Had a great appearance last night in Shoreline, WA, just outside of Seattle. While signing, I was visited by STAB (the Shoreline Teen Advisory Board), Lizzy-wa, Captain Cockatiel, and many other frequent commenters, enthusiastic librarians, and old pals.

Thanks to everyone for coming!

Lizzy-wa was wearing this cool T-Shirt:


photo by Justine

There were lots of other words on the shirt. The entire pretty-talk vocabulary, plus a bunch of other catch phrases from the books.

(A quick message to Laura: Your “I am not a surge-monkey” shirt was cool too! Please send me a photo for posting, if you want. And sorry I messed up your name. It happens at least once at every signing.)

So, it’s onto one more appearance this afternoon. . .

Friday, Oct 12
Edmonds Branch Library
650 Main St.
Edmonds, WA 98020
Books will be sold onsite by Barnes & Noble

. . . then off to Lexington on Monday:

Monday, Oct 15
Joseph-Beth Booksellers
161 Lexington Green Circle
Lexington, KY 40503

See you Kentuckians soon!

133 thoughts on “Seattle

  1. It’s so neat to see other fans from the website in the flesh!

    And is it just me, or is STAB the most coincidentally cool acronym ever?

  2. 00000h, fawesome shirt, Lizzy-wa! i was just thinking bout that today (cuz when u posted a comment bout it? lol i still remember that)! i was thinking about making something like that. luv it! 😉

  3. WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! THAT’S ME!!!!!!!!!!!!! I FEEL SPECIAL! no longer an EXTRA! but i look like a dork. notice the paperclip on my ear. yep. ive been doing that all year. kinda wierd. oh well! it was fun. clik on my name to get the whole story of last nite and my fawesome meeting of Scott-la and Justine’la. its funny. COMMENT!

    -Lizzy-wa OUT! 😛

  4. WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! im like screaming rite now seriously. i feel soooo special! that is so fawesome! i think Justine-la took the pic with a iphone thing. i think. those things are sooooo fool! i still look like a dork.

    -Lizzy-wa OUT! 😛

  5. so that is me. in my Tally-like glory. frizzy hair. squashed down nose. to short. two skinny. and not looking at the camera. with a paperclip in my ear. but the shirt is so fawesome! i cant believe im on his blog! sory im just really excited rite now. i feel important!

    -Lizzy-wa OUT! 😛

  6. Wow lizzy-wa, that shirt is SWEET!
    dude, im so making my own tee shirt.
    haha, thats cool, your on the bloggg.
    you should feel specail.
    (uhh, not like special circumstances,you know what i mean lol =]])

  7. hey guys! if you could be UGLY PRETTY or SPECIAL or EXTRA what would you be? i’d be a SPECIAL. i wouldn’t mind being able to be super fast and strong. and those eyes are soooo fool.

    -Lizzy-wa OUT! 😛

  8. Nice shirt, Lizzy-wa! I wish I was there, but Seattle is four hours away. My parents were like, “There is no way we are driving you all the way to Seattle just so you can meet whats-his-name.” Parents. *shakes head* I can’t wait until I get my license.

  9. I would be Special. I wouldn’t like being scary and mean but it would be really cool to have a Special’s ablilities.

  10. SPECIALS rule. i dont get my license for another thre years. im only 13. *sigh* my mom ALMOST wasnt gonna take me. im glad she did tho. she hasnt read any of his books, but she wants to now. he made me bubbly last nite. (bubbly as in giggly. lol) ok i seriously have to go now.

    -Lizzy-wa OUT! 😛

  11. nice shirt! i love all the homemade ones ppl are coming up with. i should make one……
    *remembers epic half-finished tithe fanart i should be working on*

    and i wouldn’t want to be Special. they’re all…i dunno. wild and outdoorsy and cutty. and not a pretty either, cuz screw appearences and being stupid sucks. and being an ugly, well, that’d sorta be like being….exactly who i am now. because uglies are just sort of normal people. so extra, i guess. i’d be one of those obsessive bloggers. except my family and my friends claim my long blog-like emails are cool and that i’m funny, so i might accidently get famous.

    side note—odd that there wasn’t a word for famous people. you were an extra, or…not. cultural implications of name recognition. discuss.

  12. and this is one of those odd blog-like unrelated comments.

    i had this revelation today—i’m an emo kid. see, i was arguing with my friend today, and i was all, dude, i’m NOT emo. and they were like, then why do you have a button on your backpack that says EMO on it? and i was like, Irish Oil Company, long story.
    but any–way, i was in the middle of reading HOMEFREE by nina wright (which was AWESOME! everyone go read it if u love disfunctional teens with superpowers!)
    and i’m like, i’m sitting with headphones on wearing a black sweatshirt with the hood up reading a book about a girl with turquoise hair, a nose ring and a dysfunctional family life who thinks she’s going insane. and i talk back to myself like, now that doesn’t mean anything.
    but then i need to go into the other room, so i look around for the nearest piece of paper to use as a temp bookmark. which is the liner notes to From Under The Cork Tree. and i’m like
    or does it………?


  13. ur 13, omg, thats u, awsome, i guess i just didn realize…… man, im like clueless! Ok, so, ya steph-la im going crazy, help me, im confused, i need assistance, lizzy-wa help!

  14. o ya and love the shirt it rocks, totally, only if he came to my city…………*sigh*, *disappointed face*

  15. I like your shirt Lizzy-wa (:
    And Scott, you have to stop in New Hampshire D: Nobody important ever comes here. Pheh.

  16. y and srry oblut the younger looking thing, that was mean, im srry, i feel bad, im ur age u no and im just beinmg mean, AHHHHH, im feel stupid, forgive me for my crazy rude unfriendly ness, this would be a time for a vocab word, hostile, yes thats how i was, hostile:(v) unfriendly;warlike but without the warlike part, and yes steph-la i no my vocab words without looking at the book (although i dont think i did good on the test) im stupid, im weird, man wat is wrong with me!

  17. i had a vocab test today. unrelated, i know. it was easy. unlike the bio test i managed to miss thanks to mr. thunderstorm knocking out all power.

    and it’s WIERD to see all these pics of internet ppl in real life. maybe one day i will have to make an awesome t-shirt and get photographed too.

    *angry because library system does not magically have SENSITIVE, the sequel to HOMEFREE that came out only 11 days ago*

  18. yay Lizzy-wa.All this tour news makes me sad when I hear it and realize all the bubblieness I’m missing. I’m 13 too and my mom probably wouldn’t have taken me. She took me to the Stephenie Meyer book sighning but that’s because she had read Twilight. It doesn’t matter though because SCOTT DIDN’T COME TO ST. LOUIS! Please scott come in three years when I can drive.

  19. when ur only sixteen though don’t you need to have an adult in the car with you to drive? so u sort of need to bring people with you anyway? i dunno, i’m iffy on this driving-law thing, and i know it varies from state to state.

    and i got my mom to drive me to a westerfeld book signing. actually, she was the one who found out about it. after i made her read peeps and midnighters.
    *basks in glory of a mom cool enough to actually read tithe before me and and said, this rocks. you must read it*

  20. I was there last night!!! I was actually able to convince my dad to drive us to Shoreline, even though it is a distance away. But I’ve convinced him into crazier things before, like going 6 hours early for the last year’s book signing in WA. lol

    Hey! You can kind of see my friend in the background of the picture! 🙂

  21. Such a cute shirt! 🙂

    I’m so jealous! I wish I was near one of Scott’s signings! so sad-making.

  22. I feel special in my mentioned-ness. Hehehe. Last night was so fun, but I was so tired this morning. It was worth it, though! Wooh! Especially when my friends and I kind of cornered Justine and had her sign our books.
    Fawesome night. Thanks for coming out here, Scott and Justine!

  23. Man, i really want scott-la to come to Houston! Go to Houston! Ya we rock! Me and my friends are waiting for you……….we are waiting, impatiently, we are waiting though! You are lucky if you got to meet scot-la! You can disappoint me sometimes Mr! Ya, so i think it is kinda weird seeing ppl in like pics to its just weird cause its not how u picture them so ya, oh and im like on chapter 7 for midnighters! good book, i just wish she would not think its a dream, it drives me crazy!!!

  24. all u people should be reading midnighters right now. or if u’ve read midnighters, you should be reading tithe and ironside. and if you’ve read tithe and ironside, you should be reading city of bones. and if you’ve read city of bones, you should be reading glass houses, the morganville vampires book one. and if you’ve read glass houses, you should be reading dead girl’s dance. and if you’ve read dead girls dance, you should be reading midnight alley. and if you’ve read midnight alley, you should be reading homefree. and if you’ve read homefree, you should be reading sensitive. and if you’re reading sensitive, LUCKY!!! i need to find a copy.

  25. love the shooz part. and Bran-la…i dont care. i look like a fourth grader i no. i get that a lot. i dont care. im 13 an i no it. i act like im 14. sometimes.

    yeah we should clone Scott-la. i think fifty would be about rite. just enough for every state. or maybe a few more for Miko-la an other peeps not in USA.

    an hay Kenzie-la! yeah i saw you their!

    hey guys. click on my name to read the whole story of my meeting with Scott-la and Justine-la and how i got photoed. its bubbly.

    -Lizzy-wa OUT! 😛

  26. an Bri-la…i just checked out your blog. you dont look like i pictured you ether. you kinda look like the gal in bridge to teribithia. we should all post what we really look like, an so we no what we really look like. if that makes sense.

    -Lizzy-wa OUT! 😛

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