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Just got back from a signing at Copperfield’s Books that was unbelievably awesome. After our 7AM wake up call and three school appearances this morning, I thought I would be zombified by tonight. But the lovely, energetic crowd carried me through a really fun appearance.

Actually, all the signings have been so energy-making. Thanks for that.

And on the way out to Petaluma . . . the fog!


Another lovely thing: at one of my school visits, these four students had made a giant, hand-drawn Uglies cover.


It reminds me of the days before cheap oversized printers, when record stores would hire artists to paint giant album covers for their windows.

Thanks to the artists: Emily, Olivia, Victoria, and Namitha!

Tomorrow (Tuesday) night’s appearance is a very special one. For the only time on this tour, Justine is making a special command appearance alongside me:

Books Inc.
Opera Plaza
601 Van Ness Ave.
San Francisco, CA 94102

Hope to see you there.

And for more amusing reflections on the Extras tour, check out Justine’s blog.

157 thoughts on “Blog the Fog

  1. fawesome pictures i luv both of them including Haley Rae, u should keep on drawing pictures of all the characters and post them
    that would be totally happy-making


  2. faweosome fanart of shay!
    and if u do it without the spaces, they turn into the yellow ones when u post.

    and dude, eerie. just after i read this post (not in creative writing class, of course not) the teacher passed out copies of this month’s issue of Teen Ink. and check out the cover! it totally reminds me of Uglies, but peacock-y

    it’s not online yet, so i can’t show u guys it. but it’s very similar, like the half a girl’s face divided by stuff except it’s a peacock feather that looks a lot like the fern.

  3. Sent this to Westerfled vie e-mail, but does any one agree:

    To Scott Westerfeld;

    My name is Emily Gerich. I am a fifteen year old at Centaurus High School in Louisville Colorado. I sort of bought Uglies by accident one day, and fell completely in love with it.
    Pretties and Specials were equally wonderful. Tally’s world was all I talked about for weeks…no, months. I was completely obsessed with Uglies et al.
    So, when I heard that Extras was on the way, I spent half an hour writing out a count down on my calendar.

    But this is not a fan letter. )

  4. Haley Ray: That has to be the absolute best Uglies trilogy picture I have ever seen! Possibly even the best fan-art I’ve seen, outside of Elfquest. Incredibly well drawn, and it looks exactly like Shay. Great job.

  5. i know a lot of people thought extras was amazing, but im going to have to agree with Em G a little. i thought it felt rushed and everyone was so out of character. i did love the whole david thing. i just love david. and shay. even though she wasnt herself.

  6. oh and i know that might have been a little bitt spoiler-ish, but anyone who hasnt read extras yet is kidding themselves. go buy the book.

  7. GUYS GIRLS w\e, what is wrong with you? scott-la did a great job on the book i thouht there was a great amount of twist and turns that kept you thinking and you always had to change your idea because it would turn out to be false! i thught it was great! Your wonderful Scott-la, dont listen to them they only diss you because there jeleaus of you AWESOME writeing skills!!

  8. no..i still think the book was absolutelly ahhh-mazing but i still think tally could be better written. and the extras caught me completly off guard, and it was a little obvious sort of if you think about it adn the other books. but dont get me wrong- it was still totally happy-making scott-la.

  9. emmm hello.. i would be commenting, but i m *supposed* to be writing a paragraph on why i would like to research egypt for my english teacher. so i guess im ..not comenting..

  10. like i say all the time i dont mind david i think hes really nice and sweet and kind but i deffinitaly like zane better

  11. i dont no y i just love the way his personality is set there are both really romantic and i love that and sensitive which is cool to but i seem to be more attrackted to Zane

  12. i have a rule for the endings:
    La-hav read uglies or midnighters series
    wa-have read uglies or midnighters series
    chan-have read both uglies and midnightters series
    sensei-have read all scotts books

  13. Okay guys girls w\e im getttin kinda bored so im gonna go make a powerpoint about why i love scott westerfeld and his books

  14. Haley: sorry for being all teh nervous-making flattery but u kno what i think you got tons more flattery from others now then just me so buah to you too 😛

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