Extras at #1

My pleas for a recount have been heeded!



Here’s something I forgot to mention from the tour: if you missed me, but are dying for signed books, check out any of the stores on the tour schedule. I signed tons of copies in all of those stores, so they must have some left. (Maybe ahead call to make sure.)

And I also signed stock in a few places not on the schedule:

Borderlands , San Francisco
Kepler’s Books , Menlo Park
University Book Store , Seattle
All for Kids , Seattle
Borders, Chicago

And one last place: When wondering around Oakland, we found a small used bookstore on Washington Street, the proceeds from which benefit the local library. On the shelves was a first edition, first printing of Blue Moon in excellent condition, so I signed that too! (After asking.)

Anyway, thanks again to everyone who got me to numbah 1.

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  1. ooh…we just got our school pictures today…i guess all the talk of smilies made me think of school pictures and how almost everyone fake smiles or doesn’t smile at all.

    i’m a fake smiler
    see now that’s me, but i guess i’m not a fake smiler then b/c i’m always smiling. that was an exaggeration but people have gotten mad at me for being “overly happy” so i guess i must at least smile more than the average person!

  2. I have some to try…


    Oh and Taylor I know what you mean about school pictures. I’m one of the people that doesn’t smile at all. It makes me look emo. Except this year I look like a skeleton.

  3. YEAH, i just git the second one Steph-la o and take care of my book! I know this might sound weird but right now i don’t feel like i have alot of friends i mean my guy friend is to occupied by his gf that flirts with other guys. My Bff’s are like not talking to me for some reason and i want a new hair cut. One of my teachers said,”Middle school students sometimes dot no who they are so they try on different personalities like the class clown and the prep.” Ya i think im gonna go for the cooler me, i like my person and i want to be me but i want to be a little different me. Its hard to explain, i no who i ma, but, i dont no me as well as i should. Thanks for being there for me guys at least i no Scott-las fans are always here for me!

  4. amen to that bran-la. ur 12 right ❓ ya middle school sucks sometimes. friends are important. good true friends. its really hard sometimes. hope things get better!

  5. hey i had a sudden question sitting here reading BLUE NOON. Where does Tally live? Where is her city? USA? Australia? UK? Somewhere else? Does it ever say in the books where she lives (other than in an English-speaking country, of course) Diego sounds Mexican so I always assumed southern California or somewhere around there. Unless Diego is farther away than it seems. because in SPECIALS at the very beginning it is set in an icy place (literally, not Cutter speech), right? So my image of her city was ruined.

  6. allie-wa: the rusty ruins are the remains of seattle, wa., so new pretty town and the smoke are somewhere near that area.
    and diego is in present-day san diego, cali.

    hope it helps!

  7. That’s like soo cool!!! Number ONE! 😆 When I saw this post I literally screamed! My brother thought there’s something wrong with me. >.

  8. My post got cut off….

    That’s like soo cool!!! Number ONE! 😆 When I saw this post I literally screamed! My brother thought there’s something wrong with me. >.

  9. My post got cut off….

    That’s like soo cool!!! Number ONE!When I saw this post I literally screamed! My brother thought there’s something wrong with me. >.

  10. Any move audition news for Tallywa?? Thanks. Congrats on the book rank! hahaha great work. you deserve it. i have gotten all my friends to read uglies and they have all bought extras so i guess its totally amazing since none of them stopped!! I loved Uglies… but… Can we have another story with Tally’s POV?? (please please pleeeeeeaaaaaaaaasssssssseeee) =)?

  11. hi well i want to be a special cercumstance for halloween but idk how i would go about doing that …. help … congrats on ,making #1

  12. Fawesome!!! Congrates!! 😀
    I’ve been seeing Extras at every bookstore. It makes me smile whenever I go to the teen section 🙂 Scott is taking over!!!! woohoo!

  13. midnighters rox. all u people should go read it. good of you, steph-la. you’re very smart.


    i wanna see those chapters from hiro’s POV!!!

    those smilies are getting ridiculous. 😈 like, there are just TOO many. why does the world need these?

  14. lots of ppl seem to be being specials. i dunno, put fake scars, wear black, maybe get a wearable extras Special Circumstances or I don’t want to hurt you shirt. and, like put temporary tattoos on your face and hands. maybe like crash bracelets. i dunno.

    my melissa costume is coming out AWESOME!

  15. yea i was orginally going to be a special but then idk wat happend…im being Samara (the dead girl from the Ring)

    good luck with your costumes tho 😀

  16. o, ya…scott-la, where are those chapters from hirso’s POV? i’m waiting! 😆
    o, ya, scott-la, ill see u tomorrow in ct…ill be with my 2 sis’ and my mom….
    -Riderchild-wa 😆

  17. yo my peeps ❗ ❗
    i just finished the first midnighters book at school ❗ ❗
    i know that soms people might get mad at me but i think that this book is a bit better than extras 🙂 😆 😈

  18. i am soooo exsited about tha next one ❗
    now i am off to do home work
    but i will brb
    i have decided that i will do home work in front of tha computer

  19. Ha I was reading BLUE NOON, the darkness sweeping across Bixby…then my power goes off. 😛 Back on now, obviously but that was like the best coincidence that’s happened to me in a long time.

    And Talyor thanks for answering my question. I knew Diego was like San Diego or something so i just assumed Tally’s city was nearby.

  20. i heart all of the smilies i will now show some ofthem to u
    :?:= ❓
    :lol:= 😆
    :)= 🙂
    :twisted:= 😈

  21. Scott-la ❗

    where are those fawesome Hiro chaps yall promised us ❗ ❓

    im getting angry at you. you never post unless its about boring tours. 😈

    im gonna have a Scott-la themed party, and i told all my friends that they dont get an invitation until they can answer my fawesome ten qs about UGLIES and THE SECRET HOUR. foolio huh?

    -Lizzy-wa OUT! 😆

  22. Ya see the whole china/Japan thing confused me, i didnt realize she was that until she talked about speaking it!

  23. O ya and i dont no about you ppl but it is getting so cold, im more of a warm person, this is so not pretty makeing, o and i hate how we have to go outside for pe, and run, in the cold, and then your throat hurts!

  24. that party is soooo cool i might ask the same things for my party it will sooo rock i can ony invite 8 people bran-la help meee ❗ please 😥 (i wonder if that will work ❓

  25. It was so cold today at school. And windy and rainy. today was a really depressing day. Half my school was testing so we had to stay in 2nd block til 12:00 and the sub (A real witch) left the door open the whole time. And I didn’t know anyone in that class since I couldn’t go to my real 2nd block. Really depressing day.

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