Alice, Michael, and Moi

Spent the morning at breakfast with Alice Walker! (Littlies: she wrote the Pulitzer Prize-winning The Color Purple back in 1982.) Me, her, and the exceedingly charming Michael Hoeye were featured at a children’s author breakfast for the Northern California Independent Booksellers Association.

Alice Walker, despite her vastly higher face rank, graciously spent much of her speech responding to what Michael and I had said. Regarding Uglies, she talked about being in South Korea recently, and being disturbed by how many women there were getting cosmetic surgery to make their eyes more western-looking.

Then she read from her new picture book, which was eloquent and beautifully illustrated. At the signing afterward, we swapped signed books!

I have proof:

Then Justine and I headed across the . . .


to San Francisco!

For a couple of earlier tour photos, check out this post on Justine’s blog, from one of our first events (in which I look like a dorky school teacher), and this one from a walk around Jack London Square (in which I look like a crazy person).

250 thoughts on “Alice, Michael, and Moi

  1. David is sooooo much better

    Also, I have a question: when it says “mail”, does it mean email or real mail address?

  2. Ha, you totally look like you are doing a Nazi salute-very bad.

    and..David all the way! He’s way better. Zane is gay!


    and speaking of CHANGING. Zane never liked Tally as an ugly cuz dude, he never MET her as an ugly. never had the chance.
    and unlike David, who FREAKED OUT the first time he saw Tally as a pretty, Zane was accepting of Tally when she was special. he was all cool with her icy new surge and looked BEYOND APPEARENCES because he LOVED HER FOR WHO SHE WAS.

    and zane is just so awesome, he burns up the pages. the book would catch fire if he didn’t leave.

    and i have nothing against David. He was a cool first crush-kiss. but Zane, Zane is the boy you stay with. Still, now that Zane is *weep* gone, i don’t mind if Tally ends up with David. After an appropriate 3 years of mourning, that is.

    is that u, LJ?

  4. ZANE IS AWESOME. i have nothing against David, but dude, you Team David people are pushing me to the edge. don’t make me start talking about how FICKLE he was because he totally went all FLAKY and DUMPED SHAY FOR TALLY, even when Tally didn’t like him that much yet. at least Zane was devoted. he stayed WITH her through two surgeries and multiple betrayals. more than can be said for wild-boy.

  5. o srry i havent gtton to atlk to steph-la ive been busy see you at scdhool o and i see ur hveing fun lol

  6. hooray for the bay bridge!
    except when theres major traffic, thats kinda lame…

    but sooooooooo excited about tomorrow!!!


  7. *retyping post lost in cyberspace*
    i agree with the final desicion. Zane is just better. Sorry, but Deal With It. Good Night.

  8. *cough cough* excuse me Co-Prez-la, but your wrong. when did Tally ever betray Zane? maybe when she puked when they kissed, but thats not even her fault.
    David barely hesitated when he met her PRETTY self. and he was cool with the whole SPECIAL thing two. plus, she betrayed him like five times in every book! and he STILL loves her in the end! thats love man. thats love.

    -Lizzy-wa OUT! 😛

  9. No, the arrows weren’t going to kill her. Plus, David didn’t even shoot the arrows.

    I will ask this question again: When it asks for your mail, does it mean email or real mail address?

  10. hmm not sure if you ppl will still this blog since blog on fog is up but w/e i rule my own world so im gonna post in this blog … ok srsly zane vs david you have your point with like totally flakiness towards shay it was like oo better fish to fry kinda thing, but zane was like o ive been here (pleasure gardens) alot and how do you think ive gotten the info on other pretties (and come on if you do the math zane is only a few months older than tally) o and david haas always been trying to save tally he wanted to save her (even if that meant leaving zane but i dont htink he would have minded) and when she was special he was trying tho stun tally to fix her …. o random thought in uglies jumping off of garbo mansion she is taller than standard pretty height and she is shorter than david but in pretties she is taller than david so she got even taller? hmm …. it was sad when zane died but in a way it needed to happen i mean tally needed to save the world david better match for wild than poor zane-la unless he would of got that surgery or became a cutter but w/e im done talking

  11. i think they made u taller in the operation.

    and wat r u talking about, co-prez? i didn’t say tally betrayed zane. and i do not recall any puking either.

    and i bet zane was lying to look cool when he said that stuff about the gardens and junk. that was their first date, remember.

    and here’s ttly odd—-we had a very similar david vs. zane debate in the summer, and EVERYONE was pro-zane. in fact, it wasn’t even a real debate. just sort of like, hey, everyone knows David’s better than Zane, right? and they were all like yeah.

    just come on, aknowledge it. zane is better. the zane people aren’t attacking anyone. it’s all the insecure david fans who deep down know zane is better and are fighting the inevitable.

  12. About the puking, I think she meant when Tally couldn’t stand kissing Zane when he was crippled. I don’t remember if she threw up or not.

  13. She didn’t throw up. She jumped into the ocean, after poking him the the thingys on the sneak suit, Also…

    DAVID IS SO BETTER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Srry just had to say that.

  14. I dont mind David i mean i liked him SOOO much at first but then i met Zane and I LOVE HIM HE ROCKS HES SO MUCH BETTER!

  15. i agree. david was cool in his time. but then zane came, and he just paled in comparison.

  16. Ah, yes, Zane. Because he’s GORGEOUS and has Rhett Butler-like CHARM. Then you have David. David, who did not need some type of surgery to find Tally beautiful. I prefer actual love to superficial lust. Sorry about that.

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