Halloween 07

I’m up in Saratoga Springs, New York for World Fantasy. Lots of Australians here, which is fun, and assorted agents, authors, and editors.

So, did anyone see any interesting Halloween costumes out there? Either Westerfeldian characters or just cool? Send me any cool pictures for posting, or link to a Flickr stream in the comments if you want.

Let me open with Lauren from California as Shay ala Special Circumstances:


Very icy.

Update: My spam filter prevented a few of your pix from showing up. (Comments with more than one link go into moderation automatically.) But they’ve been released and are showing up now.

I’ll put together all the pictures into a post tomorrow, but it’s 3AM now and I must sleep!

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  1. I’m the second comment! Fawesome! I’m thinkin now that I should have done a flash tattoo. Oh well. Looking forward to seeing you on the 9th! Adios!

  2. kool … i was wondering how one would go about being a special… that is so sweet… i am comment number 4 so awsome that is a new record for me

  3. i was melissa from midnighters for halloween—it came out great. i gotta look at my pictures again and ask my mom, but i’ll probably send some pics.

    i got these great blind guy/junkie/photophobic sunglasses at target, and it was worth being blind without prescription glasses to look awesome.
    plus i got a ur so 1159 shirt and wore black gloves and jeans and sneakers and a long sleeved red thermal under the t-shirt.
    plus i made a bixby high school sweatshirt. i like bought a black pullover sweatshirt and printed out this great graphic i made for it. it was like red on top of the black and said Bixby High School, Bixby Oklahoma and had a thirteen-pointed star in the middle. hmmmm…..maybe i should send that in too. then it could be Wearable Extra’d. yes, that is SUCH a verb.

    i know i talk about my costume too much. i’m pathetic like that. but no one around here got my costume, so there. i made a blue HELLO, MY NAME IS sticker and put Melissa and the mindcaster symbol on it, and wrote “Midnighters by Scott Westerfeld. Quit asking questions and go read it.” on the bottom.

    waaay too long post. i’m gonna go now.

    nice flash tattoos though.

  4. okay, i’m back again with my crazy long posts.

    but my french teacher was out today so we watched some movie on the lascaux caves and it reminded me SO MUCH of midnighters stuff. like prehistoric darkling-fighters and the lore and stuff, totally.

    for instance—they described two animals that might have been “female lions”. SINCE WHEN DO THEY HAVE LIONS IN FRANCE? so not lions. such darklings. u know they are.

    and they found a symbol that looked just like THE ROMAN NUMERAL FOR THIRTEEN! they even described it as that. come on. THIRTEEN. like XIII. (maybe. not good at numerals) u know that’s anti-darkling protection myths getting written there.

    and, for my final proof i offer this creepy-ass picture. http://www.crystalinks.com/unicornlascaux.jpg
    if that doesn’t say halfling, i don’t know what does.
    alternatively, it is the CREEPIEST UNICORN IN THE HISTORY OF MANKIND. it’s apparently supposed to be a human too, somehow. *shiver*
    this is why i like zombies better.

    but isn’t that stuff all creepy? i mean, dude, i know midnighters *aren’t* real and all that stuff, but that’s pretty crazy. and also proof that i was reeeeeeeeaaaaaaaaaally bored this morning.

  5. None in our group actually went as Westerfeld costumes, but during the school day, my friend, Jess-la, and I drew the flash tattoos on our hands. (Jess-la had her whole arm done.) They both turned out amazingly!

    But oh, love the flash tattoos on Lauren. <3

  6. No, i didn’t but that tattoos awesome
    Did she draw it herself?
    Well if she did, i wish i had sweet skills like that.

  7. WOW! scott is/was in saratoga?!?!?! when?! where?! i’m only 25 minutes from saratoga springs! but according to the page everything’s sold out…oh well…no i’m not that calm DARN IT!!!!!

  8. but what are your opinions on that creepy unicorn, Crowd and Blogger??????

  9. I will never be too old to go trick or treating. I dressed up as Nicky from the Jason Bourne films. I love those movies!

    I wonder if Saratoga Springs is near where I live…. Are you going to be there much longer?

  10. whoa
    totally kick tatoo!! wish i had skills like that!!
    totally freaky bout the cave, roman #s 4 13, picture of halfling, two female lionesses, and all that stuff….pretty kick!
    -Riderchild-wa 😆

  11. niiiiiiiice

    i wore a purple dress and purple eye make up with purple nail polish and i was…. WINCE Grimace’s (from McDonalds) fictional sister…!

    i just wanted an excuse to wear my new dress…

  12. I luv it!! that’s sooooo cool.

    I was going to go as an extra and wear my I’m an extra shirt. And then I was going to make tinfoil and with eye liner put tattoos on the side of my face. And then, I couldn’t go trick or treating, so was on a skate board (hoverboard) passing out candy on my front lawn.


  13. i know, is that not the freakiest french class movie EVER?

    spread the word!

    u should post more and respond to posts and stuff, scott-la. we’re bored. you know what’d be helpful? a fourth midnighters with darkling werewolves. that’d amuse us for AGES.

    wat were u gonna make with tin foil, Kadie-Wa? like crash bracelets?

  14. wow Lauren looks way cool and feirce!!!! my Halloween was cool. and i saw a lot of neat-o custumes. one of my friends dressed up as Optimus Prime and then my other friend dressed up as Tally and the cool thing was she made this hover board. its was cool. and then her boyfriend dressed up as David lol!!! <3 <3 <3

  15. I was going to be a peep but my mom wasn’t in the halloween spirt this year. So i went as Wednesday Adams. It was pretty awesome.

    You were in Saratoga? Grrr I was up there a couple weeks ago. 🙁 o well, maybe next time.

  16. I keep telling my friend (who is reading her first Scott-book ) That I hate her because she gets to read the Uglies series for the first time…. Sure, I could read it again — and I will— but I already know what has happened

    — It is so envy-making

  17. i went as a special!!!!!!
    it took me 3 hours at the mall to find the right tattos
    but now there gone
    but they where totally ICY
    okay im done with my spasm

  18. omgsh!!! that is so0o0o0o0o co0ol! i wanna go as a special next year!!! make a flash tatto and everything. no, maybe a pretty, and make crash bracelets, too… like the idea, serafina zane, or kadie, whoever came up with it.

    haven’t blogged in FOREVER.

    yeah, i DEFINATELY want to go as a pretty next year! don’t know how i’ll actually manage the “pretty” part of it, but it’ll be fun anyways!!!!

    l8r.. jackie-wa 🙂

  19. OMG I JUST FINISED TOUCHING DARKNESS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  21. My friend Jamie and I went as Special Circumstances. She used some old uggs and wrapped duct tape around them, while I coiled my hair with duct tape. I did our makeup from the cover of Specials. She has pictures so I’ll probably post a link later tonight. =D It was awesome; everyone just thought we were space kids though, lol.

  22. that sucks
    i looked sooo bad i was a 50’s girl
    i will be dess next year
    that will be soooo cool
    don’t you all agree
    bran-la u can be melissa
    that would be great 😈
    🙂 ^_^

  23. last night we saw 15 year olds smoking and drinking they were very creepy some goth people were sitting on a curb todaly wasted that was not all these kids i know tried to give their number to my “boy friend” (he is a guy that is my friend) she is a slut (she is she didn’t even know them i bet she gave her number to at least 20 guys most of them were like hi) other than all the creeps it was a good night
    MY “boy friend’s” dad said that nop one can eat any cany before he looked to se if it had poisen in it
    as you can see way over protective he was grilling one of my other friends about grammer he is way nutz 😈

  24. I was Shay, too for Halloween.

    But when I read, I remembered it saying her flash tattoo was a nest of snakes coiling around each other. (TOTALLY icy)…so…that’s what I drew. On my face. Except I was rushed, so there’s only one snake. :[

    I’m going to try to put a link in here…
    If that doesn’t work, here’s another one…

    It was pretty cool. Everyone thought my face looked fawesome.

    I did my friend’s face like the cover of Specials, but I couldn’t get a picture.

  25. i went as tally and made my friends and parents refer to me as tally-wa. if they called me tracy, i wouldn’t respond, but it took all day to get used to it. i have this totally fawesome pic of my special tattoos that i drew myself, even though i can’t draw for crap!! i was amazed at myself for doing so good!!! scott, how am i supposed to send the pic to you? oh, wait!! i think i know how…maybe… i’ll try it when i download my camera.

    for my costume i had a long-sleeved plain black shirt, REALLY long black pants, and chunky high heeled boots. the pants were so long that they were going over the heel of my boot!! which is like, 3 inches high!!! btw, trick or treating in heels, not fun. especially on smushy grass when you can’t see, because you’re not wearing your glasses!

    after trick or treating with two of my friends and one of my friend’s little sisters (she’s so cute!!!!), we went back to her house and played with my other friend’s wii. the wii is totally fawesome!!!! i lost bad on tennis, but it’s so fun!!!! anyway, enough with my insanely long comment. really talkitive today. even though i’m half asleep right now, and have been all day. cya, my peeps!!!

  26. haha i was such a nerd i didnt tell anyone what my costume was until halloween i told my mom i needed a stick, silver spraypaint, and black paint she looked at me funny and somelady said i wasnt wearing a coustume even though i told her i was

    i was attempting to be a midnighter:


    it was hard to see with sunglasses on and someone asked me if i would have to use the stick i i told them i hope not they had no clue what it ment

  27. if only i could have died my anoying blond hair black im starting to think im going to go emo to bad i dress to fit into a croud…

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