Final Schedule

At long last, here are the public appearances I’ll be doing for the next three weeks.

Tuesday, Oct 2
123 West Jefferson Ave
Naperville, IL 60540
In-store reading/signing

Wednesday, Oct 3
Barnes & Noble
55 Old Orchard Center
Skokie, IL 60077
In-store reading/signing

Thursday, Oct 4
Harry Schwartz Books
10976 North Port Washington Road
Mequon, WI 53092
In-store reading and signing

Monday, Oct 8
Copperfield’s Books Petaluma
140 Kentucky Street
Petaluma, CA 94952
In-store reading & signing

Tuesday, Oct 9
Books Inc.
Opera Plaza
601 Van Ness Ave.
San Francisco, CA 94102
In-store reading & signing with Justine.
The “Not Your Mother’s Book Club” will be attending!

Wednesday, Oct 10
1378 Lincoln Ave
San Jose, CA 95125
School event followed by in-store reading/signing

Thursday, Oct 11
Shorecrest Performing Arts Center
15343 25th Avenue NE
Shoreline, WA 98155
Books will be sold by Third Place Books
Public presentation and signing.

Friday, Oct 12
Edmonds Branch Library
650 Main St.
Edmonds, WA 98020
Books will be sold onsite by Barnes & Noble

Monday, Oct 15
Joseph-Beth Booksellers
161 Lexington Green Circle
Lexington, KY 40503

I’m looking forward to seeing everyone who can make it!

Update: There will be more appearances after these, mostly in the NYC area (as far away as Fairfield, CT). Watch this space for details!

242 thoughts on “Final Schedule

  1. Curses!! NO TX appearances. 🙁 Wish I could get my book signed. 🙂 I feel like emotie-ing!! 🙁 🙂 🙁 🙂 🙁 🙂 o_0 0_o o_0 0_o

  2. LOVED THE HEROES PREMIERE!!!!FAWESOME!!!!yes, i know it ended almost an hour ago, but whatever. it was still fawesome.

    i’m so glad i don’t have to miss class now, i would have though, who needs to go to college classes where you can meet a real life author!!!

    hip hip!

    someone said somthing about tickets… do you have to buy them? Or do you just show up… hmmm

  4. its so happy-making you finally put this up i kinda knew it from teh simon and schuster or behind the pulse thing for apperances and my parents have already said yes… THANK YOU WISCONSIN!!!!!! thats way closer than chicago or anywhere else so thankyou!!!! on october 4th already circled with no room to add anything else to that day is go to mequon to see scott 🙂 please excuse the super happy person writing this if she freaks you out over enthusiasm 🙂

  5. i just realized that your reading to us!!! 🙂 how bubbly 🙂 ya super hyper just got back from a speech club adn its 11 pm i have to drive farther to speech than to see scott 🙂

  6. Note to self: Stop watching the season premieres of shows you haven’t see the entire first season of!
    I watched Heroes last night, and was totally lost. I need the 1st season on DVD. I love how almost every show comes out on DVD now…especially Gilmore Girls, since they freakin’ canceled it! But, no matter. I have all the seasons on DVD *evil laugh*

    I can’t wait for the House premiere either! That’s one of my favorite shows. One of the bajillion.

    That’s a good idea, going as a Special for Halloween. I still don’t know what I’m going to be. I was thinking of going as the Grim Reaper, but everyone says that’s too depressing.
    I know tons of people that are going as Hannah Montana. (I love that show, and yes, I watch Disney Channel way more than any 9th grader in their right mind should, but how do people not recognize her? SHE’S GOT THE SAME FACE! I mean, hello! That annoys me how no one can see that she’s Miley when she wears the Hannah wig.
    -ahem- OKay, I’m better now.)


    -Lizzy-wa OUT! 😛

  8. kheidi-la!!!! We’re going on the same day!!!

    You live near Mequon??? I’m about 25 minutes away!
    It’ll be so weird to see you there, haha! But yeup, I’ll be there!!

    By the way, I’m sorry to all of you who don’t get to see Scott…I was actually shocked to see his appearance near me, Mequon is totally random…
    You’ll all get to see him one day!

  9. i bought the first season of heroes. even though i saw them all. because i’m a loser.

    and i’m going as melissa for halloween. it seems i will be surrounded by a crowd of specials, from the looks of things

  10. GO MEQUON!!!! wooo ok ya still excited … and i finally finished reading all teh postings… wow and go Haili and lucky you only having to drive 25 min i have to drive well umm appleton to there is well longer than that so ya…

    house is on to tonight!!!????!!! omg ive been so brain missing… thanks for the reminder and i love heros just couldnt see it cuz of speech… sigh

  11. u can watch em on the internet. which is what i’m gonna do as soon as i get home, cuz i’m a heroes freak. go to, they’re right there on the heroes page. with the new online graphic novel….hey. forgot about that. going to search for that now.

  12. not sure if you were talking to me serafina zane but thanks for the info anyway gonna do that… hope dial up wont take forever…

    do we have to buy tickets, is there a limit to how many things we get signed? like can i get more than just one book signed? adn if i cant sercurity will have to take me out… hmm… pictures are a must ummm… ya know im rambling …. crazed fans super happy at meeting scott maybe not such a great combo for scott but ya me!!! lol

  13. Hey, if we start, like, a petition, then will you be able to come to DC? For some reason no one ever comes to MD, cept for the Nat’l Book Festival. Maybe you could do the book festival next year, even!

    Though actually, I shouldn’t be talking. I have permission to take the train to NYC to see one author a year!

  14. i kinda noticed this a while ago but what the heck im bringing it up did anyone ever notice that in the uglies cover you can see a person probably the photographer in the model’s eyes… just thought i would mention it … cuz well really bored

  15. i kinda noticed this a while ago but what the heck im bringing it up did anyone ever notice that in the uglies cover you can see a person probably the photographer in the model’s eyes… just thought i would mention it … cuz well idk just cuz

  16. To double post…Taylor, have the Jonas brothers finished their school tours? Because they, er, plague- GIFTED us with their free concert, and I’m sure that you could try to get one too! Though actually, they’ve improved greatly now that they’ve been thoroughly watered down to something more mainstream-ish (and that the little kid’s voice has started changing, and he’s learned where the notes are and how to hit them!) I kinda like them now too, actually. So no offense, I hope.

  17. woah thats wierd… i double posted at the exact same time and its the same post ha ha computer must of done something… oh well… he he sry ppls

  18. haha BEAUTIFUL save there, bethany. and i think they have, because there’s nothing on their site about it, just a few state fair shows and then the hannah montana tour.

    i reallyreallyREALLY don’t like her. And that’s okay, i don’t like nick (i think that’s the youngest one’s name. or is it joe?) that much anyway. he isn’t that good even though his voice changed!

    and none taken! to quote my mom: “we all like different things. that’s what makes us special!”

  19. My cat thinks that she’s a dog. She’s licking my hand. It’s really weird.

    And Scott, do you think that you will come to MN somtime? You should go to the Twin Cities…they are pretty famous!! And then I would get to see you!! YAY!!


    P.S. Lizzy-Wa, you seem to be stealing alot of my things and I don’t really explode. When people have a good idea, they share it, and some people like it so they take it. But that’s against the law if you copywrite it. Kiddin, lol!! 🙂

  20. maybe that’s what your cat should be for halloween!

    ooh, if it’s black (like one of the kittens, maybe?) it could be like the psycho-kitty from midnighters!!!

    of course, it’d need indigo-colored contact lenses.

  21. hmmmm…. maybe i should copyright the Special costume then…. jk. u know lizzy wa they say great minds think alike. and it will be cool knowin that somewhere out there there is another special on halloween. and ur costume will probly be way better than mine. i researched “black contacts” and to get one pair would be like $100!!!!!!! so im gonna be a rare special with blue eyes. and knowing my mom she’ll probly make me wear a coat. not to mention most ppl probly wont know what i am. o well. lizzy wa u and i should both send in pics of our costumes so we can compare. CANT WAIT UNTIL OCTOBER SECOND!!!!!!! (seeing scott and extras! its like a dream!)

  22. ya kadie wa that would be totally cool if ur cat was psyco kitty for halloween. and u could be a midnighters character! i know!!! we could have a contest!! we could all make totally sweet costumes based on Scott’s books and see whose is the best… but i would probly lose. it would be cool to see all the different costumes tho.

  23. i’m gonna put my hat in the ring and say that i’m gonna be a special. i’ve been planning it for awhile now, so it’s not like i just decided now or anything to copy you guys. but once lizzy-wa blew up i feared for my life and didn’t tell. and before that i thought you guys would be mad.

    but yeah, i have most of my costume figured out. i found these really cool tattoo things, and i figure i’ll get some of those little stick-on plastic jewel things as accents for the tattoos. and i’m not totally sure how i’ll do the cuts on my arms, i figure i’ll just use some of that red halloween vampire make-up.

  24. NOT WORKING!!! bri-la, come baaaaack!

    i sound like a sheep.

    last try: (this won’t work out for me)

    nvm,i don’t want to embarrass myself any further.

  25. I think, if you hurry, you can still sign up for the Southern Book Festival in Nashville, TN. You know you want to come! (I know I could just go to the reading/signing in KY, but that is too far away for a school night!)

  26. god so excited i got my extras copy today i can’t wait 2 read so i’ll make this short love u scott 4 such lovely books adios.

  27. WHAT?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?! *jaw clatters to floor*


    scott, quick—call your publisher! some location on this earth is selling copies of extras EARLY!!!

    (6 days 5 hours and 53 minutes early, to be exact—i don’t do seconds)

  28. Scott, I am looking forward to seeing you in Shoreline on the 11th. It is too bad that we couldn’t have you at SPL, but it looks like you will be busy when you are here.

    It constantly amazes me how popular your blog is. We are starting a new teen blog at our library and I only hope we can make it half as interesting to teens in our area as yours is to the world.

  29. UGH!!! internet ate my post!! TWICE!!!
    and it was a really long one.
    maybe it got angry cuz i tried to link stuff.

    moral of missing post–West, the new guy from Heroes reminds me of Jonathan Martinez. yes, they’re differences like appearence, way powers work, general mythology, and losta other stuff, but he has some very jonathan musings in the online novel.

    check it out. linking seems to be bad, so just go to, then click on Shows–Heroes, and then there’s a link to the online novel from there.

    and what’s this about early copies???????

    and this blog does get a million comments. but most of them are unrelated to the post. like this one, for instance….

  30. omg…i just remembered another premiere i have to see that’s coming out this week…


    i know it’s not nearly as exciting as heroes—nothing can beat that!—but it is hilarious. i need a funny show to spice up my serious TV schedule lol

  31. that’s this week? interesting. might have trouble seeing it as my mom has taken a solemn vow not to watch grey’s anatomy ever again.

    *still sad-making from febuary lost premiere*

  32. I am going to put a different color coat on my cat and put a little tounge on her so she will look like a dog. Lol kidding, but I’ll have to put the special contacs on hold. Kiddin again!

    Where are they selling them early? Noughty noughty!!!


    B) Is that how you do it?

  33. Darn. Well guess I’m done. OU OU OU!! I have a funny story.

    I got an email from my friend and it looked like this :(((((((((((((((((((((((((((((
    And I didn’t even read what she said, I just responded “Wow, were you trying to make a sumo smiley?” And she laughed her head off. She’s in surgery now getting it put back on. Jk jk. but it ended up that she was sumo sad bc her boyfriend dumped her, and the sumo cheered her up. So to everyone…

    Kadie-Wa :)))))))))))))))))))))))

  34. Just now posting bout the Heroes premiere Totally loved it.
    Totally knew West was “Different” (or an alien lol) (p.s. think he’s her brother, u know, whole flying thing…)
    Totally can’t wait for next week!!!

    BTW, anyone know why Claire is obsessively hurting herself? Just cuz she can heal, doesn’t mean she should. Guess it’s just a way for the producers to show off their fawesome special effects.

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