Had a great appearance last night in Shoreline, WA, just outside of Seattle. While signing, I was visited by STAB (the Shoreline Teen Advisory Board), Lizzy-wa, Captain Cockatiel, and many other frequent commenters, enthusiastic librarians, and old pals.

Thanks to everyone for coming!

Lizzy-wa was wearing this cool T-Shirt:


photo by Justine

There were lots of other words on the shirt. The entire pretty-talk vocabulary, plus a bunch of other catch phrases from the books.

(A quick message to Laura: Your “I am not a surge-monkey” shirt was cool too! Please send me a photo for posting, if you want. And sorry I messed up your name. It happens at least once at every signing.)

So, it’s onto one more appearance this afternoon. . .

Friday, Oct 12
Edmonds Branch Library
650 Main St.
Edmonds, WA 98020
Books will be sold onsite by Barnes & Noble

. . . then off to Lexington on Monday:

Monday, Oct 15
Joseph-Beth Booksellers
161 Lexington Green Circle
Lexington, KY 40503

See you Kentuckians soon!

133 thoughts on “Seattle

  1. Thats so cool! I would give anything to meet you Scott-la. But nooooo. You have to go touring on the bogus /west/ coast. You got a problem with us here in the DC area?
    Sorry. But you really should come visit us, too, Scott-la. We *heart* youu!

    Kidding. I’m funny-making, no?
    *mutters*you will come to DC, Scott-la*mutters*

  3. I would so love to be you, Lizzy-wa. You get to meet Scott-la, and be in his blog, and stuff. I mean, todays my birthday and Scott-la’s not even in my general area… So unhappy-making.

  4. hehe. face ranks! Scott-la should find a way to make a face rank thingy for everyone who posts on here. that would be so FOOL! he’d be number one of course.

    HAPPY B-DAY TARA-WA!!!!!!!! so how many times ya been around the sun?

    -Lizzy-wa OUT! 😛

  5. About 15. Born at 12:47 PM, which is totally unhappy-making.

    Anf I agree, Lizzy-wa. Scott-la should totally do that! It would be the fawsomest thing ever! I wonder how he would? Is there a way to see how many times a name has been said?

  6. Man, you guys are oldies, i am almost 13, almost, im almost there, very soon, although to be honest i look much older but u no ages come first, i guess, AWWW, i want to be 13 really bad, but i am almost there, almost, very soon!

  7. hehehe. lizzy-wa did u look at the one w/ scott? i look like such a nerd in that picture. but dont worry. i’ll look much better in my special picture 😛
    And what do u got against shoes?? i LUV my shoes! they are so KICK!! (heheheh how punny 😛 )
    o and just an fyi, im 13 also (going on 14 on November 8th CANT WAIT!)

  8. i no 12 is bogus, but again i dont look it, i look older, but any who, ya i want to become 13, i want to be a teen! I just feel so little!

  9. ya i guess everyone is sleeping or somthin, well that would make since considering time zones and all, by the way scott-la, i keeping my eye on you, you will come to my city, yes you will, you have to, i not asking im telling, no jokeing thats wat my mom says but seriously, you have to, and when i say im branda or bran w/e, you will say,”hey i no you, your the coolest, most awsome, commenter on my website, not only will i give you my signiture i want yours!”, and i will say, “i no, i no, just try not to brag about it.” and we will switch signings, make sure u practice ur lines, okay?

  10. AWWW, man, i want to go to high school so bad, only 2 more years if you count this year but if you dont only one more year, yeah!

  11. i dont want to write a project on a hero! NO, ahhh, to much work, hate math, dont like worksheets, need to be social!

  12. socialness bad. *pulls up black sweatshirt hood and turns up music*

    and i’m in high school. trust me, not much better than middle school. picture it like this. middle school sucks, right? well take out most of the suck, put a little back in, and then drop a thousand pound ton of bricks on your back, all in biology textbook form.
    that’s high school.
    also, it smells funny. like, really bad.
    on the better side, in high school when the power goes off, they just say, hey you can go home. and at the middle school you needed to get specifically picked up.
    bad side—you may be in high school, but you’re a FRESHMAN in high school.

    stupid internet ate all my posts from before. arrggh.
    and why do i suddenly feel old? i’m only 14. once again, it seems like this very same conversation occured here over the summer and everyone was older than me. so…..much…..reversal…..confusing me.

  13. Lizzy-wa!
    seriosuly mega-adorable!
    you’re so cute and tiny
    very nice shirt!

    serafina.. talking about old…
    I’m 18!
    i guess i am an old lady now… *sigh*
    oh, and fall out boy is NOT emo!

  14. i know, but it’s still sort of pathetic. there’s anecdotes for you.
    and they’re what mainstream popular kids at scary-isolated suburbian my school call emo. sad, sad ignorance. sigh.
    *guiltily looks at iPod loaded with far, far emoer music*
    shoutout for people who are able to know whose album that is. i’m obsesive with stuff like that, but that’s just me.
    also, i think u technically count as emo if any of your songs have more than six words or two sets of parenthesis in thier titles. looks at playlist……i’m gonna go read a book now….and of course it isn’t one about an angsty teenager with piercings and or unnaturally colored hair….of course not. *looks shiftily from side to side and then dashes away*

  15. why is it forbidding me to post? does it know i’m sleep deprived and should really be leaving now? wordpress, your omnipotence frightens me.

  16. why does it hate my one epic post? why do you hate me, blog? why? why?
    talking to blog…..maybe i should go to sleep now.

  17. ok Liset. lets get one thing strate. I AM NOT CUTE AND ADORABLE! IM THE EXACT OPPOSITE! no seriously ask anyone at scool. i like run the place. i’ll be like. “STOP LOOKING AT ME!” and whoever was looking at me will just stare at me some more. and after like ten seconds they’ll start shaking and then they’ll look away. its so fool. but seriously. im not cute. im SPECIAL.

    -Lizzy-wa OUT! 😛

  18. and for the record. i have no idea what im looking at. not the camera obviously. i think i was looking at Justine-la’s shooz. or maybe my shooz. dont no. or maybe i was just counting the dots on the floor. i do stuff like that. and then im like biting my lip. i had just recently stabbed myself with a pair of scizzors like haf an our ago. long story. maybe i’ll post it on my blog. and so i was trying to lick the blood off. it was still bleeding. blood. and then she took the picture. i feel like such a dork. i still dont care. and for the record, IM NOT CUTE AND ADORABLE!

    -Lizzy-wa OUT! 😛

  19. idk why but i htought alot of ppl were older… hmm w/e a face rank thing would be kinda of cool but in a way isnt that kinda of what we are trying to get away form like scott i think was trying to say that face ranks shouldnt exactly matter (sly girls anyone) i might bge totally off but to tired to think … must go to sleep

  20. That’s a great shirt, Lizzy-wa. Very bubbly. I went to go see Scott in Edmonds and it was pretty awesome. He took a picture of my face tatoo, we should see it up on the blog soon. If I could be an Ugly, Pretty or Special, I’d be an Ugly. Evasive surgery = not my thing.


    seriously like there aren’t words to describe your luckiness *squeals* yeah i’m like writing exactly what i’m thinking so please excuse my spastic-ness

    i read both of your blogs, lizzy-wa and bri-la, which of course just makes me even more envious of you guys meeting scott! LUCKY!

    so excited for halloween…costume almost ready…
    fake arm tattoo sleeves? check.
    liquid eyeliner for facial flash tattoos? check.
    fitted black shirt? check.

    all i have left is to figure out what i want to wear for bottoms, and diy the shirt w/ “special circumstances” or “i don’t want to hurt you, but i will if i have to” or something. halloween=love…most of the fun comes from planning the costume!

  22. i’m 14 too, serafina. and FOB is so not emo, swriously me and my friends—along w/ most of my school—LOVE them, and we don’t have like a primaryily emo poulation. for our school, you’re not considered emo till you’re either a guy wearing skinny jeans or a girl wearing an AFI concert tee.

    and yeah, high school’s no cake walk, but be happy that you don’t go to this school that i heard about on the news: THEY DON’T HAVE LOCKERS!!! they just built this beautiful new building, but IT DOESN’T HAVE LOCKERS. the pri9ncipal or some guy in charge said that “in the future students will carry all of their schoolwork in zip drives.” well, that day is not today, and those kids are all gonna have back problems by the time they graduate!

    our homecoming dance is tonight, can’t wait for that…one of my friends is staying over but we’re not bringing anything to the dance except our tickets and ourselves so nothing gets stolen. aaaahhhh that’s another thing making me spastic…none of us (my friends and i) are going w/ anyone, but to save money we all paired up and split the cost of couples tickets to save a couple bucks.

    sorry for the super long post…i’m not one of those people that can leave short to-the-point comments lol!

  23. I not supposed to be on here right now…but i don’t care!! Im probably one of the youngest people here i just turned 12 aug 26.

    Fall out boy is not emo! Pretty much everyone I know loves their music. My Chemical Romance might be emo but i dunno ive only heard one of their songs.

  24. Lizzy-wa you look so cute!!!! kick shirt!!!! i wish i was creative as that *tear* lol but kool. you met scott! thats wicked sweet! and hes blogging about you double wicked sweet!!!!

  25. OMG no lockers ?!?!?!?!?!?!

    THAT is harsh.

    Like a couple years ago, one of our middle schools ( not mine, the ghetto one ) burnt down TO THE GROUND. And the next year we were stuck with all of these ghetto people that thought they ran the school.
    WE were SO packed jam tight.
    They said that they would make another middle school. — It will be done in like 2 more years. — so angry-making

    UGGGGggg…. I don’t care, because I don’t go there now. But still, they didn’t go straight into working on building another MS but instead they were still working on redoing ALL of the Elementary schools.

  26. that is SO KICK!!!!!!! o my gosh, scott….u HAVE TO COME TO NEW ENGLAND!!!!!!!! I DONT KNOW HOW TO EMPHASIZE THAT ENOUGH!!!!! u dont know how much i need u to come here!!!!
    gotta go….my sis & i r gonna watch another episode of alias……
    o yea…hope the uglies movie is good!!
    -riderchild-wa 😀

  27. ok Ashley-wa…did ya not hear my tirade erlier. IM NOT CUTE! the exact opposite!

    and yes. the no lockers thing totally stinks. like a dead skunk on a hot summer day.

    ok. so i feel a little Aya-like. maybe i did a little bit of truth-slanting. but only a little bit. maybe. just maybe! i mite not turn 13 til november 29. but just maybe! not THAT much of a truth-slanting Slime Queen rite? but seriously. there are only 10 people on this earth (besides you guys now) that no im still 12. my six closest friends and my imediat family. thats it. everyone else thinks im 13. so dont go spreadin it! but i do act like im 14.

    -Lizzy-wa OUT! 😉

  28. i’m 14 almost 15 in February.

    We have lockers but no one uses them so i figure we are all going to have back problems when we graduate.

    p.s. fall out boy is not emo!

  29. i dont listen to music. don no why. occasionally i’ll blast the music on the radio or somthin and my dad ull be like “what are you listening to these days!?” and i’ll be like “i have no idea!” yeah. im totally in tune with my surroundings.

    -Lizzy-wa OUT! 😛

  30. sorry i didnt Lizzy-wa. and omg i saw that ur b-day is on Nov. 29. mine is Nov. 20! thats pretty awesome!

  31. August birthday!!! just had to say that im am a unique crazy person on here (all the other crazy ones are born in november) 8) im cool

  32. Like i said before, u guys are old, compared to ma at least, o well, i like my generation and my frinds some i guess im fine for a few more years, although im desspertly awaiting for less homework, i mean we have a life, maybe teachers dont, but we do so ya, thats all i got to say, talk to u crumbilies later!

  33. HA, At least your not the oldest in your grade right now. I’m 13. But everyone else is twelve. I’m in 7th grade too, but I take all 8th grade classes. wierd huh. hey, at least i’ll be driving before everyone else. fool! ow my tooth hurts so bad. somethings wrong with my braces. why must the orthadontist close on the weekend. Ow hurts so bad.
    (by the way, sorry about spelling errors)

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