Here we are in sunny Oakland, CA, ready for another round of appearances! The times and locations are listed below.

But first, here’s an unexpected interview with me from Borders. I’ve been so busy and insane lately that I can’t remember answering these questions. The answers do sound like me, though.

And here’s a picture of these shipping cranes we saw in Oakland, which are shaped oddly like horses:

As promised, here are my appearances this week in San Francisco:

Monday, Oct 8
Copperfield’s Books Petaluma
140 Kentucky Street
Petaluma, CA 94952
In-store reading & signing

Tuesday, Oct 9
Books Inc.
Opera Plaza
601 Van Ness Ave.
San Francisco, CA 94102
In-store reading & signing with Justine.
The “Not Your Mother’s Book Club” will be attending!

Wednesday, Oct 10
1378 Lincoln Ave
San Jose, CA 95125
School event followed by in-store reading/signing

In Seattle:

Thursday, Oct 11
Shorecrest Performing Arts Center
15343 25th Avenue NE
Shoreline, WA 98155
Books will be sold by Third Place Books
Public presentation and signing.

Friday, Oct 12
Edmonds Branch Library
650 Main St.
Edmonds, WA 98020
Books will be sold onsite by Barnes & Noble

And next week in Lexington:

Monday, Oct 15
Joseph-Beth Booksellers
161 Lexington Green Circle
Lexington, KY 40503

Note: I’ll be doing a few more than these, including one in NYC and one in Connecticut.

Update: By popular demand, Justine will be attending all events, pen in hand!

109 thoughts on “California!

  1. I can’t wait for Levithan, it sounds awesome, of course anything you write is awesome. And – THERE’S GOING TO BE AN UGLIES MOVIE?!?!?!? That is so icey!!!

    Those cranes were sick, so werid, and the Star Wars trivia was interesting – thanks david e.

  2. Scott, guess what?! I just go my hands on Extras!! And even better news, I haven’t even spoiled the ending for myself yet! YAY! Go read now. Bye.

  3. Come on girls, we keep asking theses questions (even i have) but theres only one way to ge them, behold, Book Number 5!! Uglies can not be complete. Bran-la how do you no its not complete your not Scott Westerfeld?
    Ya Duh im not but if you ask questions about a lesson in History then your not done with the lesson because u cant finsh until you no everthing. I commented earlier to one of his blogs saying,(i said this) “You mad uglies and it was just a book but then you continued and made more and it became a world a place we coudld go to when we have a bad day. We could flip to our favrite [arts that make us smile like when Tally kissed Zane (hes my Favrite Guy, I love you, R.I.P) and when frizz said ayas nose was cool. If scott doesnt continue were will we go in our times of hopelessness we need you scott, we need your world!” I hope you agree with me. Encourage scout to write more and if hes stuck, he can use our questions to contiue!!

  4. Rosie-la! dont spoil it! UUUHHHGGG! o well. at least i dont no what happens. dont tell me tho!

    -Lizzy-wa OUT! 8)

  5. not necessarily Bran-la. even though there are still more questions, would you really and truly want ALL your questions answered? i think he left some things open on purpose for us fans. like..harry potter for example. not all questions were answered, but it just makes it all so much better since now everyone can dream up their own answeres and still bug the author for the real answers. cus really. what fun is it if you cant bug the author into maddness for answers?

  6. i see your point lily-wa. There are questions like does tally think about zane that are just hypithetical but then others are not. There are some the reader can think about and whip up a real nice answer but then again sometimes you need the “creator” to do that for you. Scott has a mind that can make up very intillectual worlds which i would love to have (not be nerdy but how cool would it be to be like Scott) and anyways he cant leave all our questions unanswered. It wouldnt be very icy if he didnt let us no (spoilers ahead) wat happened to the spy girls? Were did they hide? Why didnt Lai go with them (i think thats who blew up the cake, i dont have my book with me right now) did the caka acculy explode? Did ppl think it was fun oe horrible? Are Tally and David Afficially together? Are Aya and Frizz? What will aya be like when shes pretty? will she keep her promise and not change her nose? Scott and Lily-wa i hope you understand how some questions ar hypithetical while others are ones that need to be answere in, behold, book number 5!!!

  7. OMFG!! I finished Extras on Wednesday(the 2nd day it was out) It was sooooo good!! Westerfeld has great theories on life and all of the things that we do and how we destroy it…it is soooo true…we will probably die out or have something happen because of our addictance and reliance to Gasolien and Fuel. Westerfeld, I hope soooo much that you will write another book, one about the life they try to create from Extras. Your books are excelent. I am thinking of starting the Midnighters series…but my Lexile is higher than it is…but I’m sure I’ll read it anyway. I hope you will. Also to Bran-la’s comment…WE SOOO NEED TO KNOW THE ANSWERS TO THOSE QUESTIONS! Scott…PLZ….from all of your demanding fans….write another Book…and get it out fast. I is sooo not icy and completely dizzy-making to not know these crucial answers….PLZ SCOTT!!! THIS IS ONE OF THE BEST SERIES I’V READ!(though Harry Potter was fantastic, I am loyal to both sides….I think you could have a new Harry Potter thing going here) From a loving and demanding and wanting(Needing) fan, Aya-La

  8. Ergh Kentucky is as far south your going? Think about Memphis or Mississippi or eastern Texas or if u really love me Arkansas! Memphis would be perfect 😀 only 4 hours away and I have a place to stay. haha I rhymed

  9. Hey, where did my post go??? Anyway, I’ll just type it again…
    I’ve only read one Midnighters book, and I think it was the second one (way back in eighth grade) and it didn’t make a lot of sense, what with all the allusions to the stuff that had happened in the first book.

    I transferred to wordpress too! 🙂

    Is your blog new, Lizzy-wa?

  10. yeah Isabella-wa! just made it today! WOOOOO! yepyepyep.

    and there should be a fifth UGLIES book! i dont no what he would call it tho. theres like, nothing else.

    -Lizzy-wa OUT! 😛

  11. yes, i will be co-president of the PLZ PLZ PLZ WRITE A FOURTH MIDNIGHTERS BOOK! club. WITH WEREWOLVES, plz.

    lizzy-wa—-way cool template backround thing on ur new blog.

    i should have a blog. i’m always writing random bloggy essays and emails. my mom’d probably freak/complain if she found out tho. and it’d be hard to avoid just talking about my own writing all the time.

    plus, there’s Zane Cobriana from Hawksong by Amelia Atwater-Rhodes, and i have a story with a metal-shop geek named Zane in it and another character whose last name is Zane. and, of course, there’s Zane Zane. i like the name Zane. okay, that creepy rhymes.

    and sorry, but i hope they don’t make an uglies trilogy movie. they’d inevitably ruin it, and all lame ppl would all know about it and that’s all they’d remember. i’m anti book-movies.
    and god, eragon the movie sucked so hard. which is crazy, because the book was horrible too, but the movie managed to be even worse and in different ways.

    ahhh, i have such a headache! i was stuck in church—–all day!!! for 12 HOURS!!!!

  12. I Agree with serfina Zane About the 4th midnighters book!!!!!!

    If You wrote that u would be my fav ather!!!!!!!!!!

    i spelt that wrong but oh well!!!!!!!

    What could we call a darkling werewolf??????????

    hmmmmmmm good question…………

    mabye i will do a little brain storming and fiugure that one out…………………

    i will send it to any one who wants my brain storming after i finish it…………….

    that will keep me busy 4 a while…………

    P.s. Sorry 4 the long post

  13. Serafina-la…12 HOURS?!?!?!?!?!!??!?!?!? MY GOSH!!!!!!!!! and yeah. they did totolly trash eragon in the movie. *shakes head disappointedly* and you should have a blog. everyone on here should have a blog.

    -Lizzy-wa OUT! 😛

  14. k, i am going to set a record of the person to use the most words in the uglies “trilogy” (u no icy and stuff like that) while discussing the the topic of Why i want a 5 uglies book.
    Here i go:
    Ok Scott we all know your books are awsome and the only ppl who wouldnt read it are bubbleheads. I no that it would be soo pretty-makeing for you to make a 5th book. I mean we need it for all the times were iced out we have to turn to this bubbly world you have made. Now speaking as a person who would love a guy like Frizz (Manga-Head, Radical honesty) and more importantly Zane, i feel you must also comtinue for the romance. By the way radical honesty RULES! scott take this bubbly comment to heart and give us tech-head surge-monkeys and others wat we want,behold, book 5!

  15. wow….a movie……if they have ne open casting i hope there’s 1 near me….i’d want 2 try out….
    neways…scott, ur coming 2 connecticut???? that’s SO happy-making!!! i live near there!!!! hurry up and come here!!! i’ll be there!!!!! i can’t wait!!!!!!
    by the way, r u gonna write another uglies or midnighters book???? (hint, hint!!!) i like the idea of “chasing midnight” for the midnighters, and then 4 uglies…hmmmm… called “rusties,” and explain exactly HOW the rusties died out…..? dunno….haven’t finished extras yet….sis strikes again….on computer, not letting me read….o well….need 2 do chores….
    -riderchild-wa 😀
    pps: oh, yeah….maybe put that tied with making sure that when (note that i did not say “if”) they make the movie of uglies, make sure that they don’t kill it by being the screenwriter…..PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! it works out so much better!!!!!!!

  16. I Have Already Stared on my brain storming!!!!!!!!!!!
    But i have to get fuarther along before i post any thing!!!!!!!!

    mabye tomarow……………

    mabe ………… but i need some help people!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    tell me what u want to happen in a 4th midnighter book?

    Mbye Dess could find away to jet jessica out of midnight and back to the real day?!?

    i don’t know…………….
    help me out here

  17. every one i still need help!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    just try to give me alittle ideas!!!!!!!!!!!

    well time to go 2 bed and brainstoorm about darkling werewolfs!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    i need to no if u guys/girls like my idea earlyer!!!!!!!!!!!!

  18. MY SISTER TOOK EXTRAS FROM ME AGAIN!!!!!! PAIN AND SUFFERING!!!!!! okay, i’ll admit, my brother and i gave it to her 4 her b-day, but i keep on trying to read it, and she and my brother keep on taking it away from me!!!! AAAAAUUUUUUGGGGGHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! sigh… this rate i’ll never finish it…..well, i’m gonna look on the web 4 info on the uglies movie….THEY’D BETTER NOT SPOIL IT!!!!!!!
    -riderchild-wa 😀

  19. hmmmm….well the midnighters fanfic i *never* wrote took place at thier graduation, but that’s different than a fourth midnighter darkling werewolf book.

    it’d be nice if scott would write it! as a book!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! *hint, hint*

    but maybe have different protags like in extras, and have one of the protags be a darkling werewolf, but not know it, and only at midnight or something, and then like, maybe they live in Broken Arrow or something and all the midnighters come back together to solve the mystery and save jess in the process.

    or just leave it at this.

    and there’s a looooooong story with the myspace. but i won’t explain. so just click on it a lot to up the profile views plz!

  20. so how do you like california so far?
    san francisco is pretty cool.
    ehh…its like a 5hr drive from where i live…oh well. my copy of extras is very
    happy-making :] ohh yes. i got it yesterday
    and let’s just say customers at Borders yesterday probably got their fill of entertainment for the day. teehee.
    i happy danced with my copy…x]

  21. is the uglies movie still happening?
    i hope it does…without it being ruined
    of course. gawrsh darn hollywood.
    well best wishes to you scott and your
    almost movie and upcoming trilogy.
    sounds very kicking :]

  22. is it too hard to wish for that UGLIES movie would be a totally cool movie that don’t sucks? hmm~ I hope that they don’t kill it! =T^T=

  23. *sigh* how depressing…all those stops in California and none in the LA area 🙁 I wanted to get my book signed…how unhappy-making…
    An Uglies movie though, as long as it was made correctly, would be totally icy and bubbly-making. 😀

  24. is this the same video as in the watch this post? oh well
    I think that Uglies will be one of those movies that will be nothing like the book. You shouldn’t have given it to them scott!they’re going to butcher it!*tear*

  25. You probably don’t remember them interviewing you because they ripped it word for word off the SimonPulse site. That’s the exact same interview, minus some formatting errors.
    THAT’s why the answers sound like you but you don’t remember them asking you.

    With more than the respect due (an infinite amount to being with)

  26. Is the Uglies trilogy movie gonna have open auditions for the part of Tally? Like auditions for people without agents? Thanks soooo much you guys ar awesome! =) Also, links would be great.. For people without agents. Thanks and I already emailed Scott Westerfeld but I know he can reply better on his blog.. Totally icey =)of the book. Also, do you know websites that say if there are going to be auditions open to the public? Is there an age thing like only 14 years old or whatever? I’m not 14 but still lol. Also, is there going to be a 5th Uglies book? Or a 4rth Midnighters book? If there is a 5th midnighters book can it pretty pretty please be about tallywa??? Thanks and please answer all my questions! thanks guys.

  27. everyone wants to be tally, but i want to be shay.
    If there are open casting calls were will they be?
    host them in kansas city.
    or have a link where we can audition over the web.
    then you can chose from the best web vedio.
    therefor you would save the hassle of going all over the country for open auditions.

  28. heyyyyyy i am doing a project where i need 2 know wat r the words they use in pretties and stuff that r like “kick” and “bogus” and bubbly making” if u know a bunch of these PLZ list them 4 me if u do then u rox my sox plz? thanxxxxxx lol

  29. hey i need 2 know what r they names they use in pretties and stuff that r like kick, bogus, bubbly making, etc. plz this is important so if u know plz list them thanx so much if u do u rock my sox!

  30. hey i need 2 know what r they names they use in pretties and stuff that r like kick, bogus, bubbly making, etc. plz this is important so if u know plz list them thanx so much if u do u rock my sox!

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