😛

  31. did u really? i didn’t know it was possible. Plus i never thought about trying, except about a thousand times when I was little( u know like a secret spy agent)Okay maybe I still think about it, but just a little bit
    Admit secret spy agents are pretty fool.

    My friend’s mom has neon orange converse they are so bright. I have some too but, their not neon orange.

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