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While I was reading for the National Book Awards, I came across a number of books that I thought were really fantastic, but which for whatever reason didn’t wind up among the five nominees. I’ve been wanting to share them with you, but it wasn’t cool to do so while being a judge. But now that the awards are all awarded, I’m allowed to say my piece.

Note that these books are personal faves, and don’t reflect in any way the deliberations of the judges. They’re just great books that I want to blog about. So without further ado, let me recommend . . .


Robot Dreams is a graphic novel by Sara Varon. Although it’s basically wordless, it tells one of the most moving stories about friendship I’ve ever read. It’s about keeping and losing friends, and how change can be both melancholy and joyful. Although it looks like a kid’s picture book, it’s really for anyone.

The art in Robot Dreams is fantastic, in the sense of taking you to another world. The book is that rare mix of funny and mysterious, soulful and effervescent. You should definitely give it a read.

In other news, Uglies has been nominated for Amazon’s Best Books for Teens of 2007. It’s a list of customer favorites, and includes Stephenie Meyer, Rick Riordan, and Al Gore! That’s not bad company.

Go vote for your favorites right here.

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