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To those of you who missed me on my recent travels, an interview just appeared on teenreads.com. It contains some of the anecdotes I’ve repeated a zillion times on tour, and even a tiny drib about Leviathan!

Click here to read it.

And now a flash from the subterranean world of Peeps and The Last Days. (No, I haven’t forgotten about my non-Uglies novels. I’ve just been extra-focused lately.)

I just spotted this blog entry about the “Drains of Canada,” and the photos were right out of Peeps. Remember those scenes where Cal first goes down under Lace’s building? And gets chased by rats and stuff?

Well, here they are in the flesh (and in Canada, apparently):



Click here for more delicious underworldliness.

95 thoughts on “TeenReads Interview

  1. that is amazzing.
    the pictures with the red lights and rust all over look so freaky. but i love the ones with the sun reflecting off everything in the tunnel. gorgeous.

    i love your other books scott,
    we should hear more about them more often.

  2. I am psyched about Leviathan. Especially the pictures.

    I hate waiting for books. Of course I totally understand that they have to be *written*, and that authors need to have lives outside their writing otherwise they get shingles (Scott..). But it’s wretched to hear about a book that you know you’ll love and then to hear “spring 2011” or something like that.

    Ahh, such is life.

  3. Oh, I forgot to write that the “peeps” pictures are way cool. Places like that…it’s almost like a whole other world, without leaving the planet. 😛

    but it was soooooo good 😉
    why did jess get stuck in the blue time ❗
    have a question for scott WHAT WERE TOU THINKING :angry:
    why do u always break up the best couples
    for example 3 of them:
    this has made me sooooo angry
    i have another question:
    how will they (meaning mellisa and fly boy) travlewithJesica ❓

  5. me a pollymath
    oops gtg
    i am sorry scott-la i still love you not that way ❗

    steph-la over+out 😉

  6. Hey! The other day I saw a commercial for a new toy. You use it to take a picture of yourself and then you can change your appearance.

    One more step towards the Uglies society being a reality…

  7. Cool, im still trying to finish Peeps. O and you should save you pics as a tiff not a jpg scott-la. Im in Journalism at my school and my teacher said you get better quality as a tiff so when you go to save change your Jpg to a tiff!

  8. After you finish the Leviathan trilogy you should write a fourth Midnighers – no THE fourth midnighers. Yeah, as in CHASING MIDNIGHT WEREWOLVES fourth Midnighters.

    And, um, I’m not meaning to pick on you Zane luver forevr but I assume you mean Wikipedia entry, right? ’cause Wikipedia is just one wiki out of thousands. a wiki could mean any website built using wiki (and Wikimedia format, usually). There are actually websites to create your own wiki. with a sub-domain, of course. http://scribblewiki.com is one of them.

  9. happy b-day bri-la! how old are you?

    i am watching a funny i will survive video.
    go to google and type in i will survive. and click on the 2nd one or the one that has a person holding a violin

    i like the pics.

    i would like to fly.

  10. A) The pictures are awesome
    B) I LOVE the idea of the new book! (especially the romance mixed with the science and adventure)
    C) I wish I could speak with an Aussie accent! I have the most plain, boring, ‘American’ accent ever! Not even a New York slang… not even Brooklyn! Nope, nothing! *sigh*


  11. yeah. im boring like that two. except i kinda have my own accent. wierd words mixed with odd hand gestures and very rong grammar. hehe. cause im cool like that.

    -Lizzy-wa OUT! 😛

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