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Just got back from a signing at Copperfield’s Books that was unbelievably awesome. After our 7AM wake up call and three school appearances this morning, I thought I would be zombified by tonight. But the lovely, energetic crowd carried me through a really fun appearance.

Actually, all the signings have been so energy-making. Thanks for that.

And on the way out to Petaluma . . . the fog!


Another lovely thing: at one of my school visits, these four students had made a giant, hand-drawn Uglies cover.


It reminds me of the days before cheap oversized printers, when record stores would hire artists to paint giant album covers for their windows.

Thanks to the artists: Emily, Olivia, Victoria, and Namitha!

Tomorrow (Tuesday) night’s appearance is a very special one. For the only time on this tour, Justine is making a special command appearance alongside me:

Books Inc.
Opera Plaza
601 Van Ness Ave.
San Francisco, CA 94102

Hope to see you there.

And for more amusing reflections on the Extras tour, check out Justine’s blog.

157 thoughts on “Blog the Fog

  1. GUESS WHAT PPLS! I update my blog and it is now pack even more full of Westerfeld-y goodness. so check it out!! (by clicking on my name) (u 2 scott-la, theres a fawesome pic of u on there)

  2. ok i soooooooooooooooooo love scott-la
    his books rock
    ok i have only read the uglies “trilogy”
    but still it toadly rocks

  3. i have to say i disagree with you, extras-haters.
    first i have to disclaim. the uglies trilogy have never been my favorites of the books, but i think they’re still great.
    but i think extras is totally different than the uglies trilogy. it’s like how a lot of people waiting for a second peeps didn’t like the last days.
    you have take extras as extras and the last days as the last days. they’re their own books.
    i was sort of iffy about the “aliens” concept, but u pulled it off, scott-la.
    and of course aya was shallow. but she was obviously intendend to be. and even she knew it. i have to say i liked aya, but that doesn’t mean she’s in any way a good person.
    i think books like that can never live up to your expectations when you build them up that much. but personally, i think extras was a fawesome, but seperate, addition to the uglies world.
    as a story with different protags about a darkling werewolf would be to the midnighters world…..

  4. and no, i do not like david better. zane is just infinitly fawesomer. he just IS. live with it. don’t prolong the argument.

  5. also, as i pointed out. IT’S BEEN MULTIPLE YEARS SINCE ZANE! tally is allowed to move on. it’s not really “rushed” in my opinion. and it wasn’t even like her and david were suddenly making out. they like, walked around next to each other. that’s called gently moving on. not rushing.

    and u have to admit, look at any of tally’s actions when not in her head. that’s just how she comes off to the world. because she’s crazing. srry, but…it’s true.

  6. haha yea i guess. thats usually why i dont like when authors make their series longer than it should be- cus the next book just isnt as good as the others and it really lets you down. but i do still like david better. hes just so perfect for tally. and i dont think its just because tallys crzy, i think shes different in these books than the others..

  7. well i think that’s a big part just because it’s not narrated by her.
    and i have no problem with david as long as u david people don’t start insulting zane’s memory. he’s awesome.
    nice name, shausto.

  8. I don’t care whether it’s (don’t ask me what the ‘it’ is – I honestly don’t know) They both totally rock.

    Now, after being inspired by Haley Rae’s awesome picture, I must go draw. 🙂

  9. Oops…I just realised I never finished my sentence. here: I don’t care whether it’s (don’t ask me what the ‘it’ is – I honestly don’t know) Zane or David. They both totally rock.

  10. Hey, guys!
    Thanks for the great comments on my Shay picture 🙂
    I’d like to draw another one soon…but…who knows?
    (You can still see the picture if you scroll up and click my name when it’s orange)

  11. that is really kool i love to draw and write so i personally think that is really awsome if i was to draw the cover of one of your books it would be the specials or extras i just like those covers the best idk why but all your books are good.

  12. ooops. i’m bad with spoilers like that. well, actually, i wasn’t too bad. but still. i just avoid comments here whenever i’m behind on books.
    now i will slunk to the spoiler thread in shame.

  13. I love your Midnighters series. I miss the series though. Could you please write
    a fourth Midnighters? Jessica can’t just be stuck in the blue time! she needs to get
    back to her family and friends. Rex and Maddy need to get back to their old
    selves. Dess needs to find some one to hang with- so she will not be a fith
    wheel. Cassie and Beth need to do something with there new info. The
    darklings need to come back more viscous.The blue time needs to
    become just Bixby again! Please consider this!! Dess needs to get a new project.
    Melissa needs to be with Rex and Flyboy needs to be with Jessica!!! The Grayfoots
    need to come back!!!!!! Please don’t make it end like this!!!!

  14. Okay, it’s official. I need one of those, and I have to attach it to my house in some way. Preferably in my room, but hey, if putting it in the bathroom means I can have a humungo version of an uglies book, I’m up for anything. The hard part is making it, because I can’t draw. Humph. I’ll find a way. I WILL BE VICTORIOUS! (because I’m just cool like that)

  15. Hi! I’m an Italian girl… I’m 15… I finished today “perfetti”… It’s FANTASTIC!!!!!!!!!! 🙂 I’ve already read “brutti” and I liked it so much!
    I’ve a question: there were other books similar to “brutti” and “perfetti”???
    Thanks 😉

  16. PLZ! Make more books! I beg of u! Why not an Extras part 2? PLZ MAKE MORE BOOKS!! I WILL DIE IF U DONT (sarcasm)! I LOVE YOUR BOOKS!!!!!!!! make a new book or SOMETHING!


  18. I really love your books: UGLIES, PRETTIES, SPECIALS, EXTRAS and the last one SECRETS. But… Is SECRETS the last one? It was very interesting and I want to know more adventures about Tally, Aya or the world of UGLIES! It’s fantastic to have the Tally’s different points of view.
    Please excuse-me for my English what is not very good because I left England when I was a little girl so I don’t remember every words and I don’t know adults’ words.
    I will also thank you for the fantastic moments I had reading your books! By!

  19. Are there some differences between the pretties of Tally’s city? Are they black, or with, Indian, Asiatic…?

  20. Why did you write Jessica day being trapped in the midnight plz make more midnighters andlmake her friends find a way to free while on a new mission when she helps the new world midnighter and then have them free her. MAKE MORE MIDNIGHTER BOOKS THE ARE REALLY GOOD BETTER THEN HUNGER GAMES.

  21. Hey Scott AWESOME PIC!
    Idk if u remember me but i got a dozen signings from u at B&N in Round Rock
    Just finished Midnighters It was great
    The ending sort of was um dissapointing
    im begging u to make another midnighters book!
    If u dont know wat to write another midnighters book would be great u could make Jess get unstuck from the blue time! They could defeat the darkling king and wen they did that Jess would be freed
    Its just an idea
    U have made some of the best books ive ever read
    my fav is of course Midnighters
    But plz consider the idea of another Midnighters book!

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