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October 2 has come. Extras is in stores now. So that means it’s time for me to post the . . .

Extras Spoiler Page!

Now, those of you who haven’t read the book, and think it will be okay to dip in for a tiny glimpse, consider this woeful comment from the Specials Spoiler Page:

“oh god, i read the spoiler section before i read the book. i would have read the book by now but the bookstore doesn’t have it in yet! i got the first two before the sale date. why can’t i do that now!? crap i can’t believe i read the spoiler section…crap

Don’t let this be you! Read the book first.

And let the spoilage begin!

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  1. No the Twilight series is definately better! But this series is really close though! I love this series!

  2. This series is waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay better than Stephanie Meyer’s (and no i’m not saying that just because i’m not allowed to read those books) i seriously think that there’s only so much u can write about vampires who are in love with mortals. i mean every other book out today is exactly like that (except Scott’s coz he put a new twist on vampirism) seriously she has like 5 (i think) books in that series and it sounds like it’s all the same (considering i’ve never read the books i wouldn’t know) i’ve heard that they’re good but i still think SCOTT WESTERFELD is the best author i’ve ever read! woo hoo!!!

    GREEN DAY WORLD TOUR 2009!!!!!!!!!!!!!! YAY!!!!

  3. Scott IS the best author ever! And there’s 4. But the fourth one sucked(sorry for the pun) terribly, so I pretend there’s three. LoL.

  4. Yo, yo, yiggity yo! OK, so I haven’t been on in several months… I feel really out of the loop. I liked the fourth book, actually. It was a lot different than the other three, though. I didn’t like Jacob’s point of view, because I still hate him. So, yeah, sorry about my lack of… existence.

  5. So Extras was the best one in the whole series, no lie.
    And i can’t wait to get my Team David shirt.

  6. U know they should make a movie out of these books, With the whole action thing going on. then again they could ruin the books.
    But omg i love the books gonna read extras in one week, im dying over here!!!!!!!!! ahhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    i still dont get it wat r extras? like aliens or something, waaaaatttt????

  7. ok haven’t read it but I will!
    i noticed like a lot of people didn’t want Tally to end up with David! Well i totally disagree! I mean, don’t get me wrong, I loved Zane! Cried a lot when Tally was disgusted when they kissed, and when Zane died! But wasn’t David the first person she loved? I mean I would David over Zane any day! 🙂
    But you know had to stick up for David there!

  8. do you think Tally and David kissed at the end of Extras?
    And i think the ending is a cliff-hanger, sort of…

  9. David is so much better then Zane, like i love Zane. But Tally and David are meant to be. As David said;

    Tally only likes Zane cause hes pretty.
    same reason other do too.

  10. “I loved Zane! Cried a lot when Tally was disgusted when they kissed, and when Zane died!”
    I got emotional too, Nicole. 😛

    I haven’t read Extras yet, I need to rent it at the library as I just finished Specials. I really want to find the series and buy it.

    Any word on a fifth book? Judging by a few of the 4th books spoilers, there’s a lot of cliff hangers. Man, Mr. Westerfeld has really got me interested, I hope he goes on with it. I love love love the series. <3

  11. o my goodness i love the book so far i will be really mad if this is the last book!suprise us with another please!i still like spiecals better cuz this makes me see tally in a different way. witch i really didnt want to do cuz im alot like her.haha love t so far! 🙂

  12. I just finished Extras a couple of days ago. I really liked the series!!!!!!! 😀 i wanna know if you are gonna make more to the series. I think you should!! I also think that you should make the series into movies!! That would be really awesome!!! I would enjoy that!!!!!!!!!!

  13. This book was amazing. But I’ll have to admit when I first opened it and Tally wasn’t the main character I threw the book. Then again if it was and I had to go through the whole book with her and David (blech) I would shoot myself. I started crying when Tally even hinted Zane, even though she didn’t say his name. He was my favorite character ever, and for some reason I hate David, so the ending really mad me mad. I read this book about a year ago, and I didn’t even know you had a blog until I read Bogus to Bubbly (very helpful btw). The part about extrateresstrials (spelling wayy off i know) really caught me by suprise. I thought it was called extras because Aya was one, but that just blew me away. Bravo :]

    I recommend your books to all of my friends and scold them whenthey start on about Edward Culln from the Twilight saga (gross). I told them they should read about Zane. He is way more interesting lol.

  14. I don’t have any other way to contact you so… Are there diffrent main characters in this book? Do Tally, David, and Shay come up in it at all? Thank You.

  15. OH MY GOD i just finished the book today and it was freakin awesome. i hope you write another book for the series. I love the series, and its like the 2nd best next to twilight. I love these two series. Please write another story cause i wanna know what happens next, like how is it going to be for them living in orbit, is there anymore adventures for tally, is Aya and Frizz going to live in orbit with the extras. I just want to know what ever happens next. I love this series and the Twilight series and Taylor Lautner. UGLIES, PRETTIES, SPECIALS, and EXTRAS!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WHOA!!!!!!

  16. Oh and i love zane, I just can’t get over the fact that he died. *tear* and i hate david. Sorry to all you people that like David but i just can’t believe it all ended that way. I mean i understand that he was the 2nd guy she would go to and because Zane died but ugh i just don’t like that fact.

    Oh and Scott, you should make into a movie. That would be soooooo cool. Or as Tally would say, that would be so icy. (lmao)

    And please make another book to the series!!!!

  17. OMG I know this is like a fan site but I hated Extras. it wasnt anything like the rest of the books. I don’t really know what everyone thinks now because I only got to blog 263 and noticed that my little scroll barr thingy had only moved like half an inch! LOL but the book was really random and I didnt like Aya at all she was so out of it the entire book. Specials was the best and I miss Tally! I totally think David is better for tally than Zane. he was kinda of a loser sitting around pertending to read to his friends in Specials. i also realize that is an Uglies fan site but i hated the way Blue Noon ended it SUCKED!!!!!!!!!!! I don’t think its fair that Jess’ “parentals” didn’t know what happened to her plus she is she stuck in the blue time forever??????? I also think that Beth and jonathon should totally hook up!!!
    Im all for a fourth Midnighters and a fifth Uglies!!!!
    This is just a random statement but i can quote word for word the last phrase/sentence of each of the uglies books. weird
    ;P love u guys!!! Erin C.

  18. I am so bored i think I am going to make a website for uglies fans yeah I m not bored any more yea!!!

  19. omg i wanted to get extras but somebody in my school took it and fyw I HATE THAT PERSON cuz they took it without lettin me read it first so everythings SpagBol now

  20. i have to say… this book was not at all what i expected as the fourth book in the series…but i finnsihed it last nite and have to post my oppinon.

    NOTT truth-slanting here. it took me a WHillE to get truly into the book and start likeing it. i never took any intrest into Aya’s life and couldn’t wait to get back to tally’s world.

    But one the sly Girls came in and the Extras..it got way better. But, i only started LOVIng it when tally pinged Aya. Then i knew it was bound to get icy.

    when they 1st met tally..i finally realized that they were speaking japanesse and i was like WHattt??? but as time went on i relly liked the twist and it made me realy understand that this was not her city!

    lastly i reallly liked how tally didn’t imeaditally fall in love wit david because zane wasn’t there..(i am a HUGGGE zane fan) and how she never mentioned his naame..but that was enough…

    Andrew Simpson Smith–never just Andrew…


  21. OH MY GOSH Brie-Wa 🙂 TOTALLY agreed. It took me a while to get into the book. I actually returned it to the library and checked it out again because I couldn’t decide. It was kind of like going through Tally’s struggle as a Ugly/Pretty/Special made me look at Aya’s life as so …. trivial. She was still a bubble-head … sure she had control of her mind but she was so absorbed in things that were so bogus, kind of how Tally started out. With Aya it was like starting all over. I do admit though, I enjoyed Surge-Monkeys and Tech-Heads like Ren. And although it got them into trouble Frizz’s Radical Honesty was pretty cool….
    OKAY AND I WOULD LOVE TO HAVE MY OWN MOGGLE to document my life.
    But things got exponentially more icy when Tally showed up; gave the book a whole new life.

    and the whole David thing. ew. I’ve never really liked him. he needs to get off of his high horse and try to be understanding of the world he lives in just like Andrew-Simpson-Smith and Tally are.

  22. i’m probably the only person here who DOESN’T own all of the books…

    i only have Uglies and Peeps…

    i mostly get them from the libary!

    YES, there is only 1 r in libary!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  23. I loved the ending! So good. Tally and David were always my favorite paring. But I was very upset when Frizz died.

    @Sarah-la: I only own the first one. We have extras, but it’s my sister’s friend’s, but she hasn’t given it back yet.

  24. haha. I hate David, so i got mad when Tally and David “got together” at the end. I know Tally has to move on, but honestly, Zane was perfect for her, not David!

    Also i think Aya and Frizz are so cute together, i like Jai, Kai, Lai lol, she is cool.

  25. i luv this book it is amazing but………….Scott WEsterfeld God gave you a great talent PLEASE write another one to this great series!!!NANa love deserves the cake in her face!!lol

  26. i have a question about this book:

    okay so someone might have already said this but i don’t have time to read all of these. i may just be reading this wrong but when they find the mass driver, they say there’s a coil of copper in it. Ren says something about the coil being magnetized to push a train or those smart matter cylinders. but here’s my question: how is that possible if copper can’t be magnetized?

  27. i loved all the books.I haved never read a entire book because till now i dirint like to read. but i read them all even extras. t was asome. Scott are you going to do a 5th book. i would be one of the people how would read it… i loved them and i told all my friends to read them and they bout them and loved them to, I even bout the “bogus to bubly inside scop” i am not that good in english.thanks fot making the books

  28. Omg! I finished it in 3 days! Woot! Got it on Friday and finished on Sunday!It was sooooooooooo awesome! I hope you do a.. I guss technicly 6th book.. Does Bogus to Bubbly count as a book..I mean I know it’s a book but.. Anyway it was kind of weird reading Extras because it wasn’t in Tally-Wa’s P.O.V. But it was still AWESOME!!! >..<

  29. I LOVE HOW IT ENDS! It was weird in Aya’s perspective… But I liked seeing what other people thought of Tally:

    “But I wouldn’t use the word Ugly, Tally might eat you.”

    I was SO exited reading that! I was like YES! (I thought Zane was a little creepy, no offense…) I also laughed really hard.

    “You’d think Tally would have asked before she knocked out the drivers, but there’s Tally for you.”

    “And Tally Youngblood- architect of mind rain, the most famous person in the world- nothing more than a truth slanting slime-queen”

    I could have punched Aya for saying that. Geez!

    “But since when does Tally Youngblood just ping people?”

    PLZ more book! I wanna know what happens… from TALLY’S p.o.v.

  30. Oh yes, I agree with Leslie-wa, if you are going to do another book it should be in Tally-wa’s P.O.V. It just doesn’t seem right reading from someone elses P.O.V.

  31. OMG I’m so excited Scott westerfeld is coming to HOUSTON yea!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I live by Houston and am going to beg my mom to take me. But guess what people have been commenting on this page whopy cause for like a long time no one did so cool. ;P

  32. I just got EXTRAS!! Geez I didnt know it was out in ’07! luvin David! But *spoiler ahead* its so bogus that Zane died, he was my favorite character…T T oh well, moggles cute

  33. I possitively loved Extras..
    I thought it was great ending book
    Because you really got to know what other cities were like in tally’s world with a different point of view.
    Now I love Tally but it was nice to hear what others thought and their opinion. Hearing Aya’s views on her city were rather entertianing and I could relate to her so more with having a brothere that is so much more popular.

    My favorite part was The sly girls and also Meeting the EXTRAterestial (<– SP)
    I thought it was super Cute at the End when Tally and David walk off together..
    I’ve Always been a David fan..
    but in that part I totaly wish I could have been in Maybe David’s Point of view or even Tallys
    Heck you should for fun write maybe a little bit of Uglies in Davids point of view..

  34. Okay, I JUST finsished this book today during my Geography class. [There was only a video on, not like I was missing anything important…] And I was just at the part where Andrew comes in…and as soon as I read Shayhal (sp?) I gasped and went OMG! and everyone turns and looks at me. One of my good friends turned to me and all she said was..Andrew? and we both laughed because she knew exactly what I was freaking out about. At that point I start reading so violently fast that I finished the book in about 15-20 minutes, It was a very bitter sweet moment, but I enjoyed every minute of this series. I bought Bogus to Bubbly last week and started devouring it…and then had to force myself to put it down and finish Extras.

    GAH! why must this magnificance (sp?) end! ahh… sadface.


  35. i wish he would make another book in the series! im in lovveeee! and i cant wait for the movie!

  36. tally and david just disapper into the darkness whats with that i want to know what happens to them.

  37. i loved extras! it was a little sad making that tally wasent the main character but i do love aya to!

  38. oh and kaitie-la i thought tally and david dident just disapper into the darkness i thought they went into a pleasure gardon…to…you know

  39. SCOTT-LA PLEEEEEEEAAAAAAASSSSSSSEEEEEEEE MAKE ANOTHER UGLIES BOOK!!!!!!!!!! with tally as the main character pleasepleaseplease!!!!!!!

    i will love these books forever!

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