Boxed Set + Dry Ice!

In my post-tour slumber, I forgot to mention that the boxed set of the Uglies trilogy came out yesterday! You can buy it for about $26, and a little over $17 at Amazon. In addition to the delicious slip cover, it includes one special feature: a glossary of ugly slang and bubble-speak written by me.

But check this out: Justine and I went up to the Bronx today and met some awesome kids from the Gear Up program. On our way back, we ran into a dry ice spill on St. Mark’s Street!


Some delivery truck had dropped a bunch of frozen carbon dioxide (aka dry ice) cubes into the gutter, setting the rain water bubbling and boiling.

People should do this sort of thing more often.

98 thoughts on “Boxed Set + Dry Ice!

  1. Am I first? Wh00t! Scott, I lovs ya. I got Extras the day it came out. It was fawesome! (fawesome = effin’ awesome.)

  2. Fourth!
    Isn’t that illegal?
    When I was little I lived near a fountain and people put laundry soap in it, so it was bubbly! (Not pretty-talk, I mean really bubbly)

  3. woah! I think I am going to buy the boxed set just to own the glossary of ugly slang and bubbly talk! Even though I already own paperpack Pretties and hardcover Specials…but the boxed set is just soo cool!!

    Dry ice! I only see that in wedding when they use it for that dreamy effects…

  4. I just notice ashley ‘s comment about the BBC news article…woah! I agree. After reading it, it’s so much like UGLIES!!! So this might really really come true! OMG!

  5. Okay, that dry ice thing is cool.

    We did that in my class last month, but instead of the side of the road we did the ‘activity’ in the trailer. Hehehehehehhe.. it was pretty catastrophic but verrry cool!
    Uh, icy!


  6. sweet! Are you gonna write a 5th uglies book in Tally’s POV? (Nudge, nudge, hint hint) please???? Oh and any info on auditioning for Tally in the Uglies movie? Thanks

  7. totally kick dry ice! i once saw that stuff at a homeschool expo thingey….it smellt really bad!!!
    scott-la: i’ll see u tonight in fairfeld! my two younger sibs will be taggin along cause my dad cant make it to take care of them, but, oh well… older sis owns uglies and extras, but my mom got me pretties and specials!!! 😆 😆 😆 😆 😆 😆 :lol 😆 😆

  8. Hi Scott,

    I’m just wondering if you know of any other versions of the series will come out? Because while i think they look great individually, I don’t think they look nice as a set the way midnighters does, so I’m waitng for a nice cover set…

    Hoping i won’t be waiting forever though.

  9. that is so kool i have been looking for a set .. i own the first and second but i want to buy them again in a set … i am so weird like that .. pluss my sis can have my single books…. these are truely books i will read over and over … like i will sit around and all of the sudden poof it hits me .. go read the uglies series again !! lol well seriously i will do that … soo dry ice kool …. if you pour dry ice on the ground then it makes like a cloud thing ( its circular) and then disapears…. pretty kool stuff.
    I am currently reading extras it is soo good so far .. my friend tells me that tally comes in at like page 160 or somthin … cant wait

  10. i was in a science catalouge once and i did a big thing with dry ice for the picture cuz it was some kind of vent thing.

    random, i ttly drew some random melissa fanart today. she’s stuck in the coincidentally prison-like bixby high school cafeteria. maybe i’ll send it to scott-la or post it somewhere. it came out pretty good.

    i’m gonna finish my bixby high sweatshirt today—i finally got the graphic perfect. bixby high school, a thirteen pointed star, and bixby, oklahoma. it’s very awesome. red on black.

  11. hey scott-la, you might have missed it all in your tour-haze, but we’re rioting. we demand a fourth midnighters. with darkling werewolves. if peeps and uglies get quasi-different-protag-sequels, why not midnighters, the one that REALLY NEEDED A SEQUEL? please……………come on, there’s total room for more in that world there. especially if, say, there were DARKLING WEREWOLVES. CHASING PEOPLE. AT MIDNIGHT.
    think about it, author-man.

  12. you know, there’s a secret meaning to the world trilogy us midnighters fans would like to inform you of. you see, it does not apply just to uglies.
    goth kids in oklahoma deserve sequelage too.
    they’re looking disapproving. and you DO NOT want melissa mad at you. or dess. or rex. especially not darklingy rex. in fact, the darklings themselves are mad. and madeline. and jessica. and jonathan.
    they’re coming for you……unless there’s a fourth in the works. click my name. there’s lots of us.
    *eerie chanting* fourth midnighters. darkling werewolves. fourth midnighters. darkling werewolves.

  13. So cool! I love dry ice! I got to play around with it in junior high. Fawesome stuff.

    And so cool about the uglies boxed set! I remember hearing about that a while ago. I’m going to ask for it for christmas. 🙂

  14. Yay! I love boxed sets. Especially when they have special stuff in them. =)

    I went to a doctor who used dry ice and a really long q-tip to remove a wart on my finger. When he was done, he took the cup of dry ice and threw it out on the floor in the hallway. It kind of blew up when it hit the carpet, smoked all over the place for a bit, and then it was gone and there was no evidence of its having been there. It was so cool!


  15. A box set that is soo cool! 🙂 I have Uglies, and Pretties in paperback but I want Specials in paperback and that bonus thingy.

    Dry ice is cool too. My friend put it under the punch bowl at her Halloween party last year. Then she called the punch witches brew. Thats when it was a little over the top.

  16. AHH, i am on the 2 midnighter and it is totally pretty-makeing! (see i dont need the stupid list of words i have them right here (wow parentheses in parentheses but to my point im pointing to my head) and it is usefull) Well i finished my hw, YEAH, i mean, uhhh, awwww. No but the midnighters in so good, i like rex better in the second book. MAJOR BIG TIME SPOILER (YES, THAT INCLUDES YOU STEPH-LA, I NO YOU TO WELL) Those ppl are weird and hello, talk about, stalker! I would be so scared if i were her and is it just me or does it seem as if Melissa and Rex have a little somthin somthin goin on? Well, im kinda glad they havent talked much about dess, shes, weird, polymath! And i still love uglies and Zane, And Johnathon, and…….. OK so i love it all, you rock Scott-la!

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