Fan Art Wednesday

It’s a day for extraordinary fan art.

First off, here’s an explosive and painterly version of the cover of Uglies, by Refrigerate Kate.


And in a darker and more manga-licious vein, a rendering of Moz from The Last Days, remixed with the peeps parasite itself. Brought to you by Freed Wings.


Me, I’m just sitting around writing Leviathan these days. One day soon (like, really early next year) I’ll have some actual news about that.

98 thoughts on “Fan Art Wednesday

  1. I love the first one. At first, when I glanced at it, I thought it was grafitti maybe on a brick building somewhere; that would be cool.
    Yaay! Today is my last day of school!!!!…until next year 😉

  2. that is so awesome. ive never read the last days so the second one didnt really make any sense but that first one is amazing. *stares in wonder*
    u just keep up that work on levithan scott-la. im kinda enjoying the abscence of book insanity and just some totally randomness. speaking of levithan, i got a book by him [David Levithan] the other day @ the library. its call “are we there yet” i havent started reading it (im currently reading a book by john green). i was at the library and i saw it (“are we there yet” not the book by john green) and i was like “hmmm…levithan…where have i heard that before…. OH YA!!” and i remembered that u named ur new book after him so i figured he must’ve been a good writer if you were gonna name ur book after him. any ways keep up the good work, i know its gonna be awesome.

  3. I like the Uglies picture! And the one of Moz is cool, too. But they’re both fawesome! Hm… I wish I was good at drawing and painting and stuff.

  4. 1st off: WOAH!!!!!!! Dis is my first time that I’ve been on since the change. O_O (yeah I know, I’m slow, but we’ve been X-mas shopping)

    2nd off: WOAH!!!!!!! Dat is fawesome pictures! I love manga/anime. Wish I could draw like that. *wistful sigh* But alas, I can not. I yuv it sooooooomuch!!!

  5. uh………just wow……These pictures are very………….Interesting? Okay, okay I find them quiet disturbing but that’s me…….oh well…….they’re still good….

  6. Scott! I just sent you some midnighters fan art today, so check your mail! 😀

    Also, I really like these covers. I haven’t read Last Days yet, so I don’t know much about the character drawn there, but I really like the cover for Uglies. The painting mixed with the graffiti art in the back works well.

  7. why do you never post any of my fanart, scott-la? i did an uber-awesome portrait of all the midnighters at lunch, and i totally sent it to you. you should check fanmail more. i drew this great tithe fanart picture yesterday. had much purple plaid.

    want…levithan news…very…badly…

    love both of those pieces…love the spiky letters and awesome hair on the first one, and the uber-fawesome color scheme on the second. moz rox.

    crap, my school is being all stupid and moronic and blocking EVERYTHING. like, google and LJ and the HQ and the blocker sites. it’s way stupid.

  8. I feel sorry for the people that have school this week. losers.

    I haven’t forgotten about Star Wars quotes. Just haven’t gotten any yet. So I’m going from memory.

    “Are you an angel?” ~ Anakin

  9. ugh!! what?! u dont hav school allie-wa! tomorow is my last day but still, i had to survive all FOUR days! o well. tommorrow we r walking down to this giant theater to see the movie elf (in school) YAY!

  10. That is really cool fan art. I love the uglies book cover. Id buy the book…………….just for the cover. Okay maybe for the book tooo! I never really imagined Moz like that but its cool. Love it!

    I am finall dome with midterms!

  11. those are really good, the uglies one is fawesome!

    ok sorry for everyone that is reading this comment, cuz its just me venting, bad day….very bad day. 🙁 I had this test in my science class and it was a fairly big test that counted for a lot of my grade, and i think i failed it. 🙁 ok well maybe not failed but came darn close…i got really confused on some parts that the teacher never even talked about or told us to study so i was like lost….and today was the last day of school until 2008…which is happy, except that means that awful science test will be haunting me until i come back in Janurary to find out what i got. i also forgot to turn in my yearbook money so i may not get a yearbook and to top it all off i didn’t get my moms container back from my english teacher(we got to eat food and watch a movie in my english class today…it was the only good part of my day) so my mom is going to be mad at me. then, in p.e. we had to go skating *bleh* i hate skating. i got painful blisters, it was retarted and it made us late for lunch. well i don’t remember what else happend but it was just not a good day. 🙁 sorry for the venting.. and the negativeness…. usually im not like this.

  12. Same here —

    And tomarrow I have a Bio. Test !! Ugg…..

    LAST test, I got this one question wrong. They said to lable the parts of the plant cell and I REALLY thought it was pointing to the little stuff inside the Nucleus (Cromatin ) But NO… it was just the nucleus. Well KILL ME FOR BEING MORE SPECIFIC !

    I really need an A on this test, so I should be studing…….. now…..

  13. lol. No school this week or next week for me. Not going back to school til January 2nd. 🙁 Too close. This week should pass by slower! Can’t wait til Christmas!!!!! Getting a new iPod…black, 8 GB. :)))))

    Santa Clause is bringing it! lol.

  14. HAHA.

    You suckers have school. I am free for the next 3 weeks XD

    They are both good. The first one though, i figured Shay was a blonde. Tally definatly would have had dark hair to me. But i guess tis my opinion.
    Anyone else see her dark haired?
    And the clothes seem a bit dated for Tally…

    But still. Your both fawesome at art (:

    I might do something. Send it in….Am not very good. But still (:

    Can’t believe you people have tests at Christmas… =P

    Alisha-La xx

  15. today was our last day so from now until January 3rd we have off. and then like a week after that we get a few more days off b/c it’ll be the end of the semester.

  16. That picture for Uglies is pretty creapy-making; but cool though. 🙂
    I like the one of Moz. I need to read that book again….

  17. i made some fan art how do i send it to u scott-la
    well it isnt finished, but when it is ill send it to u
    if i get ur email

  18. i love fanart. i love looking at fanart. i love drawing fanart.
    you should post more fanart, scott-la. you should post some of my fanart. it’s prettymoful.

    why does everyone get longer breaks than me?????!
    and after the break, there’s no time off til like, forever. just sad little Martin Luther King Jr Day, all off on it’s lonesome in january.

  19. fanart rocks. when it’s done good. i can’t draw, though. I can draw good things sometimes. rarely.

    omg. omg. I get my SAT scores tomorrow. You can’t imagine how nervous-making it is to know that your future will be known tomorrow! ok, so I”m being a little overdramatic. But just a little.

    It’s anxious-making, too, waiting to get them (yes, anxious and nervous are different. read A Series of Unfortunate Events.)

    They will be on collegeboard’s website in my account. I think. If I have an account. If I don’t I have to wait til they go out in the mail…then I won’t get them til January!!!!

  20. lol. sevy.

    Yeah, I’m in 7th grade. But they let you take the SAT in 7th grade. but not 8th. then you take the PSAT. which makes no sense…why take the SAT before the PSAT(practice sat)? I think you can go the and get information about it. but idk. I think your district has to provide the stuff. And you have to pay and…wow. It’s really stupid to take the sat in 7th grade.

    This year doesn’t really count but still…I want to see how I did! only 4 hours and 32 minutes until tomorrow! omg. omg. omg.

    Funny thing is I have 2 older brothers and neither of them have taken the SAT. lol.

    I can’t wait to see how I did…as you can imagine.

    Oh boy! $ hours and 30 minutes!

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