Slush Piled!

At about 3PM yesterday, all my publishing pals pinged me to report that I had achieved true publishing geek nirvana: Tally was name-checked in Tales from the Slush Pile!

Slush Pile is a comic strip that’s part of Children’s Bookshelf, the email spin-off of Publisher’s Weekly that covers our corner of the business. I rushed to check, and there Tally was in the first panel:

She is now part of publishing culture. Rejoice!

Click here to read the strip from the beginning.

The next time I blog, I’ll be in California!

68 thoughts on “Slush Piled!

  1. finally back….made bread….my sis is downstairs excersicing….while im waiting, i’m going to read extras….

  2. We all need to encourage Mr.Westerfeld to write more. We all no that somewere in our hearts we want this story to contiue. In a way, i want it to continue to learn about Aya more but on the oter hand i miss Tally-wa soooo much. I cant be icy every day noing he will never make one. So Mr.Westerfeld dont be a bubblehead (we all no you arent i just love useing those words) and write somemore. Anyways if you dont write anymore those questions typed buy me earlier will just be left, unanswered.

    If your haveing trouble understanding why were dying for another, let me help.
    You didnt just create a book, yeah uglies was just a book at first, but then you made more and more so then, it became a world. Sometimes we wonder wat it would be like to be in the world. Being pretty and haveing perfect bfs like Zane (R.I.P) but other times its just knowing that anytimes our world gets harsh or were haveiong a bad day we can turn to another place. You created that place, you have to continue it, were will we go if you dont. I want my mom to buy all the books even thought i read them because sometimes i like going to my favrtie parts were it mad me smaile and laugh. For example, when tally and Zane kissed. Or when Frizz loved ayas nose.So i hope you understand now. PLase tak my word to heart and think hard and long, we need you, we need your world!

  3. well put, bran-la!!
    as he/she said, you created a world for us, in which we take refuge whenever we’re felling like the entire world is bogus…..i need your world too…..AND PLEASE COME TO MASSACHUSSETTS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I NEED U TO COME TO MASSACHUSSETTS!!!!!!! YOU DON’T KNOW HOW MUCH I NEED U 2 COME 2 MASSACHUSSETTS!!!!
    sorry…..i just got a little carried away….now for me to start complaining about my angry-making sister….
    i was reading extras, then my older sis took it away from me!!!!! talk about bogus!!! now she’s reading, and i have nothing to do…(aside from the 15 books that just came for me at the library, but, if your in the middle of such a bubbly book as extras, all of the other stuff seems totally brain-missing!!!) oh, and now she’s going upstairs to fold her humungo pile of laundry (i fold mine every morning, so i get to stay here! 🙂 happy-making!!!), and she TOOK EXTRAS WITH HER!!!!!!!!!! now, correct me if i’m wrong, but it’s not incredily easy to fold and read at the same time…..i even asked her if she’s bringing it with her and she said that she was!!! sometimes, it’s bubbly to share series with older sisters and your mother…but sometimes, its completely bogus. BOGUS, BOGUS, BOGUS, BOGUS, BOGUS, BOGUS, BBBBBBBOOOOOOOGGGGGGGUUUUUUUSSSSSS!!!!!!!!!!!!!! now, all i have left to do is keep on boring u guys…..
    so, tonight we’re going to…….URGH!!! i can’t get my mind off of extras!!!!!!!!! it’s so dang good!!!!!!!!!!! it’s totally brain-missing to just fold laundry and expect yourself to be able to read at the same time…..sigh…..hmmm…..dum dee dum dee dooo…….now, i bet all of you have exciting lives, but i just dont! i have to wait in line for a book I PAID FOR, while my sis isn’t even reading it, and i only have fifteen other books that are so brain-missing and random that i just can’t stand reading another page!!!!! i wish i had something incredibly icy to do, or something to do other than write a million paragraphs of stuff that’s just gonna bore u guys 2 bits!!! UUUURRRRGGGHHHH!!! i feel like i’m just a random!!!!!! i need something bubbly to do before i explode with boredom!!!! u know what? u guys will just die of boredome reading of my bogus suffrings, so why don’t i save all of u guys from this torture and leave?
    -riderchild-wa 🙂

  4. maybe ur sister’s doing it cuz it seems to be like, bothering you A LOT. but i can ttly sympathize.
    wat fifteen library books did u get?


  5. come on. they would be soooooooo awesome. just make it happen! plz! don’t make me write fanfic on you. and i won’t sue for the idea….if i’m in the 4th midnighters aknowledgment page. just kidding.

    but think about it……on the full moon….at midnight…..return of dess/jess/jon/rex/melissa….but maybe with more new narrators…..and darkling werewolves….and more lore….and a cool werewolf symbol….and dude, it’d be a FOURTH MIDNIGHTERS. WITH WEREWOLVES.

  6. HEY! i found a mistake in EXTRAS two! it says “Was there was something hollow about the echoing blows?” on page 116! it should say “Was there something hollow about the echoing blows?” yepyepyep.

    -Lizzy-wa OU! 😮

  7. AND…the fourth book would be called CHASING MIDNIGHT! i wouldnt sew for that idea if i was in the aknowledgements ether! CHASING MIDNIGHT and DARKLING WEARWOLVES! OH YEAH!

    -Lizzy-wa OUT! 8)

  8. what’s the typo? i don’t get it.

    and plz plz darkling werewolves!!! darkling werewolves chase people. chasing midnight. it would be awesome.

  9. Serafina-la…its just doesnt sound rite. ya no? and hey. we should form a club. a CHASING MIDNIGHT WEREWOLVES club. HEY! that makes sense! cause its like CHASING MIDNIGHT, and MIDNIGHT WEREWOLVES, and MIDNIGHT WEREWOLVES are just like DARKLING WEREWOLVES, only different names! FOOL! and its like revolving around the werewolves. cause were chasing them, but the titles in there two! FOOL!

    i am officially in the CHASING MIDNIGHT WEREWOLVES club. wanna be co-presidents with me Serafina-la?

    -Lizzy-wa OUT! 😮

  10. Also, when are you going to be in New York, because Books of Wonder’s site has you there on the 27th, but I’m busy that day. And I’ve yet to see any NY appearances listed here.

  11. yes! darkling werewolves chasing people forever!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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