Extras Boingled

We’re here in Ann Arbor, Michigan, nascent space of Borders Books, spending the last 36 hours before Extras comes out!

While the countdown ticks away, feast your eyes on Cory Doctorow’s review on BoingBoing.net, the internet’s premier clearinghouse of the geek-tastic.

Cory always has cool points to make. Here’s his review of the first two books, of Specials, and of Peeps.

Oh yeah, and now BoingBoing has comments, a much needed feature.

See you Tuesday.

83 thoughts on “Extras Boingled

  1. Augh! Please come to Colorado someday, Scott…

    (This release is going to be so very icy. Looking forward to writing up a review/pointless blog post on it! >w

  2. Alright, so maybe this has been lost in all the hype of Extras, but what about Leviathan? In your post “A Decade Of Freelance”(Monday, June 5th, 2006) you said Leviathan would be out September, 2007. Now, I understand that book releases get shifted quite a bit, but you haven’t mentioned anything about the book since that post(or not that I’ve seen, anyways).

    Any updates that you’re allowed to share?

  3. man.. i stil have a day and 39 minutes
    and i only have 3 dollars in my wallet
    *double sigh*

    but still excited!
    i’ll get that book somehow, someway!!!
    *shakes fist*

  4. so when i saw the poster for it in the local book store it didn’t register right away and when it did i think the lady in the store thought i was heavily drugged or something.i can’t wait for tomorrow!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. four hours and 38 minutes!! but it’s still 31 Sep here….the time here now is 7.25pm…^^looking forward to owning EXTRAS!! but sadly I am lacking cash now as I still have to prepare for my twinning programme with the New Zealand people…plus hardcover EXTRAS cost about S$25 here…I only S$60 each month…unless they release in paper pack too… 🙁

  6. correction… it’s 31 Sep 2007 here and the time now is about 6.24pm here. Not 7.25pm. My computer time is wrong.

  7. ahhh, i can’t wait for extras!!! i’ve been going around with my mom repeating everything she says but adding Aya Fuse to it. i’m an obnoxious child.
    ex: can you get the milk?
    *getting the milk* Aya Fuse gets the milk!
    what are you doing?
    reading the paper
    Aya Fuse reads the paper!
    where are you going?
    Aya Fuse goes to Target!
    though i suspect Aya Fuse does not, in fact, go to Target. i don’t think the future has those.
    and i second whoever it was that wanted new trilogy info!!! plz!!!! must have info!!!! i heard something about airships and historical fiction, but no release date/anything else….

  8. I have to wait until after school tomorrow. As soon as I get home I’m reading the book. I’ll just have to tell my teachers I was busy doing some “extra” reading. 🙂

  9. Scott, do you want me to bring you something when you come to Mequon??
    I was thinking coffee, but I don’t know what kind you like.
    Or maybe chocolate, but dark or milk?
    Skittles or gummis, maybe, but I don’t know if you’re the fruity kind of guy in that area…

    So! What’s your favorite snack, Scott?

  10. Heather, ditto the suckishness of no Extras till after school! Why can’t the bookstore open at six or whenever, just for tomorrow and just for me? How do they expect me to CONCENTRATE????

    STill haven’t gotten my Extras stuff…Which means that I’ll have to wear some other shirt tomorrow instead. Oh, well…

  11. his is crazy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!all i thought about today was EXTRAS!!! conversations overflowing with it. i picked out letters in like every sentance to make the characters names!!!!!!!!

  12. i can’t wait for extras.
    i raved about it with my friend and made her read my sampler. you should see all my notebooks, they’re covered in extras-related insanity.

    and the evils of school. and tuesdays are the WORST day for me, i’ve got guitar lessons and literary magazine after school. *sigh*
    for city of ashes, i will totally skip school. 173 days! and extras tommorrow! and heroes in four hours!

  13. wow, extras is ranked 246 most popular book on amazon. that’s pretty crazy. no, i don’t obsessively stare at the extras amazon page, of course not.
    but that’s still some pretty fawesome popularity. extra’s face rank, you might say…..heh heh.

  14. AHHHHH!!!!!! ONLY 8 MORE HOURS!!!!!!!!! and only 24 hours til i get to see scott!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  15. It’s almost time…. Just eight more hours, and about a day, unti; I receive my sweet, sweet, Extras. Perhaps I’ll even snag a copy of ‘The Lost Queen’ and ‘Kiki Stike: The Empress’ Tomb’.

  16. WHOA!!!! COOLIO!!!! i just read the review on BoingBoing and i am even MORE EXCITED!!!! (if that is even possible). Extras BETTER than Uglies, Pretties, and Specials??? is it possible???? CONGRATS ON THE AWESOME REVIEW SCOTT-LA!!!!!!

  17. i miss Tally-wa already tho… and Zane-la :(… and Shay-la… and David… And Andrew Simpson Smith… Aya’s got some frikin BIG shoes to fill!

  18. sorry about the, like, quituple post. im just sooooooooooo EXCITED!!!!! (and i REALLY dont want to go do my homework 😛 )

  19. teehee i was i good girl i already finished my homework lol..

    and i seriously can’t believe it. i mean after all the obsessive refreshing during the contest the staying up all night along with obsessive refreshing, and NOW IT’S HERE!!!

    i’m wearing my “i’m an extra” shirt tomorrow. i wonder how many people will say “HUH? what’s your shirt mean?”

  20. this was going through my mind at lunch today:
    (i wrote it down)

    extras, extras, extras, aya, extras, extras, moggle-chan, extras, extras, extras, extras, scott westerfeld, extras, extras, face rank, extras, extras, extras, extras, aya, extras, extras, extras, extras, moggle, extras, the smoke, extras, tally, extras, shay, extras, david, extras, zane(cry), extras, the new smoke, extras special circumstances, “i don’t want to kill you but i will if i have to”, extras, cutters, peris, extras, pretties, extras, specials, extras, uglies, extras, diego, extras, flash tattoos, extras, extras, extras …

    (and durring social studies)
    extras, extras, extras, extras, extras, extras, extras, extras, bubbly-making, extras, icy-making, extras, happy-making, extras, extras, extras …

  21. I was just thinking “Dang,how am I supposted to get Chels to wear eyeliner-made flash tattoos to Homecoming?” Well… Actually, it was more line:

    Ranking Talk: Did anyone reply?,
    Extras: Aya and Final Fantasy Cross-Over, Debate: Does Mr. What’s-His-Face like Uglies and if not; Why is it in his bookcase?
    Uglies: Did I ruin that one kid’s chances of reading Uglies when i loaned him Pretties by accident?
    Pretties: I Still think it was shay and Peris on the cover…
    Specials: How much would it cost a normal person to get the Special operation in today’s world?
    Did I do my algebra homework?
    What about Science?
    How am I supposted to get into Harvard if I fail Sign Language?

    Yeah.. Average thinking.


    it usually starts on monday, but this year our homecoming game falls on the week of columbus day, and since we want all five days of spirit week, we’re starting a day early.

  23. I CANNOT wait !!!!!!!!!

    I didn’t buy a T-shirt ( yet )
    So I think I am gunna try to make my own.

    I wanna show my love for these books.

  24. i wish i had a good shirt to wear to school to celebrate tommorrow. *sigh*

    my school has no spirit. our football team loses, like, forty to nothing. plus, i hate organized sports. i’m a books/writing/music/art person myself.

    and i feel accomplished cuz i finished my homework. well sort of. still not reading Great Expectations. that book sucks.

    *happy for heroes*

    CAN’T WAIT FOR EXTRAS!!!!!!!!!

    and midnight alley, the morganville vampires book three is tommorrow too!

  25. i dont even get it tomorrow. because of stupid dance, i MIGHT get it wednesday. *really big sigh*

    -Lizzy-wa OUT! 😛

  26. ahhhhh i can’t stand waiting for extras!!!!!!!!!!!
    by my counter, 5 hours, 43 minutes!!!
    course, i probably won’t get it til wensday but still. EXTRAS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    my notebook was all covered in extras stuff today too. my school assignment planner has been so cannibalized, i covered the entire page in EXTRAS EXTRAS EXTRAS and random quotes like “eye-kicking smile”, “heavier than air sushi”, “i don’t want to hurt you but i will if i have to”, “cake”, “the new smoke lives!” and most confusing to people who see it, “cat vomit!”

  27. i actually hope i don’t get it til wensday, i have so much stuff to do on tuesday. wensday, i have a field trip actually. so sort of no homework.
    i’ve been spontaneously texting my friends with like, AYA FUSE SAYS HI and AYA FUSE WAS HERE, or AYA FUSE SENDS GREETINGS FROM THE FUTURE.

  28. Totally going insane. Making my dad bring it to me @ school. Oh, I’m sorry I can’t be in math class, I have to read Extras. Lol

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