Graded for Fame

My librarian pal Dawn Rutherford pointed me toward this Time Magazine article about a class in internet fame.

Basically, the students in this Parson’s School of Design course compete to see who has the most Google hits on their name by the end of the term. They post YouTube videos and LOLcats, engage in hoaxes, start petitions, and make friends on social networking sites, whatever it takes to increase their face ranks. (In the class, they call it “famo.”) The winner gets the best grade.

Spookily familiar, isn’t it?

Click here for the syllabus. And here’s the class logo:


An internet fame course sounds to me like a great cross between fanciful and smart—part instruction and part academic research. Students at Parson’s are planning to be artists, after all, so they should get experience with self-promotion. (Though we authors never do that. NEVER.*)

Anyway, it was just so Extras that I had to pass it on. Thanks Dawn!

*New Midnighters covers come out in four days!

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  1. I have about 200 pages left but that will fly by in about 2 hours. I can read that quick, trust me.

    Y do you really want me to read it?

  2. Well, I can’t read it because I haven’t read New Moon yet so I guess you are talking to Bran-la

  3. actually u could probly read it bren-la. u could too, becca,but there is a HUGE detail that gives away like the whole 2nd book.have u read the midnighters trilogy bran-la

  4. Cha’, who hasnt? Im sorry, im being really stupid, just hyper. Ill read the midnighters one. Im going right now to read it.

  5. Ummm
    Bran-la, this is Netta’s sister Becca, btw Iam 4
    now I have to go ‘socialize’
    Bella’s (aka Netta) punishment of socializing started earlier (that was why she was playing wii (cuz she has been forced out of hiding and into addiction)
    I’ll be back after midnight with Bella

  6. Shes only 4? I couldnt type like that when i was 4. I didnt learn btw till i was……2 mouths ago.

    In the story, where did you come up with the names for the people?

  7. Ok, im gonna go read now, since everyone left. When im done with Eclipse, im gonna go and read the fan fic. Bi everyone. Happy almost New year *for me* Scott! -la i guess?

  8. 15 minutes
    (This is Becca all I had to do was 1 ghero song and talk to Luce)
    Bella is still being tortured

  9. Don’t be disapointed; the future sucks, we all die of global warming
    I’m an hour closer to death than you are
    btw this is Netta again
    and please don’t call me Bella

  10. i agree. for both parts of Netta’s last comment.
    after all we are the rusties. although i can’t imagine what would make everyone go all berserk like that even those clever cool-headed ones. i mean global warming is slow and nuclear wars would pretty much just vaporize us. it could be like 9/11 but on a much larger scale. i still don’t know how exactly someone could get ahold of that kind of power thats more powerful than 9/11 explosives but won’t vaporize anyone like nuclear weapons. all right time for the wisdom of the crowd to take charge and plants some more depressing, innovative thoughts in our minds. anyone got any ideas?

  11. Nope not really
    but erm my last comment was about me, my friend, and my sister who are anti-social freaks and were depressed by all of the henyay socializing

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