The Tour Ends . . .

. . . on wednesday in New York City! I’ll be reading from Extras as part of the Teen Author Reading Night series. It’s me and five other authors:

Alaya Johnson, Racing the Dark
Kristen Kemp, Breakfast at Bloomingdale’s
Louise Plummer, Finding Daddy
Abby Sher, Kissing Snowflakes
Jake Wizner, Spanking Shakespeare

Wednesday, November 7
Tompkins Square Library
331 E. 10th Street (off Ave B)

Sorry to everyone to whose state, city, or country I didn’t go. But I have this other thing where I have to, you know, write books.

And actually, I will be doing one more event in Brooklyn on January 7. Details soon.

And now a “trilogy” of images from World Fantasy 2007.

Old books in the Dealers’ Room are researched for Leviathan:


Holly Black and Shana Cohen buy junk food, circa 3AM:


Rejected junk food is “sent to a better place” on the elevator. Horrible frozen burrito, we hardly knew ye:


And finally, Scott gets artistic at 4AM, Compton’s Diner.


100 thoughts on “The Tour Ends . . .

  1. kick pics!
    kay, two questions:
    when r u gonna put the next extra extras chapter here?
    and, 2…will u plz write a fourth midnighters book (chasing midnight with darkling werewolves would be really kick) or a fifth uglies book (you’ve already broken the “trilogy” thingey…so there’s nothing to stop you from continuing, huh) ❓ ❓
    gotta go do math! blech! 😛 hmm…hopefully mom will forget, and i won’t have to do it!!
    hey! there’s nothing wrong with hoping!
    -Riderchild-wa 😆

  2. Hee hee. Wines & Liquors (Across the street from the diner) That makes me giggle.

    What can a lone Earthman do to destroy the tremendous land battleships of Venus? I don’t know.. Save his planet?

    The burrito is very picturesque. Someone could pay a ton of money for that photo. Weeeeeee I’m hyper! My birthday is so soon!

  3. Scott,
    you HAVE to write:
    a fourth Midnighters book (darkling werewolves please)
    a fifth Uglies book (set in Australia, but bring back Tally and Aya)
    and, beleive it or not, I want another Peeps book.
    All these series/books were fawesome. Please write more.

  4. lol horrible frozen burrito… XD that looks like something me and my friends would do… send food down (or up) the elevator, we always have fun with elevators!!! …i wonder what the people who went in next thought? are the doors closing in that picture?

    SERAFINA ZANE: i don’t think Sensei (aka Scott) is going to write a fourth midnighters book. and i actualy kind of hope he doesn’t… i absolutly loved that series, but i luved the ending. i luv endings like those. they give you plenty to think about…

    whoa? how could you love the midnighters ending? it was so….i dunno. and i’m lobbying for a sort of open-ended different protag sequel…..midnighters IS the ONLY one of the series that hasn’t gotten one of them…..

    ironically, i also love those sort of endings. the open-ended kind. i actually wrote an essay for english class on why neil gaiman’s Neverwhere has the best ending of any book ever (i sorta got in trouble though because the essay was supposed to be about Sonata For Harp and Bicyle) the only thing i liked about The Extoridany Adventures of Alfred Kropp was the great end-ending.
    i love endings that don’t show an end to the adventure. aside from the evil murdering of the best character (i love you Zane!), i loved the Specials ending, and the ultra-open Peeps ending was great too.

    but the midnighters one was sad…not all hopeful. and there definitly was a lot of story left to tell, not open-ended story like Tally and the mind-rain, but specific story, like jonathan and jessica coping (and finding a way out of midnight….maybe??) and all the new midnighters, and the ones who stayed, and midnight reaching the rest of the world! and all so many new midnighters! some of whom may be darkling werewolves! (just an idea….)

    and i don’t know if Sensei IS going to write one….which is why we must lobby, lobby like the wind. it would be the best thing since ever.

    on the other hand, i am also ALL FOR new series! bring on different plots! bring on new-ness! bring on not-quasi sequels but totally new realms! but i’d love if there was a Chasing Midnight quasi-sequel in there somewhere…..

    and Amy-la, don’t you know the SECRET meaning of trilogy?

    elevators are not fun. i have a phobia of elevators. they freaketh me out.

  6. haaha, you guys have way too much fun with elevators.

    poor frozen burrito..i bet john noe would take it in.

    i really dont have an opinion on teh whole 4th midnighters book..mostly because i havent read the last one. but im getting it tomorrow so stop your ranting right there.

    uhhgg i just got back from teh constitution center. one of the most boring places in the US. the school makes us go like 5 times cus we live just out of philadelphia. i mean, really. if we live by philly, shouldnt we go somewhere besides philly, since we’ve obviously been there a fair amount of times?

  7. I just love trilogies. But Scott-la, it’s so sad that you haven’t made Midnighters a trilogy yet. I’m like weeping (okay, not really but you get the picture).

    Hmm…is Leviathan going to be a trilogy? Like the Uglies type of trilogy or Midnighters type of trilogy?

    Now to search Wikipedia for it. 😛

    Dang…the Wikipedia article is short!!

    And the Extras article still hasn’t been updated. 🙁

  8. Ahhh, Scott-la, i sent you mail! I sent you my picture, you can still put it up! PLZ! Any who, i just, want my pic, on your blog, thats would totally be my favorite moment ever! Well, ill tell you about today, boring, another school day, BLAH! Ew, school, its like prison, except they acculy make you do stuff, o and you can go home with out a bail. 😉 O, and the best part, im starting Peeps, there not vampires there parasite positives! Way to go Scott-la, o and plz make your up coming story interesting plz!

    If Cassie could go through the rip back to normal time, y cant Jessica, it said there was a slither left, I love Zane! O and Johnathon!

  10. Sweet trilogy. ya u should probly get back to that writing thing. sounds pretty fawesome. poor lost lonely burrito. cant wait for levithan. kinda random rite now. mind fuzzy. very tired.


    She couldn’t go back through because of the lightning, that’s the obvious part. It made her stuck in the blue time no matter what; it doesn’t matter where she is, she’s still stuck. Even if she was in the rip she would freeze after midnight ended. I guess.

    Cassie could still go through because…well, she was just like everyone else. Jessica on the other hand STUCK HER HAND IN THE LIGHTNING!!! So I guess it made things different for her.

    Am I making any sense??


    I was thinking that maybe it wasn’t exactly lightning…like it was, but when midnight fell, it changed into a massive weapon against darklings. Get what I’m saying?

  13. k, first of all, i am so clueless on the lighting o and SPOILERS AHEAD SRRY! how does it make her different. o and what is btw, i am on the computer alot but seem to not no what that is!

  14. I get it that when she touched the lightning in the blue time, it was a wepon against the darklings and put the rip back to size- But I don’t get why she was sucked in the blue time just for doing that–

  15. must. have. new. books.
    what’s this about cross dressing and Franz Ferdinand?
    darnit, here we go again. how dare Franz Ferdinand call themselves Franz Ferdinand!? now whenever i study history i get songs stuck in my head. let’s see how many people have actually heard of Franz Ferdinand, the band. gonna say very few.

    and i agree with bran-la, i want to see more costumes. they were fun.

    *SPOILAGE* and i say the lightning thing works…because it works. i don’t question book-logic. except for obscure lore-related holes, perhaps a talent that trapped the darklings and allowed you to move people in/out of the blue time, because they had to trap darklings somehow, so why not rescue jess too?? random fanfic speculation there.*END SPOILAGE*

    the burrito does look rather forlorn. but what’d be scariest (in my opinion) would be if it wasn’t there when the elevator came back down. *twilight zone theme*

  16. I sent my picture into Scott-la, but he hasn’t put it up. I sent it Sunday but it would be really cool for you guys to see it, an what i look like! O and i am so glad I’m reading Peeps now. I just had a yummy dinner. Randomnesslessness

  17. O and adding on to my Randomnesslessness is, i have something in my eye. Ow. Also, who would have ever thought the word Meaninglessnesses is a word, but it is!

  18. Tesia – is your birthday November 7th or January 7th? Mine is on Nov. 7. My parents won’t let me skip school on my birthday and they can’t drive even if they let me because they’re going to Paris the next day. I’ll send you $5 if you eat the burrito, Scott.

  19. How many people like the song Tattoo by Jorden Sparks? i didn’t watch American Idol but man, shes good and great song!

  20. lol Kenina-chan, on the burrito comment. Ok, another round of, hate to spell it but, Randomlessnessless, did you notice scott put 3 dots after Ends, ya i bet you didn’t. Formlessnesses is a word. Dont you hate it when people get your name wrong? See my name is Branda and there is a guy in my grade named Brandon. It doesn’t make me look bad because hes not hidiously ugly (yes Brandon i complimented you). But everyone spells it brenda its bran-duh. O and alot of times people go Brandon! And i say, “Do i look like a boy to you!” It makes me mad

  21. OMG— today I just got a e-mail from Laura Whitcomb — ( I don’t know if any of you read A Certain Slant of Light ) But she is one of my fav. authors and she is making a new book and she has to have — Let me just post what I got-

    Hi, Laura. (Ah, what a nice name you have.)

    I’m so glad you liked Slant. I’m revising my new YA now and must turn it in to my editor by Thanksgiving for a Fall 2008 release date. Like Slant, it’s a supernatural love story. Right now it’s called The Fetch. I hope you’ll like it as much as you like my first.

    And thank you for giving me word-of-mouth publicity. (The best kind!)

    Laura Whitcomb

    I was so excited because I can’t meet my fav. authors in person so It is cool when they agknowledge my existance though e-mail.

    Scott is still # one on my list — don’t worry

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