Many Specials

Okay, still at World Fantasy. Lots of cool YA authors here. Mostly have been hanging out with Garth Nix and the rest of the Aussie contingent, and keep running into Holly Black and Cassie Claire, who turn out to be in the same hotel as me.

More later on con activities, but first lots of Halloween cossies to share. From the Uglies books, this from Jamie and Nona:


And Tamir (too old to trick or treat, but went for the Special treatment anyway):


And finally Ally B. From Arkansas, who also dressed up to take some littlies out:


And this interpretation of Shay’s “nest of snakes” tattoo, from Colorific:


And Tara-wa as a Cutter:


And a trio of hoverboarding Smokies:


And from the Midnighters side of things, a darkling-proof pumpkin!


And Dess and Melissa:


Sorry if I missed anybody, I’m darting in and out of my hotel room. Hope you had great Halloweens!

161 thoughts on “Many Specials

  1. i don’t like rap, but i really don’t hate it. except for poser rap. and i don’t like country. *shiver*

    and teenagers, that song is way old. My Chemical Romance’s pretty good though.
    Fall Out Boy’s cool too. I’m going to see them in like two weeks….yea!

    you know what really confuses me though? the fact that they bleep out the word God on TV. like, in that Fall Out Boy Song they’re like, This ain’t a scene it’s a “Bleep”damn arms race. it’s like dude? wtf? u bleep out god but not damn?

    i avoid the radio. steal songs from internet/burn copies from library/watch videos on vspot/listen to pandora.

    i love the arctic monkeys though. and the raconteurs. they rock.

    most popular music sucks. including Avril Lavigne in my opinion. i’ve only heard that one boys like girls song.

    Why The Last Goodnight Are Poseurs—thier one song title is stolen from The Cure, and thier lead singer is trying too hard to look like the guy from The Clash, but ends up looking much much gayer. and thier song isn’t that good.

    trying to avoid talking insanely about music more……failing moderately. srry for long post again

  2. ummm…i know people are going to re respond to this but here it goes…….. are you going to make a movie series for the ugly sereies….(if are going to make the movies )i am kinda good actor…an i feel like when i am reading the series i am tally…so i think i canrelate alot to tally…but if you arent going make the movies…well you should so every ugly reader(ugly series) can see how different the movie+book is…this could be the next harry potter!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Imdb says so, but I’m not really sure. And I don’t know about auditions, but it seems everyone asking is coming here.

    I really need to think of a better answer to that.

    Serafina, The Cure song is from 1989. which is like old. I think other people deserve the right to use it after 18 years.

    But that does not apply to lyrics. Like in Girlfriend by Avril Lavigne (although she didn’t write it) uses lyrics from an old song. But right now I don’t remember who it’s by.

    They cut out everything on the radio. Whenever they play U+Ur Hand by Pink (which is more than they should), they cut out the word “sucks”. Which sucks. I’ve never heard any FOB songs on the radio besides Thnks fr th mmrs, but in “I Write Sins Not Tragedies” by Panic! At The Disco, they do the ***damn thing. I guess it’s not to offend religious people, but it’s kind of silly not to cut out the “damn”.

    Now that I think about it, “Bubbly” by Colbie Caillat (that how you spell it?) is the perfect song for Pretties. Even if they overplay it on the radio. And if it sucked to begin with.

    I bet I offend alot of people with my ‘musical tastes’. It’s funny, I don’t even know what started it. Oh, well. Making long posts about music is alot funner than it seems! I could make this longer, but…you know.

  4. now to tediously retype it.

    I don’t care how old The Cure song is, they have eternal song-title-copyright. Because they’re better. you can only reuse someone else’s title if your song is better. Which thiers isn’t. so there.
    The Last Goodnight are so generic, i can hardly tell if they wrote thier own song or are trying to cover the Cure one.

    yeah, i heard the song Avril totally plagarised from, it sounded EXACTLY the same, except it was Boyfriend not Girlfriend.

    yeah, that used to annoy me with the Panic! song too. and i’m talking about ON TV. not even the radio. u’d think they’re less censor-y there. i almost never listen to the radio. i just watch waaaaay more Fuse than any human being should.
    another interesting thing is to see how they censor songs different between Fuse and MTV/VH1. Like, for Teenagers, their versions are totally different. and Fuse used the “god” edit video for This Ain’t A Scene, It’s An Arms Race, but when they had Fall Out Boy on The Sauce live, they didn’t edit it.
    very, very wierd standards.

    i totally hate Thnks fr th mmrs. that song is like the worst FOB song. (if we’re not discussing my irrational hatred of The Carpal Tunnel of Love…) the video isn’t even good to make up for it. even the spelling of the title is obnoxious. This Ain’t A Scene, It’s An Arms Race, by far the best song off that album. way awesomer.

    is it wierd if i’ve never heard that song?

    i don’t try to offend people with my musical tastes. thier tastes just suck. and mine are better. so they should just deal. the Arctic Monkeys are awesome. They have 13 letters in their name. So do The Raconteurs. who are also awesome. both rock harder. just deal.

  5. lol you like the same type of music my brothers do. And they think the exact same way you do: my music is better. period.

    Say what you want, but i say they have the right to use the title. And they don’t even sound alike. The guy on the radio said got the two songs confused. He said that the The Last Midnight song was 18 years old. Can you AT LEAST RESEARCH IT A LITTLE before saying things like that??

    I’m kind of like threshold-ish. I listen to almost all types of music, with a few exceptions. Which shall remain unnamed RAP. But I don’t even consider rap music, so it doesn’t count. Oh, and don’t forget everything they play on NPR. With no exceptions. Which is odd, considering I play a classical stringed instrument (Viola). Actually, not really now that I think about it. Because I HATE it. My mom said it would ‘look good’ on my high school resume.

    As far as the radio goes, I think it’s better than silence. Even if they are playing “Beautiful Girls” (or is there no plural?) or “Big Girls Don’t Cry”. Although I prefer changing the station when those songs play. But when they play U+Ur Hand they cut out so much of it that I can’t even tell what she’s singing about.

    It was really weird this morning. I was listening to a station and it started playing Christian music. I was like…wtf? I thought I might have had it on the wrong station, but, no, they do this thing on Sunday mornings. But no one tells me that.

    I had heard the ‘boyfriend’ song, too, by accident on YouTube. It thoroughly confused me, until I heard about Avril getting into a mess because of it.

    I like Lily Allen. Not because of her music. But because she’s British. I like her accent. And she’s about 1000 times better than Amy Winehouse. Amy Winehouse is probably one of my least favorite British people. Which is saying alot, considering my obsession for anything British.

    I don’t get what you mean. Weird if you’ve never heard what song? Bubbly by Colbie Caillat? Cause I’m assuming you don’t mean This ain’t a Scene, it’s an Arms race, or Thnks fr th mmrs. Obviously.

    I want to buy the album Infinity On High on iTunes. But i haven’t heard all the songs on it. i might buy one of their other albums. But I have my priorities…

  6. Those are so cute! I have done the makeup on myself, but I just need to get a new camera or something so I can be all like, taking pictures of it. I think I need to make my own hoverboard. seriously.

  7. yeah, i meant the Bubbly one.

    and Infinity On High isn’t that good—i only like really two songs on there. and one or two are okay. in fact, This Ain’t a Scene, It’s an Arms Race is really the only song i truly like off that album *puts it on and turns up volume*
    i like From Under The Cork Tree better. and i’ve been trying to get ahold of Take This To Your Grave and sort of failing.

    yeah, i have that Lily Allen album. she’s actually pretty good if you’re in a peppy ironic lyrics samply singy british mood. best thing about her is i can actually listen to her whole album. like, it’s not where three songs are good and the rest sucks. plus, the album has continuity. it all fits together. that sort of thing bothers me.
    I can’t say Lily Allen is my favorite british person though, because the Arctic Monkeys are British, so they get that. and like, The Beatles, duh.

    and speaking of research *cough cough* it’s The Last Goodnight, not Midnight. ha. i hate them and i even know that.
    i guess they have a right to the name, but it makes me take them less seriously. though the singer’s bad guyliner did that too….

    i’m pretty close-minded when it comes to music actually. i’m also very judgemental. rock, rock, punk, rock, emo, rock, rock-pop, gothish, rock, that’s pretty much me. all the stuff that media player labels as genre “alternative”. it’s like ALTERNATIVE TO WHAT???!!? THIS IS ALL I LISTEN TO!

    i avoid the radio cuz i prefer having control over my music. mp3 player, internet playlists.
    but i agree, i can’t do ANYTHING in silence. silence freaks me out—i can’t focus. must blare something to focus.

    and i don’t like dismiss genres. except posers. but i think like, you can like whatever kind of music you want to, if you LIKE it. like i don’t care if you like rap if you really listen to it, if you know your influences, your artist’s histories and stuff. if you do your homework, i don’t care what you like, you’re hardcore.
    it’s suburban white girls who are like I Love Chamillionaire! who bother me. i’m like, name ONE OTHER song by him other than that Top 20 hit you’re listening to right now. and they just go ummm….

    i have been told i listen to music like a guy. or at least girls tend to never have heard of music i listen to, whereas guys see the Arctic Monkeys button on my backpack and go, Oh my god i love those guys. you are my new best friend.
    what can i say? girls tend to be much less cool about music. i mean, most of my friends have good taste. i have one friend who i found with Nick Lachey on her iPod and she doesn’t understand why i stopped talking to her.
    it’s all crappy gender stereotypes, guys listen to music and try to play guitar and girls are lame and obsessed with pink.
    screw that.

    The Raconteurs are the best band no one’s heard of that i know. like, such a better use of Jack White’s time than the White Stripes. Though Seven Nation Army is a hardcore song. they get all…..yeah. sometimes though. oh well.

    u know who else is good? Cold War Kids. i just got Robbers and Cowards. totally great album.
    *puts on Hang Me Up To Dry*

  8. yeah, i know you probably did, just couldn’t let that opportunity slip by. i always have midnighters on my mind. dude, you’re comment 113!!!

    i’m ripping this Plain White Ts cd, cuz my mom wants it, right?
    so they’re this band of emo kids (yes i know they aren’t musically emo, but still. guy. wearing. v-neck.) so it’s a bunch of super-white kids and a black guy. i’m not being rascist or anything, but look at this list of members.
    can you Guess The Black Guy?
    is it Tom, Dave, Mike, Tim, or De’Mar?
    really hard, i know.

  9. Bubbly…even the name is Pretties. It’s like Tally and Zane. I would post a link to the lyrics but I’m too lazy right now. But really…when I heard that song I started laughing. It’s the Pretties theme song!

    Yeah, I sorta know what you mean with Lily Allen. I got her album as soon as it was released in the US. I like her music sometimes. But other times it’s like…oh-my-gosh-i-can’t-believe-i-even-have-this-album. I think I heard somewhere that she’s working on a second album.

    Ok, I’ve been really hypocritical to the radio guy (but seriously, I was thinking about Midnighters!! In fact Blue Noon was and still is sitting on the desk in the corner of my vision).

    Now, I wouldn’t say I’m close-minded, but I’m not open-minded either. Like I said, I’m threshold-ish. I don’t really care when my brothers blare out Dream Theater from their stereo. Or play really loud music from an old record. I just prefer not to listen to it.

    Silence. Kills. Last night I was trying to sleep, but it was *silent*. So I blared music from my iPod. And fell asleep.

    How can you listen to music like a guy??? Is there i certain way i should listen to music? Is there also a certain way I should eat, drink, breathe, and sleep? And, um…who’s Chamillionare? I’ve never heard of him. Probably because of my extreme hate of rap (which, btw, rhymes with crap, coincidentally).

    I had never heard of the Rancteurs until you mentioned them. So…yeah. whateer.

  10. lol Serafina that’s not rascist. It’s a fact. If you want rascist, you should talk to my brothers.

    Plain White Ts. Who..oh wait, as in…Hey There Delilah? emo. emo. emo. yes.

  11. lol Serafina that’s not rascist. It’s a fact. If you want rascist, you should talk to my brothers. They really are rascist.

    Plain White Ts. Who..oh wait, as in…Hey There Delilah? That’s the only song I’ve heard by them. (I hope this didn’t post already…I clicked stop then re-submited it)

    Yay! me was comment 113! My next goal: 117.

  12. well i don’t think they’re technically musically emo. like, they’re sorta too poppy to be emo. but yeah, that’s thier famous song. and i didn’t think that was being really racist, or else i wouldn’t have said it. i just didn’t want to offend anybody.

    yeah, no one’s heard of The Raconteurs. but they rock. check it out.
    They have that one song Steady As She Goes that people might have heard of.

    death to silence. hey that’s a good name for a band. or an album at least.

    and i was kidding about the “like a guy” thing.
    basically it means that i’m not shallow, which most people hopefully aren’t. i mean i’m not all i heart pop music omg the guys in this band are cute so i like them. plus, i know like music history and can actually play guitar and have been to concerts and stuff.

    chamillionaire….yeah, he had one of those…songs. i dunno, i can’t exactly remember which one and don’t want to get it wrong. mighta been….oh yeah i got it now. that stupid “something something riding dirty” song. you know, the one that REALLY SUCKED. especially for poser white girls to be listening to.

    i am sometimes ashamed i have certain CDs. i hide them to prevent myself breaking them in one of my hardcore moods.

    records are AWESOME! we actually have a functioning record player, and today me and my dad found all these Beatles singles from like 64 and were rocking em. Revolution (electric version) blaring on vinyl = heaven.

    and they do have some pretty odd names. i hate boring names. like, my school has so many people with the same names. i know three rachels and two stephanies. i’d rather know a Shaneeequa.

  13. Plain White Ts. Judging by one song, I think you’re right about the non-emo thing. But like i said, judging by ONE SONG I might as well not be judging at all.

    ohhhhhh I remember that song. The one by Chamillionare. I HATE that [so-called] song. I had to listen to it every day on the bus going to this fine arts camp a couple summers ago…thank goodness I haven’t heard it since.

    I know lots of african-american people. My favorite name out of all of them is Shaila (I think that’s how she spells it) as in like…Shay-la. Oh, and don’t forget my favorite guy name, Julius (aka JC, but Julius is fawesomer) I also like the name Teal’c. As in Stargate SG-1 Teal’c. He’s fawesome.

    I love breaking CDs. Especially the DVDs that my 5 yr old sister used to watch. That sounds really mean, but she doesn’t watch them anymore. But she used to. Like twice a day, and I’m not exaggerating. My now 10 yr old sister used to do the same thing with “Annie” when she was like 7. I was glad when my then 2 yr old sister broke the DVD of Annie, although I’m sad I didn’t get the pleasure. Breaking CDs is one of those things that get really addicting really fast.

    I think it started when I was 3 and played Frisbee with old video games. And jumped on them. And maybe I even played them once or twice. They bounce really well on concrete. REALLY well.

    I dislike the people that just like bands because the members are cute. Or because they’re popular. I also dislike the people that are friends with people they hate just because they’re preppy and popular.

    I have a working record player. And a whole crate of records. Well, I dont, but my dad does. He has a fawesome Queen record. In all their classic-ness. One of the few musical likes I have in common with them (My brothers and dad, that is)

    Yeah, one of my brothers actually said FOB is emo. That’s just…not true!

  14. I meant, you were right about Plain White Ts music being non-emo. I still think they are. But then, most guy bands are. Not to stereotype or anything.

  15. oh yeah, judging on their album, totally not-emo. but guy with pointy hair wearing a v-neck on thier album cover? totally emo. emo people, not emo music.

    i think FOB is kinda emo, but a little too mainstream to be truly emo. like, i would consider some of thier songs emo. and thier vocal style and arrangements (betraying musical geekiness.) also, thier hair. but they’re all mainstream now, so i dunno.

    yeah, THAT horrible song.

    i live in the least diverse town in America. we have no jewish kids. we have five asian kids. we have one black kid. we have 9,983 rich white catholic kids.

    shallow people suck. especially in regard to music.

    i am sad to say, despite having set fire to a stratocaster (long story, that) i have never broken a CD on purpose, that i remember. i have melted guitar picks and microwaved peeps and melted little plastic babies, but i have never played Frisbee with CDs. i once…okay, more than once….played frisbee in the school hallways though.

    we have soooo many records in my house. millions. can’t say what of though. bunch of beatles, i know. some rolling stones. the crates and crates of grateful dead are all on tape though.

    my new favorite guy’s name is Kirby.

  16. FOB is not emo. Ok…maybe sorta. But I consider them borderline pop/rock.

    If you want emo, listen to The Red Jumpsuit Apparatus. THEY are emo. their song “Facedown” is downright depressing. Whenever I hear it I get totally sad, even if it’s just a song.

    You know what’s really fun? Funner than breaking CDs? melting stuff over a fire. Once I put a golfball in a pan over a fire. It popped. All the plastic melted off leaving a charred ball of rubber. And my brothers put a maggot in a fire once. And a plastic toy soldier…you know, the small green ones in Toy Story? It turned into a puddle.

    I burn stuff sometimes in my neighbor’s driveway cause she’s never home. Like when the school year ended last year I burned old science papers. And I can burn leaves with a magnifying glass.

    I’m very destructive, now that I think about it.

    my town is actually pretty diverse. but man I have to get off now. Apparently I’m ‘grounded until next weekend’ now. yeah right. One thing about my mom: she never follows through with what she says.

  17. ha. being grounded sucks. actually, i’ve really never been grounded. my parents are cool like that.

    i am a self-admitted pyro. i like candles. and burning things. but not too distructively. i have a party with my friends every summer to burn all our school stuff though.
    melting things is fun.

    i still think FOB is kinda emo, but i see pop/rock too.
    Red Jumpsuit Apparatus isn’t that emo! they’re too christian rock stuff to be emo. like, Your Gardian (can’t spell) Angel is noooot emo.
    Face Down is a GREAT song though. i’d say it’s an emo song, but maybe not an emo band. (hmmm….only song of thiers i like is the emo one. what does that say about me? consider.)

    who IS emo….hmmm…let me think on this one.

  18. well, i’ll just post my current playlist cuz i’m bored. do you people think it’s emo? people tell me i’m emo. they also tell me i’m a goth hippie, so i sort of ignore them.

    My Random RightNow Video Playlist
    —Cold War Kids “Hang Me Up To Dry”
    —FOB “Dead On Arrival”
    —Against Me! “Thrash Unreal”
    *listening to right now. i LOOOOVE this song*
    —Foo Fighters “Pretender”
    —Taking Back Sunday “Liar (It Takes One To Know One) hmm…some have called TBS emo….
    —The White Stripes “Fell In Love With A Girl”
    —FOB “Sugar, We’re Going Down”
    —MCR “Teenagers”
    —The White Stripes “Seven Nation Army”
    —Taking Back Sunday “MakeDamnSure”
    —FOB “Dance, Dance”
    and a bunch of random songs i want to hear because i’ve heard about or heard 30 second clips of.

    i have no idea why i’m posting this. yes, i realize none of you care. just ignore my superlong post and move on.

  19. wow. us people have no lives on weekends—over 100 comments on a post that’s only from yesterday. that’s pretty sad. or is it australia yesterday? still only two days ago.

    i take this as an omen that Scott-la should post again. about my fanartness. or Darkling Werewolves. and our contest to write the first page of Chasing Midnight.

    or maybe he can announce that he has seen the light and is writing a fourth midnighters. maybe.

    more halloween costumes’d be good too.

  20. Wow, lucky you, never been grounded. ha…proof that my mom never follows through with what she says: I’m posting right now! Less than an hour after declaring me grounded…usually it’s less. I shouldn’t have been on for the last three weeks because I was grounded, but she really doesn’t care.

    Of course I don’t have a life!! I’m an editor on Wikipedia! Yeah like that’s all I did this summer.

    Hmm…I can’ tell if you’re emo or not. Do you wear black often? Do you dye your hair strange colors? Do you cut yourself? lol jk. I mean, I listen to alot of the stuff you do, but I am by no means emo (right now I’m wearing a bright orange/red Aeropostale shirt with butterflies on it…hmm – oh and dont forget the matching camis!!).

    Ah man I have to get off now. Not because of my mom but because of my dad (and my brother, who’s a complete snitch).

  21. i spent my summer watching fuse and writing! slightly less pathetic but less productive.

    hmmm….your assesment makes me feel bad. let me do a check.
    current hair color—violet. yeah. my hair is purple. ummm…moving on.
    wearing black?—ummm….black long sleeved sweatshirt, black felt hat, black t-shirt, black skate sneakers. however, i am wearing regular blue jeans (my black pants are dirty) and grey thermal (not visible because of previously mentioned black sweatshirt.
    cut self—not in a million years.
    hmmm….i will not even mention the current chipped black state of my nails.
    okay, maybe i’m a LITTLE bit emo……

  22. hey Allie-wa, are you gonna enter the Darkling Werewolf contest thing? i’m assuming you finished Blue Noon—you’re one of the Fourth Midnighters people, right? Cuz Lizzy-wa’s having a contest on the Chasing Midnight HQ, and i just read ur Extras fanfic thing. u should ttly enter. i did….104 words is so short though. i got to use the name Kirby, however….

  23. If you don’t hurt yourself, you’re not truly emo – that’s essentially what being emo is. But rarely will you find a Cutter (not the Special type) that wears pink clothes and listens to happy pop music, so I guess that’s where the whole emo ‘culture’ thing came from – the stereotype of emo. So you can still be ’emo’ without actually cutting. If you get what I’m saying.

    I might enter the contest thing on the HQ. And yeah I’ve finished Blue Noon. Of course! But 104 words is like mega short. Shorter than most of my poems. So I’m considering it. I already thought about where I should start, but I couldn’t really come up with anything good.

    Kirby actually is a pretty…interesting name. It makes me think of the little alien from Chicken Little, the Pixar movie. I can’t believe I’ve actually seen that movie, but when you have 3 little sisters…you know, it just kind of happens.

  24. no, i’m just incredibly long winded.
    which made the contest thing mad difficult. i managed to cut it down though, with a lot of adjective removal.

    and dude, that’s a total stereotype. like saying you can’t be goth without worshipping satan. it’s the worst example that like nobody fulfills. most of emo culture doesn’t revolve around self-mutilation.

    you’d be surprised—most depressed people, even ones who cut, tend to be the popular people. the preppy ones. the ones wearing pink. a lot of goth or emo kids are the happiest people i know. you can be depressed without wearing black and wear black without being depressed.
    if you saw who was actually depressed, or who were cutters, you’d be suprised that the big majority is the so-called “happy” preppy popular people. a big thing with cutting is that it’s a way to hide your inner pain, and it helps all the people keep up thier happy functional mask when they’re mentally screwed-up.

    and i like the name Kirby. it’s cool. reminds me of this show about freerunning i saw. and the little pink not-pacman-but-very-like-pacman guy. so i picture Kirby as a punk alternative sports guy with bubblegum pink hair and spiked leather wristlets. random, i know, but i get really vivid images of character’s appearences.

    i am an only child, and all my cousins live far away, so those sort of things never happen to me.

    i still don’t think i’m emo…..just all my clothes and most of my friends and some of my music and my haircolor is….

  25. ok you guys, i just finished Midnighters 3, BIG SPOILERS AHEAD OF THESE CAPS, um, i liked it, it had a good point but um, Scott-la, could you please stop destroying the BEST COUPLES. I don’t want Jessica to be trapped, y cant they get her back out, and her and Johnathon, he will be 100 once shes 19 o man i loved them, y cant she just be normal, y cant something happen to Maddy, i hate that old woman, and hello, tea stinks, litterly!

  26. well, i like the color blck, one of my favrite outfits is. Black, but im not goth, im not emo, and i love pink! Our culture is so focused on colors! Boys are blue and Girls are pink wat if it was diffrent!

  27. hi bran-la i will get midnighters 3 tomarrow
    i am happy i did not read the spoilers
    btw will he make a 4 ❓


  28. OMG— I LOVE BROWN TOO !!!!

    — My friends say that I am weird for that JUST because poop is usually brown 🙁

    Choco. is brown and it is like the best ever- every piece I eat is Happy-making.

  29. lol, see, wat i think is people in our world tend to set things to other things. let me explain:
    When you born a female everyone gives you pink, if your born male everyone gives you blue. If you were a dog you were expected to like bones, if you were a cat you were expected to like milk or fish. I could go on forever. My point is:
    Wat if you were given pink because you were a girl, grew up, and despised anything pink, is that wrong? If your dog hated bones, is there something wrong? the answer is no.
    Just because people say pink is for girls and you decide you like black better doesn’t mean your bad, acculy its good, you are in titled to your opinion. So for now on in life, when you get a dog, give him milk for a change, if you get a cat, give em a bone. If you have a sister, buy her a blue shirt, if you have a brother, buy him pink, WHY NOT! (other colors are an option!)

  30. Arg!! I lost my super-long comment! And now I can’t type because it is dark and I am on my dads laptop!! But basically this is what I said:

    My ’emo stereotype’ was misunderstood *sigh* I basically meant this: That cutting is where emo came from. Not cutting specifically, but hurting yourself, and the types of people that started it were usually depressed people that wore black which is where the culture cme from. I didn’t mean that all emo people are like that. But in my rambling-ness you couldnt tell that…

    Hmmm Bran-la you make an interesting point. I’ve thought of thisso much it makes my brain hurt. And it’s kind of innappropiate (dang it…I don’t have my spell checker.). But anyways…If sometime in the future, when humans for some reason reproduce only by cloning, so there was no need for real sexual reproduction, and guys were supposed to be attracted to guys and girls to girls, would more people be…straight or curvy? Okay, it’s really dumb, and innappropriate.

    Aww I got to go…

  31. yeah, i kinda get that emo is rooted in depressed people, but i still tend to disagree. i think that’s more a stereotype than a fact.

    and that’s interesting, bran-la. how we’re like set from birth. interesting stuff to explore in writing—cultures where roles are reversed, or colors and supposed preferences are opposite.

    okay, i’m going to sleep now.

  32. yes, i do make an interesting point, i agreee, but i didn’t understand you straight and curvy deal. Reexplain. One other thing that i hate about the world we live in today, besides our ridiculous obsession for color, is the way we think people are. For example:
    Im sure many people think that that Texans are a bunch of hillbillies. Uhhh, no, i dont even have a n accent! Yes, i tend to say “yall” but its just a Texan thing! and i dont say it stupid like “Yall Hear!” it more like “Yall, stop sayin that!”

  33. See, I wore a Special costume before they got so trendy! I worte mine last year, only I was a Special rather than a cutter. I wore a bunch of freaky gray clothes that looks like overalls and dressed up my S.D’s Sizon XB into a Hover Car.

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