Ciao, Seattle

Had a great time in Edmunds last night. We got up at 4:55AM to catch our plane to Lexington and I AM SO TIRED.

But before I pass out, check out Cyndy (and friend!) in her Special Circumstances tats:

Picture by me.

And the cool shoelaces from So Yesterday actually walked in! I never got this to work, myself. And I’m so sorry I can’t remember your name, Shugrrl, but my brain is totally Swiss cheese.

Picture by Justine Signature by moi.

And Laura sent me a picture of her shirt from the Shoreline appearance:


The quote isn’t from the books, but from a dream she had. That’s so kewl.

Thanks to all you guys for making my signings full of surprises and vast ego boosts.

One more before we head back to NYC:

Monday, Oct 15
Joseph-Beth Booksellers
161 Lexington Green Circle
Lexington, KY 40503

94 thoughts on “Ciao, Seattle

  1. Hey, that’s me with the tattoos! Too bad they didn’t last too long. I had a GREAT time for the signing. It was totally worth the hour drive.

  2. but i wanted to say that was an awsome tattoo thingy, love it, want it, jeleaous, for 2 reasons, she gets an awsom tattoo thing and you havent come to my city or state, now scott-la, how are we to appreciate your fabulous books if you dont come here, i have, wait let me count, 10 or more ppl i no at my school alone who are reading your books, you see, you have to come, before we forget abouit you, and i would ahte to see that happen scott-la, so plz, plz, come here! (texas)

  3. Oh, cool!! the laces from So Yesterday! I kept trying to imagine them but I couldn’t so that pic is cool.

  4. fawesome tatoos..i never remember my dreams.. otherwise id have about a million amazing quotes. i should so do that to my shoes.. and only really devoted fans will have any idea where it came from..

  5. the tatoos are awesome!!! As were the shoelaces, I never could get mine to look quite like that, no matter how much I tried, lol. Totally kick!!

  6. those face tats are so kick!!!! i love em and i love the laces. they never worked for me either. and the shirt is fawesome!

  7. OMG i attampted to do that to my shoes. Well thought about it. The shoelaces wouldnt all fit and I wouldnt even think of taking sissors to my converse.

  8. lol i just noticed that scott signed the so yesterday shoes.
    the ones i tried only worked cuz they were very odd slip-on sneakers. but i did it through some roundabout way only accessible at very early in the morning while watching CNN at newark airport. which would really not be too far from your current state, tour-author. but mine are tied very illogically, and they go to the same side on both feet, not opposite like they should. also, they’re light green laces on green shoes, so yeah. now i use them as my gym sneakers and no one has noticed the laceage yet.

  9. I’ve never seen those shoes before. And I haven’t read So Yesterday yet, is that a big part of So Yesterday?? Or am I totally missing somthing?


  10. LOVE the flash tatoos Cyndy-la! totally icy! and how on this crazed planet do ya do that with the shoolaces?! i wanna do that!

    -Lizzy-wa OUT! ๐Ÿ˜›

  11. be afraid. i was bored and searched through all the past posts and the one that mentioned uglies being optioned as a movie said it was….wait for it… the same people who made eragon.
    no offense to any of those people, you are surely great and talented.
    but……eragon sucked. it wasn’t exactly a great book, and the movie adaptation was even worse. on many levels. the most superficial of which (and the only ones i can remember thanks to convenient blocking of painful memories) are an avril lavigne themesong that clashes horribly and a supposed-to-be-meaningful shot of eragon and a sunset that was stolen frame for frame from star wars. also, durza’s fingernails scared me and there was very little in the way of a coherent plot.
    but no offense if you liked it. just my opinion.
    still gives me less hope of a good uglies adaptation…….though eragon bombed so bad, i doubt there’s much investing in something similar. maybe they’ll do uglies right. hopefully. please. please, god, please.

  12. Wow, I feel like I haven’t been on here in forever!
    Even though it’s only been a few days; haha.

    Those tatooes are incredibly amazing!
    And I really want to learn how to tie my shoes like that, but I’d probably end up tying a few fingers together, cutting off the circulation, and having to have them amputated.
    Shoelaces and I don’t get along very well. I tend to leave my shoes tied and just slip out of them, and I only re-tie them when it’s absolutely necessary.

    I wish I lived near one of the tour stops! It’d be so totally fool to get a picture on here.

    4:55? *dies*
    If I had to wake up that early, I’d probably kill the first person who talked to me. The only time I’ve ever been up earlier than that was when my friends convinced me that it’d be a good idea to try and go to Six Flags on some special day during Spring Break where you got in free before 9:00AM. We were in the car and everything, on our way there, and then we hear on the radio that THEY CLOSED THE FREAKING PARK.
    I was so mad.

  13. Thanks for all the tattoo praise! It’s much appreciated. Too bad I don’t remember where I got it…

    I had some converse that I did the shoelace thing with. I had to costume make the laces and remove the eyelets. I was really, really, bored….


  15. It only took me 15 minutes. I didn’t have to remove the eyelets though, I just used really old frayed laces.

  16. i cant figure out the laces!

    but omygosh! are they seriously making the movie from the same PEEPS that mad eragon?! are you serious!? they are such bubbleheads! talk about brain-missing! they were total logic-missing! i’ll bet none of them even read the book! uuuhhhggg! horribleness.

    -Lizzy-wa OUT! ๐Ÿ˜›

  17. I totally agree how it is so mad-making.

    I didn’t even like Eragon the movie — Never read the book but HAS to be more exciting then that.

  18. i like movies but i dont want them to make one because then ill watch it, and if i watch it i will only picture the characters that way not the way i see them, and ill picture the town diffretn than they did, and i hate how they make zane all goth and stuff, it just doesnt seem like him to me, i mean he has a good look but i mean come one, hes not like emo like cutters, and he doesnt dress goth so wat up with that, i dont no but it annoys the crap out of me!

  19. i think zane was goth in the book, or that’s how i saw him.
    and not all people who dress goth or emo are cutters! don’t generalize!
    they never said he DIDN’T dress goth. so if they never mentioned how he dressed, it could have been goth to go with his black hair and superintense pale surge.
    do you have a problem with goths?
    they’re awesome. (hmmm….should that be a we or a they?…)
    srry to get all crazy on you. i defend my gothic bretheren.

  20. and sadly, the book was not much better. it was a sort of cliched plot, and it was so stiffly written. i liked it a lot in like fourth and fifth grade, then tried to reread it in seventh and i was like, this sentance structure is painful. (i’m talking about eragon, btw)

    i think the main problem was that the kid wrote it really young (not that young writers aren’t awesome! i count as one, and so do most of my friends) and didn’t edit it enough before he self-published and eventually got it picked up. i mean, it had good parts, but it was pretty stiff.

    but i lost sympathy when eldest came out. that book was HORRIBLE. had none of the good parts of eragon, all of the stiff dialouge. *shiver at memory*

    and the movie…….well what can i say that hasn’t been said?

  21. no i have nothing against goths, thats just not how i pictured him, i pictured him more, i dont no how to explain it,ive seen illistations of him goth and to be honest hes hot, but i didnt think of him like that, it wasnt his personality.

  22. but im not goth and i dont like goths, i dont have anything wrong with them, i mean there like me but diffrent u no, but i just felt i should point that out.

  23. Is the Uglies trilogy movie gonna have open auditions for the part of Tally? Like auditions for people without agents? Thanks soooo much you guys ar awesome! =) Also, links would be great.. For people without agents. Thanks and I already emailed Scott Westerfeld but I know he can reply better on his blog.. Totally icey =)of the book. Also, do you know websites that say if there are going to be auditions open to the public? Is there an age thing like only 14 years old or whatever? Iรขโ‚ฌโ„ขm not 14 but still lol. Also, is there going to be a 5th Uglies book? Or a 4rth Midnighters book? If there is a 5th midnighters book can it pretty pretty please be about tallywa??? Thanks and please answer all my questions! thanks guys.

  24. when i said i didnt like goths i meant i dont like them as in u like ppl like i like guys u no, yeah, i should just shut up!

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