You All Rule

This has been such an intense couple of days: six school visits, two big bookstore appearances, a zillion bookstore drop-ins and wonderful fannish encounters.

I don’t have words to say how incredible everyone has been, plus it’s really late at night and I have to get up tomorrow to be driven to Wisconsin. So how about some pictures?

Here’s some amazing fan art that was presented to me by the member of Midnighters Board. Check out the text on these Peeps-alicious treats.

An awesome window display:

Also, the folks over at FanLib have started a Extras fanfic contest. The winner gets an Aya-skinned PS3!

Click here for details.

Now I must SLEEP. See you tomorrow, Mequon and Cedarburg!

65 thoughts on “You All Rule

  1. squeeeeeeeeeeeeee
    my boyfriend says i have to stop screaming into the phone.
    but i can’t help it,
    i’m just so excited!

    can’t wait till tuesday till you come to San Francisco!

    okay thats enough “fan girl”ness

  2. wow, that is one icy book display…. I WANT IT!!!! ๐Ÿ˜› My friend and I had been waiting so long for Extras to come out. We practicaly blew out our other friends ear drums from yelling ๐Ÿ˜› Love ur Uglies SERIES Scott.

  3. Now we just have to hope that some adventurous representative of the Marshmallow Peeps company is monitoring this blog…

  4. whoa, love the peep peeps.
    and the huge pile of westerfeld-ness. i have one much like it. it is called my bookcase.
    and so much aya on one small machine.
    i loved extras!!! it was awesome!!!
    but refraining from spoilers here…
    *moves back to spoiler thread quietly*

  5. No scott U RULE!!!!!!! THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU!!!!!!! for coming to naperville and signing my book. u were very funny and i had a TON of fun. YOU ARE SO COOL!!!!!! THANK U THANK U THANK U THANK U THANK YOU THANK YOU!!!!!

    *Now back to reading Extras!*

  6. Oh…. I CAN’T WAIT to read Extras today.
    I just had to finish the other book I was reading and NOW I AM DONE

    YAY !!!

  7. love the parasite peeps! thats so funny! but what i really love is that book display. especially how its all scott westerfeld books with the exception of the one magic or madness book in the corner, that is so great! haha! but yeah, have fun scott, i wish you good luck!

  8. I love the peeps Marshmallows… Bubbly.
    Same for the book display.

    But guess what? I’m going to be a Special for halloween!!!!!!!!! I’m pulling my hair up into an uber-tight ponytail, black contacts, a skintenna coming from my ear, cuff-type bangles for crash bracelets, flash tattoos (mot the real thing, obviously), a cardboard hoverboard, and an icy black specials getup (which I have yet to accquire). Plus I’m dripping red food coloring on my wrist and wrapping it in gauze.


    LOVE the gigantic pile of books! i cant find the secont and thrd Midnighters anywhere!see ya next thrsday!

    Elise-wa…like EVERYbodys being a SPECIAL now thanx to me! WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! but me and Bri-la found that the contacts cost like $100!

    -Lizzy-wa OUT! ๐Ÿ˜›

  10. Well, Lizzy, I won’t be getting Extras until the ninth, thanks to Amazon.
    At any rate, Scott, I’ll be seeing you tonight! Can’t wait!

    What exactly do we have to DO for said Aya PS3 contest??

  11. you were so nice on tuesday! It twas the best birthday ever! I met you and Justine! My friends are so jelous that I got my book signed by you! Thanks for choosing a town near me to come on the release date. Thank you !

  12. It was awesome but sad there were 37 people at the signing in skokie poor Scott-sensei probably felt so face missing!Too bad that we all have to wait for the next book for him to go on tour again. : (

  13. Wow! Those are some AWESOME Peeps! TOo bad that they aren’t vegetarian- or are they? I don’t actually enjoy Peeps, so I’ve never read the ingredients, but those would be fun to have!

    Were they made because of the book “Peeps,” or is it some horribly coincidental coincidence? Or are they just some, I dunno, photomanip? I see the cocoa cats on the site, and they don’t look the same, but anyone with computer skills THAT amazing should be famous- it looks real! Anyone care to explain?

    Intensegreeneyes- 37 people isn’t too bad! At the national book festival a couple years ago, the author of the Bartimaus (sp) books only had ten people show up, and half of them had just been sitting in the same tent all day!

  14. To double post…Is the package created with, like, waxed paper or something? This is hurting my brain trying to guess, but that’s my only idea so far.

  15. Wow. A chance to win a PS3 is cool enough. But with a EXTRAS skin!?! That’s amazing! Worth spending time writing a fan fiction to begin with!

  16. 2 bad i cant eat PEEPS (im a vegetarian)
    and for people who might ask there not vegetarian because marshmallows have gelatin in them
    which is made out of cow and pig fat
    I wish i could be a Special for Halloween, but im not going anywhere
    i might have a photo though(if i have the time)
    luv all scott fans


  17. oooh, kewl book display!!! EXTRAS… JUST… OUT… OF… MY… REACH!!! NOOOOO!!! It’s just a PICTURE!!! *sob* lol.

    hehe funny fanart!!! very fool! ^_^

    ummmm… how is Aya’s name pronounced? Aya Fuse? it’s Japanese, right? so it’s pronounced “ah-yah fooh-seh?” i dont want to pronounce it wrong. ๐Ÿ™‚

  18. awesome! I think Ive spotted a few of Justine’s boks hidden among the mounds and mounds of your books. ๐Ÿ™‚ have fun in wisconsin, if thats the correct way of putting it

  19. That PS3 contest is so cool! I’ve never written fan fics before, but I’ll be sure to give it a whirl. The details on the site are a bit vague, I’m not entirely sure what I’m supposed to do.

    Bethany, the peeps box is fan made. The cover was scanned in and redone in photo paint, then printed out and taped on.

  20. That’s really cool, the peeps. I find that hilarious!

    I’m one of those people you saw in wisconsin and forgot to ask you a question so here I go. I’ve noticed that Uglies is being turned into a movie, will you play an active part in making of the movie, like helping to pick out the cast, help design the backgroung etc..or are you not?

    Please answer me!

  21. Nummy time!

    I think I like the Australian Peeps cover more than the American one(s)…
    That’s a hella lotta books though ๐Ÿ˜›

    But that PS3…*drools over keyboard*


  22. Hey Guys whats up?? I havent talken in a while but GUESS WHAT??????????????????????????? I made my mom get me extras, Im not very far in it yet. Cause im a tard and thought it came out on the 16 hahahaha whatever. But seriously its very good i like it a lot

  23. Wow.
    I’m thinking that book display would look fexcellent in my room.
    I’m uber jealous of all bookstores right now…

  24. That’s an awesome book display! I wish u would come to where I live – That would be so cool.

  25. i agree with teh details of teh contest are vague but i think if i was reading it right teh sponsors are going to give the objectives out on october 12 the day it starts if im wrong someone tell me cuz im confused myself but i think that is what is happened

  26. Kailyx and kheidi-la:

    Christine from FanLib here. Hi! Thanks for your feedback. We added a bit more detail about the contest at

    Right now, we want you all to discuss and vote for the scenario you want to read or write about at

    On Fri 10/12, we’ll let you know which scenario won, and that will become your writing mission!

    Hope that helps. Feel free to post any other questions at

  27. k, so u have lots of bookstore stuff…could u PLEASE COME TO MASSACHUSSETS???????????
    -riderchild-wa ๐Ÿ™‚

  28. That was a cool little game system thingy(forgot what it was called, im more of a compter person) I would totally get that if i wanted one of those. OMG, lightbulb, wat if they made covers for your phone!!!! OMG i would so buy one!! SCOTT, SCOTT, make cell phone covers!! YEAH! Any who, it wou;d be totally icy, but i wanted to say i think another ugles “trilogy” book would be so pretty-makeing. I am going to read the midnighters series i thibk its called. I love your boks so mucch so im sure ill like these but no matter what, Uglies,pretties,speacils,extras, and hopefully more, will always be my thing. (P.S. I love Zane and Frizz is cool 2, MANGA-HEAD)

  29. come on. they would be soooooooo awesome. just make it happen! plz! don’t make me write fanfic on you. and i won’t sue for the idea….if i’m in the 4th midnighters aknowledgment page. just kidding.

    but think about it……on the full moon….at midnight…..return of dess/jess/jon/rex/melissa….but maybe with more new narrators…..and darkling werewolves….and more lore….and a cool werewolf symbol….and dude, it’d be a FOURTH MIDNIGHTERS. WITH WEREWOLVES.

  30. I was so going to join this contest and give it a try to win that Aya skinned PS3(PS3 is cool but Aya skinned PS3 is even cooler!!) until I saw the rules saying “The following Contest is intended for viewing and participation in the United States only.”huh…bummer. There’s no way that I am a resident in United States. LOL. Guess that I have to make do with staring the that wonderful pic of the PS3. *sigh*

  31. Elise-Wa it’s so bubbly making that you are going to be a Special! In my country, we don’t quite celebrate Halloween here so I can’t imagine anyone knocking the doors doing trick or treat. Is it possible to post of pic of you wearing that costume?? :p

  32. Serafina-laรขโ‚ฌยฆwe should form a club. a CHASING MIDNIGHT WEREWOLVES club. HEY! that makes sense! cause its like CHASING MIDNIGHT, and MIDNIGHT WEREWOLVES, and MIDNIGHT WEREWOLVES are just like DARKLING WEREWOLVES, only different names! FOOL! and its like revolving around the werewolves. cause were chasing them, but the titles in there two! FOOL!

    i am officially in the CHASING MIDNIGHT WEREWOLVES club. wanna be co-presidents with me Serafina-la? anybody else wanna join?

    -Lizzy-wa OUT! ๐Ÿ˜ฎ

  33. omg, the ps3 looks AMAZING. and yes, im in the middle of reading extras. (perfect timing, im sick) so basically i’ve been sitting in bed this whole day (which is the 3 hour’s i’ve been up today) reading my head off because the book is just so addicting.

    btw: i want that ps3. RIGHT NOW!!
    god im demanding.

  34. You sure know how to kick a story! Just thought you’d like to know that you may be a “young adults” writer, but you also have adult fans!! I stayed up all night to finish Extras- and then my daughter did the next night (we argued over who was reading first)! Leaving us kind of bubbleheaded….
    Movies are icy- as long as you have author veto rights…they need to stay true to your vision, your world.
    Have so much to say- love all the books- can’t wait for more. A trilogy of trilogies is probably the best idea I’ve seen written on your blogs-I can just see the feeds leading from that!

  35. COME TO ENGLAND!!!!!!!

    I soo want to get you to sign my books. But i cant get to america. So you should come here!!!

    I am actually obssessed with your books, ask any of my friends =P


    Alisha-La xx

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