So Yesterday in Brazil

International Cover Month concludes with the brazillionth version of So Yesterday. (Okay, there haven’t really been a brazillion yet, but this one is from Brazil.)

The paper doll theme is brilliant, and you can really appreciate the concept when you fold out the entire jacket—front, back, spine, and flaps:

But what’s really fun is the webcard for the cover. I dare you not to giggle while watching that.

Oh, and here’s the publisher’s site for all you Portuguese speakers.

I’m pretty sure that tao ontem means “so yesterday” in Portuguese, so it’s one of the rare direct translations of the title. I wonder if it means the same thing in Brazil.

Okay, no more furrin’ covers for a while. I’m going to be blogging about Extras pretty obsessively for the next 23 days, which is how long till Book 4 comes out.

Next week, I’ll be unveiling the Extras Countdown Timer!

76 thoughts on “So Yesterday in Brazil

  1. I love that webcard! There’s such random stuff in there! I’m so glad that So Yesterday is finally getting around the world; it’s popularity is growing! muahaha!

  2. Today, Brazil. Tomorow, the world.
    The webcard is amazing. And I love the cover. It’s so cute.
    Can’t wait for the obsessive Extras blogging.

  3. thats a pretty wicked sweet cover!!! and i cant wait for Extras to come out!! i already pre-ordered!!! and i have already started my Extras countdown *giggle* *giggle*

  4. i have a volleyball game the day extras comes out.

    P.S. i am uploading a video on youtube that has to do with scott’s books. once it is done, i will put the link on my name

  5. I did giggle, it was so weird.
    My friends are about to strangle me because every day I tell them how many days, hours, minutes, secinds until EXTRAS comes out and you go to Chicago and also put in a quote.
    Can you make a diagram of Jen’s laces (6 holes on each side. 12 :{ total)

  6. hehe!
    Scott-la…where have you been. like ten peeps have already posted count down sites, and like ten other peeps are telling everybody how long. like me!:

    Only 1968083 Seconds Til EXTRAS!!!
    (thats a multiple of 13…just sayin)

    But i do love the cover and webcard!
    still havent read it yet. but i will!

    -Lizzy-wa OUT! 😛

  7. wow…and i was a bit confused once i stopped laughing at that webcard….at first i thought they were both guys until they put one in a skirt…sad i know.
    i probably shoulda figured it out when one was in a bra but i’m slow like that.

    and i’m going to see The Lion King in NYC the day before my birthday (nov 12)!!! and then on December 5th, i’m going to see Wicked in NYC with my school’s chorus! i sound completely ADHD, but come on, WICKED! BEST MUSICAL EVER!!!

    and scott, do you know the dates you’ll be in New York yet?

    amy-la upload your video soon i want to see it! i’m gonna go take some ritalin now…jk i’m just naturally hyper

  8. scheeshz! there are a lot of nov. b-days on here. im nov. 29.

    hey so you no how Specials comes out in paperback sept. 11? well thats my moms b-day. so im gonna get it for her(even though she still hasnt read Uglies or Pretties…and doesnt really want two) and then i’ll just borrow it all the time…maybe keep it in my room. you no…just to save her some space. 😉

    -Lizzy-wa OUT! 😛

  9. OMG!!! CANT WAIT FOR EXTRAS!!! Im rereading uglies, pretties and specials to help pass the time. SO EXCITED!!

    SWEET cover scott. i watched the whole webcard without giggling. but it was hard. HI-LARIOUS! i luv.

    CANT WAIT!!!! 23 days. thats how many seconds…? lets see… calculator says 1987200 (multiple of thirteen!)…1987199….1987189…1987197…… O my word i m SOOOO EXCITED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  10. i couldnt help but laugh. they put a kilt skirty thingy on the guy.

    so my little brother and sister just went fishing with my dad. and they only caught one fish. but then my stupid little sister goes and NAMES it! i’ll be eating TOM for dinner. i hate it when she names the fish. its like eating a homeless puppy. ok not THAT bad but still. i think i’ll just eat cereal.

    ewwwwwwwww they’re cleaning it now! i would tell you guys more but i HATE looking at blood!

    -Lizzy-wa OUT! 🙁

  11. ewwwwwwwww. fishy. poor tom. i can never catch anything when i go fishing. actually i never go fishing because it is so incredibly BORING!!!! ;P
    i hate blood 2 *shudders*

  12. Wow, love the whole paper dolls concept for a cover. Reminds me of the good old days playing with paper dolls as a little kid. 😉

    Can’t believe there’re only 23 days left–so exciting. Can’t wait! (It helps quench the thirst that the next blog entries will be obesseively related to Extras =D

    Ooh, Extras Countdown Timer… sounds brilliant!

  13. Just saying, Extras has me salivating. I really hope you make an appearance in NY. I need to get my packet and the actual book signed.

  14. im soooooooooo going to go to see Scott-la in Seattle! im gonna have him sign my t-shirt and book and im gonna take a picture with him.

    -Lizzy-wa OUT! 😛

  15. the paper doll thing is actually really cool. i think that’s my fav so yesterday cover.

    and i CAN’T WAIT FOR EXTRAS!!! can’t believe it’s only 23 days!! also can’t wait for obsessive extras blogging. i’m one of those obsessive losers who reads and writes a lot and loves to hear authors talk all about thier books.

    and lizzy-wa, donnie darko is a movie. no, i haven’t seen it, but it has nothing to do with the books.

    EXTRAS!!! i’m too lazy to have a countdown for extras. though, obsessively, i do have one for City of Ashes, and that doesn’t come out til april. 234 daysish, i think.

  16. I like the cover too. The paper doll theme is fool.

    Extras, can’t wait. yaaaaaaaaay and can’t wait for obsessive Extras blogging.

  17. I don’t really like it. I think our cover for it was a thousand times fawesomer. with all the little pictures

  18. nah. i like theres better. i REALLY like the german UGLIES books. theyre sooooo fool! i wonder what there gonna do for EXTAS. Less Than 2 mill seconds left! woooo!

    -Lizzy-wa OUT! 😛

  19. Yes! Obsessive blogging about Extras!

    I agree. I like our little pictures more than the paper dolls. But hey, for the bazillionth So Yesterday translation! Congrats! You deserved it.

  20. I just realized that there’s a kilt on the cover of Brazilian So Yesterday. I dunno if any of us will live to see the day kilts are ‘in style’. Or is fashion really REALLY different in Brazil? I’d like to see a high school where all the hip guys are wearing kilts. It’d be pretty funny.
    I just love the cover, though. Not many foreign versions of So Yesterday have been very orignial, have they?

  21. lol if i could figure out what the insturctions said i would send that to all my friends ..oo i can’t wait for the Extras timer!!!!!

  22. seriously, i am so excited for extras, i can’t even contain myself. i’m going to have a reading marathon here pretty soon and read all three books in a couple days to get refreshed just in time for book no. 4. wow. i’m excited

  23. Haha! That webcard is entertaining! 🙂
    And I’ve had a countdown for Extras on my myspace page for months now! I totally beat you!

  24. i love house NOW, after kadie-wa’s been doing it for like 2 and 1/2 months, scott decides he’ll put up an extras countdown.

    lol maybe scott DOES read the comments!

  25. Kailyx-la…so funny! yes then guys would have to start shaving there legs. or wearing tites! hehe!!!!!!
    hey! i’ve been doing the countdown two! down to the second. Kadie-wa only does it down to the day. although it IS pretty cool how she does the whole…month, day, hour, minute, second…thingy. and she HAS been doing it for longer than me. but thats ONLY because i just started on here like a month ago. i dont now HOW i lived without u guys. ur soooo much funnier than my friends at school.

    -Lizzy-wa OUT! 😛

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