Battlestar Moi

The NY Times Book Review‘s special fall children’s section appears tomorrow, and for once covers a fair number of YA books. It’s online now, headlined with a deservedly wonderful review of Shaun Tan’s wordless graphic novel, The Arrival. (Hey! Shaun will be appearing at Teen Central in NYC today, 2PM! Click here for details.)

The section also has a warm and enthusiastic write up of Extras and the rest of the Uglies series. Full of deliciously quotable blurbs, it makes the coolest comparison ever:

With its combination of high-stakes melodrama, cinematic action and thought-provoking insight into some really thorny questions of human nature, [Extras], like its predecessors, is a superb piece of popular art, reminiscent less of other young adult books than of another pop masterpiece, the revived “Battlestar Galactica.”

Dude! That’s just what I was thinking . . .


Mmm . . . battlestarry.

Click here for the whole review.

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  1. Comment 200 is a sign that Scott-la needs to post again.

    I don’t know what the ideal government would be. But there’s a guy, I don’t know him in real life, but he says that America should be..whatcha call it? When there is no government…grrr I can’t think of it. But I hate politics. I really hope no one here believes the conspiracy theories about 9/11. Because they are silly and actually started as a joke but some stupid cynics took it seriously.

  2. Let me pull out my politic preppy voice and talk in my utmost words. Starting with utmost (not upmost)
    Honestly, i love our country. I am proud to be an American. But here is one thing that will linger in my heart forever, and that is the cruse, disgraceful wars we’ve had, have, and will have. Another thing is gender related. This applies world wide but it is an argument. Why are girls suspected to be less burly and weak. Why aren’t girls president.And y do girls wait an extra hour to use the powder room (potty). And wat would the world be like if we would all be blind but no the way around. Other wise known as not judging, what if we only knew people for who they are like on Scott Westerfelds “Blog” session per say. So let us be fair to one other and show respect to fellow natives.

  3. seriously. though i think that just means that we all have no lives and comment too much on unrelated things like twenty lines of commas.

    remember, we gotta give him time to write that fourth midnightes with darkling werewolves. jk. but seriously. we gotta wait so we can get some new books out for us to talk about.

    could use some….once again i request any good YA modern-day out of the beaten track fantasy reccomendations, i am bored out of my skull and read too much.

  4. i don’t know if i’m proud to be an american. i wish i could be, but our goverment’s done some pretty stupid crap i don’t want to own up to. especially when i’m on vacation or like in europe, i feel kind of bad being associated with the stupid stereotypes our foreign policy is perpetuating. sorry, big words over.

    and judging is sadly inevitable. i deal. ignore stereotypes and do whatever the hell you want, that’s my motto. but don’t spend all your time raving about how you’re overcoming it—if you’re really trying to prove your worth, ignore those roles and prove it with your achievments.

  5. Anarchy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    that’s it!!!!!!!!!
    Thank you Serafina-la!!!!!!!


    haha. Allie-wa in bitch mode.
    I know a lot about politics for my age. I only noticed this a couple weeks ago when we were learning about the Industrial Revolution, and government reform (like Capitalism and Socialism). And my Soc. Studies teacher asked what present-day government system socialism is like (or what government system is a form of socialism, something like that.) And I was the only person in the class that knew the answer (communism – duh!) The funny thing is there’s this “genius” (I could totally beat him to a game social studies around the world. Yeah, he’s not ass good as me.) kid in my class that shouts out all the answers all the time even if my teacher doesn’t ask a question. He’s the annoying know-it-all type of kid that actually doesn’t know it all. He didn’t know the socialism/communism thing. And I’m just like, “How stupid can 12-year-olds be?” I didn’t say that too loudly. I mean, come on, who doesn’t know what communism is? I could understand fascism maybe but communism is, like, the single most disruptive form of government in the last 50 years (ha…not including Nazi/Hitler fascism) I just hate it when people don’t know simple stuff like that (like what a deity is. That’s just lame. Or maybe I’m the lame one for actually knowing what it means.)

    Oh, and a couple weeks after that happened, in LA doing the stem “ism” he was saying how socialism and communism are the same, showing off how brilliant he is. Yeah. right. I was seriously pissed.

  6. I hate how people label others. I have been labeled with a name i can no longer deal with, Weird. Im not some dorky kid, but i have a since of humor, lots of friend, and i always make people laugh. I know people who have been labeled preppy, nerdy, future gang members, geeks, Motions (emotional), and even soccer freaks. It bothers me, there are so many more, because i have friends from the different clicks. Im tired of being the wired girl. But i think i might be moving out of that nest to just a no particular person, just me. Which is so fine with me.

  7. O, and im not afraid to hang out with people who are ignored by others. They may be annoying but i least im acceptant, im proud of myself for that. No matter wat label, goth, preppy, emo, soccer freaks, as long as people like you for you, you have no label.

  8. Why is my comment being moderated?

    okay. whatever.

    Well, yeah, I like America and all, but the government needs some serious help. But I acutally think I’ve been to the other side of this, just on a much smaller scale. Like, internet community small. That anarchist guy? He kept accusing me (an admin) and the rest of the admins of being unfair and breaking rules blah blah blah and it really got on my nerves (and everyone else’s) he was a troll, so we (the admins) blocked him. Then he started emailing all of us telling us how this was just proof of how evil we were. whining and ranting like an idiot (like me in my last post. the one awaiting moderation). So we extended his block. He started screaming cabal and conspiracy, and joined a forum against us (even there everyone hated him for being so cynical) so yeah. i was like the government. And he was like a citizen. A whiny, annoying, Michael Moore type of citizen. Not everything people say is true about the government. So mostly I ignore politics in general.

  9. I don’t like cliques either. I hate everything about school, pretty much.

    Funny you should mention that, because we had “mix it up” day at school. Where you have to sit at the table with your birthmonth on it. I don’t think many people actually did. I know I didn’t. But it was really eye-opening (lol stupid phrase) to see that the different types of people didn’t sit together…african-american together, preppy white girls together, white boys together, you know? Even though they didn’t know each other, they assumed they were like the other people like them. Like being black automatically attracted other african-americans to you, and being prep attracted other preps towards you.

  10. goodness people. you sure can talk! hehe. i have no idea what you are talking about cause im two bored and dont want to read all that. hehe.

    -Lizzy-wa OUT! 😀

  11. talking is fun. now i rave about Labels.

    i’m way over labels. like, you are all just preppy little white kids in some rich suburban town, i don’t give a crap what you think of me—in three years i’ll be out of this town and never see you fools again, and when i’m the one making something of my life while your kids are going to the same high school you did, well then i’ll be the one laughing, won’t i?

    hmmm….labels that have been attatched to me—genius and other sarcastic smart person derivatives, hippie, goth, emo, wierd, freak, loser, stoner, impossibly unathletic kid, kid who “reads books” ect.
    and i’m really not many of those things. but whatever. nevermind the fact that “goth hippie” is a total impossiblity, in my opinion.
    like, it’s all way petty and stupid.

  12. and now, the evils and admittence of Prejuidce.

    i admit freely that i don’t hang out with everyone. no offense to all you, but i hear so many people give that lecture on how they “don’t see labels” and are “cool with everybody” but half the time they’re preppy little bitches who spend the rest of thier time (when they’re not anti-clique-praising to teachers) being stupid and spreading mean rumors about people like me and my friends.

    so i admit it.
    i’m totally prejudiced.
    i see a girl in pink abercrombie or stuff like that, i’m less likely to voulenteer to go befriend you.
    not to say i’m not friends with people like that, or that lots of people aren’t like that who’re okay,
    but honestly? i’m more likely to go introduce myself to somebody dressed in all black or with an unnatural hair color
    (something funny i’ve discovered in my many hair colors—everyone on earth wants to dye thier hair like that, but no one ever does. all these popular girls talk about it, all people have suggestions, and talk about how they always wanted that, but they never do. because they’re constrained by thier cliques and not able to just do something cuz THEY think it’d be cool.)
    i’m like anti-prejudiced. i like freakish people better. i see a preppy girl, i’m more on guard.
    a lifetime of mean girls vs. freaks has taught me such.
    interestingly though, i find i judge less when it comes to guys. like, most of the guys i’m friends with are all mainstream. i guess it’s not as big an issue for them.
    so i’m not getting all high and mighty.
    i’m totally prejudiced.
    i judge people on first impressions.
    i do, and you people can’t tell me you all don’t.

  13. and allie-wa, that happens to me ALL THE TIME. i like don’t voulenteer in class much, but i know way more. like, i’m in all honors but the people are SO LAME. they know so little like common sense. i actually know current events, but that doesn’t mean i study it. i know who Lazarus is, but that doesn’t mean i go home and read the bible.

    that’s what I hate. people who assume you must be a total geek or spend all your time studying just because you know more than they do.

  14. I remember back in middle school when we did mix it up lunch days. I hated them. Let the people sit where they want!

  15. Well, i never have mix up day. Thank the Lord! I couldn’t deal sitting with people who i had the least interest in. Im really glad who my friends are, there really supportive. When i told my guy friend i was writing a book he insisted on reading it. When he finished he said he wanted to read more. It made me happy!

  16. u lucky fool.
    of course, i have the same problem now cuz none of my friends have the same lunch period as me.
    i force my writing upon all my friends. i wish i had supportive friends. mine r all apathetic and “i dunno, that was good.” and i’m like “CONSTRUCTIVE COMMENTS?!”. *sigh* i need a writing group.
    maybe they just get confused cuz i’m writing like fifty different stories at any given time.

  17. we’ve never had mix it up days or anything at my school, and i’m glad. there are so many different labels…the stonders/druggies/smokers (but they really are, so that’s the one label that’s based on fact!), the preps, geeks, emos, sluts (which is sometimes true, sometimes not!), and some more which i can’t remember at the moment.

    but my main group of friends doesn’t really have a label. in fact, you’d be hard pressed to find a single word to describe us all! one day at lunch we were talking about it and the best thing that we could come up with was “the intellects,” which is pretty close, i guess.

    I DIDN’T HAVE SCHOOL TODAY. yeah. just felt like sharing my luckiness. i had like a double weekend, it was fexcellent. it was super busy tho…all county chorus on friday/saturday, NYC on sunday, monday was my bday…i’m still exhausted.

    well, i’m off to watch house. byes!

  18. House is on? Really? lol I need to go watch it. srsly I’m sitting here refreshing a page on another website, waiting for excitement. I need to go watch House…

  19. well despite the fact my school is full of kids drinking and on drugs (as in, random drug testing program, breathalyzing at homecoming, drug-sniffing dogs in the lockers on a regular basis, kids getting suspended for having vodka in the band room, and the starting football team for the homecoming game being all freshmen cuz they were the only ones not busted for being drunk) a lot of the “stoner” stereotypes are totally wrong. like, people sometimes apply that to me and some of my friends who totally aren’t on drugs. unlike the rest of the school….
    the slut label isn’t very far off for a lot of the girls in my school though.

  20. Lol Serafina Zane, well, im not in high school so ya. But i really want to get past these grades and have a normal day, of doing wat i want! MAJOR PEEP SPOILERS i can not believe it, i new that cal like lace but i didnt no she would like him back! And she was all worried u no they would be together and u no….get infested. it was cute!Although i really wanted cal to stay and listen to what Morgan had to say…..i hope she wasn’t being her normal self….u no. I no to many u nos but u do no right? O well im on page 230. END OF SPOILERS
    You know i have always wanted to meet someone from this blog. I don’t no for some reason i want to no what u guys look like, its cool! O and ever since i read Midnighters i keep having these strong feelings for becomeing like Melissa, odd.

  21. Ok I went to the book fair today to get Touching Darkness and they only had one Scott book (uglies)! I kept looking at all the books cuz my dad doesn’t even try to pick me up on time anymore andin elementary school the books fairs were so cool since I have started middle school they seem to get worse and worse.

    we have half days on tuesdays cuz the teachers have teacher stuff to do and on thursday cuz of student led conferances. Almost every school in the district has a half day even the high schools.


    IS there any info on the Uglies Movie fro trying out for Tally?? PLEASE??? Thanks… Oh and whats up with all the long ************************************************************************ those things? (giggle) Hey Scott! Great job!

  23. hehe. our book fairs stink! and the library is even worse! all that they have is like 20 copies of every harry potter and eragon book, like two UGLIES and PRETTIES, junie b jones and henry and mudge. in MIDDLE SCOOL!!!!! it makes me sick! i have to wait a month to get anything from the town library. *sigh*.

    excuse my evil rampage.

    -Lizzy-wa OUT! :mrgreen:

  24. oy! all u Chasing Midnight Werewolves who’ve finished Blue Noon, head over to the Chasing Midnight Werewolves HQ and help us vote in our first page Midnighters fanfic contest.
    the voting’s open until midnight on friday. come and vote for your favorite!
    only vote once and if u entered, you can’t vote for yourself.
    the link’s in my name, but i’ll put it here too.

  25. OMG I remember mix up day…

    It was COMPLETELY pointless too. No one was talking that much— and when they were it was just about lame stuff.

    — P.S. I believe the government hides major stuff from us, wants us too be brainmissing ( Like Bush for Example ) and are conniving little ——– THEY WANT US TO BE CLUELESS AND IGNORANT !!

  26. hmmm….how did we get to talking politics, high school, middle school book fairs, and mixup days? im confused. but comment 239 also says that scott-la should write either another uglies or midnighters book or at least another post. im getting bored. no offence, but i dont really like battlestar galactica….actually, i’ve never really watched it…dunno….im just weird that way.
    oh, and i think i found more smileys….don’t blame me if it doesn’t work and i seem totally random….


    dunno…i hope it works!!
    hmm…i wonder….. :hopeful:

    oh, and i drew this picture of zane-la…

    scott-la: please post again!! i’m getting bored!!

    -Riderchild-wa :mrgreen:

  27. How do we get started talking about anything unrealted to the post? Me, of course!! lol jk. But I did first mention mix it up days. I mangaged to miss a bunch of posts. hmm…We need a new post to fill up.

    Riderchild-wa you should post the picture of Zane-la you drew. Plz? how do you do the arrow? I’m using Firefox and the code for it doesn’t show up w/ the mouse thing. So yeah I’m clueless about how to do it.

    hmm…Laura-la, somehow it doesn’t surprise me that you believe in government conspiracies. You just seem like that type of person. I’m not exactly going into detail…*sucks in breath* but you seem EXACTLY like my brothers. *releases breath*

    I got the most terrible case of hiccups today…loud, and like 1 every 5 seconds. In the middle of test in science, too. It was like so embarrassing.

  28. allie-wa just do this— : arrow : but take out the spaces. then you get this— ➡

    i’m currently attempting to pick an entry to vote for over at chasing midnight werewolves.

    it is excessively DIFFICULT. i’ve read through all of them three times and i still can’t decide! god you skilled people…i kept saying, “oh you know what i should try it just for fun.” but i kept on forgetting….darn. w/e, i’ll just have to decide. it’s HARD!!! 😥 😥 😥

    ok spazzing OVER

  29. I voted. I feel older now. I should be doing math, multiplying negative and positive numbers, easy. My class is gonna be on the news. dont care what its about. Im gonna be on the news!

  30. noooooooooooo!!!!!!!!! I lost my post!!! I stupidly hit refresh.

    oh well I’ll have to retype it.

    is your school going to be in local or national news? My school is has been in the news twice this year. for bad things, sadly. Like there a guy in my soc. studies class who was arrested for touching of six girls…in the wrong way (they called it “fondling”) oh and some kids were arrested for bringing pot to school. And my elementary school was in the news a couple years ago when we had a virus outbreak and literally half the students stayed home from school b/c they were sick.

  31. Scott-la I’m really getting worried. Where did you go? You need to make a new post. I’m getting bored. Even if I’m doing homework. Actually especially since I’m doing homework.

    I have 4 pages of math, 20 minutes of reading, making flash cards for science, 2 news stories for social studies, etc. But I don’t feel like doing it.

  32. 😛 😮 ➡ 😳 :mrgreen: 😀 😉 🙂 🙁 ❓ ❗ 😈 😆 😡 😥 🙄 8) 😯 :-I 😆

    i think that that is all the ones that i know

  33. i thought that that would work whatever :whatever:
    hopes that that will work
    o and yes i meant to have 2 thats

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