Long Live Rex! Um, er . . . Jonathan?

My first post on this blog was about the cover of Blue Noon, book three of the Midnighters trilogy. So perhaps it’s appropriate that my real first post on the redesigned blog is the redesigned Blue Noon cover.

And it’s timely too, given that all three books of the trilogy are being re-released together on January 2!

So here’s the new Rex:


For reference, here are all three of the new covers together. That’s Jessica on book 1 and Melissa on book 2. (Poor Dess and Jonathan!)


You can pre-order the new look books now. Here are multi-store links for The Secret Hour, Touching Darkness, and Blue Noon. (Check to make sure the store you choose is showing the new cover!)

Anyway, now that you’ve seen all three covers, what do you guys think?

Update: It has been pointed out to me that this is actually Jonathan. He’s got the acrobat symbol over his eye, after all. Man, us authors can really miss the obvious sometimes.

Except, um, this guy doesn’t really look Hispanic. Hmm . . .

215 thoughts on “Long Live Rex! Um, er . . . Jonathan?

  1. i told my mom i wanted these books in the new cover and she was like “you already own them!” and i said “but they have a new cover!” and she was like “thats a waste”




    The covers are sweett

    Any movie audtiion info

    For Tally?

  3. Serafina, I don’t recomend trying green. I tried a bunch of times, and no matter what dye you use it turns this pukey color. At least that’s my experience with it. Plus, I’ve heard that green dye is the most likely to malfunction and turn some weirdo color on you. Like, say, PUKEY! But blue works wonders! If you live anywhere near a Walgreens, I’m pretty sure every Walgreens has this stuff that I used. It’s called SPLAT, and it comes in Blue, Red, and Pink. It’s the best working stuff I’ve found for weirdo colors. But, yeah, I’ve had lots of hair colors. Blonde, bleach blonde, all shades of brown, black[my favorite!], blue, pink, red, this scary indigo color.
    And then after me and my friend read Pretties, we tried to dye our hair with Ink like how Zane’s hair is described. It only lasted like 2 days though

  4. hmmm…yeah, but it would be so COOL!
    well, i’m practical at least.
    hmm…not Walgreens around here. but i’ll look up that stuff on the internet or something. how long does it last? i like this indigo idea.
    i’ve got some purple still around so i’ll do that next.
    i’ve used L’oreal Colour Rays, which was where i got the red and purple, which is cool cuz it does streaks really easy. and some other less permanat stuff.
    lol…i’d be afraid to do the ink thing.
    mine’s been brown, red, really bleach blondish, purple, orange, basically all that spectrum. my mom’s forbidden black.

    i’m not sure this’ a record, there’s been some pretty quick comments. maybe during the contest there were more.

    i am going to waste my own money just to buy the new covers. because i am a loser.

  5. SPLAT lasts like…. Well, I put it in at the very end of May and it was out atleast by the begining of August. Probably sooner than that. It’s not very permanant. I think the box says a month. And I usually use Loreal, it’s my favorite! Plus, it’s the only stuff that I know for sure won’t totally fry my hair. It keeps it soft :] But after the first time I died it black, they said I couldn’t do it anymore. They said “only very very very dark brown’, because appearently black looks gothic. Which it doesn’t, but whatever. So I’m going to get really dark brown dye and leave it in 20 minutes too long so that it’s black :]]

  6. wow, that’s actually pretty good. i mean, one of the stuff i used lasted only like two weeks and the other stuff lasts about a month.

    yeah. frying my hair is kind of bad. think i might have already done it. l’oreal is good though.

    lol, use that loophole! and the added developing time.
    i ususally leave it in less now, because dying it so much has literally bleached my hair blond, which i’m going to out on a limb and say is very, very bad for it. ahhh well. i’ll end up with edgy short hair instead.

    that is a very cool post you linked to, Allie-wa. and very timely for me, because i’ve been thinking about writing and publishing lately. i love writing, and i would love (and am determined) to get published someday. writing is my sanity. writing is all i want to do with my life. heck, writing IS my life.
    today i hit 24K on a story i really like that i started in june. it’s now 50 word document pages, which is a new record for me. my friends now owe me sundaes. it was the first time i’d really written in forever, and now i remember why i love it so much. AND, and here’s the best part, i know what happens next. i even know what happens after that. the flow isn’t abandoning me.
    which means that i will again be writing tonight, from the hours of eleven to one a.m, as i did last night.
    because sleep is for losers. i’m tired anyway.

  7. hehe. Amy-la, just order them, rip the covers off, then ship them back saying that when you opened the box the covers were missing and you want your money back. hehe. but you wood never do that rite? cuz its the rong thing to do rite? i mean, i woodnt do that….or wood i?

    -Lizzy-wa OUT! 😉

  8. you mean like, a recording of a voice or sompthin? like, book on tape type a thing? or do you mean like, it just shows the words on the screen? sorry, i dont do itunes. just sit there on youtube all day to get my share of music.

    -Lizzy-wa OUT! 😕

  9. Oh yeah I don’t do itunes much euther….and Yeah sashee-wa, I totally wish it was Zane!! Omg, im sure more ppl have thought of this b4, but wouldnt it be awesoem if the uglies and midnightwers books by making a 5th uglies book and a 4th midnighters book about Jessica living for a long time being wrapped in the blue time nad eventually lives to Tally’s time and meets her and explains the Blue time and Tally was also born on the stroke of misnight and they explore the blue time together!?!?! and then since Jessica was in the blue time alone that long she is able to come out and explores the wild qith Tally?!?!?! and then somehow they find Zane and and then Jessica misses Jonathan and all the MIdighters come to where Tally and Jess are and then Tally and Zane and Jessica and Jonathan meet up and they all become frineds and Rex finds tons of lore in the wild and they need Dess because they find the darklings new hideout and Dess has to nake new weapons for them and Melissa they need because Dr. Cable is getting evil and making more specials and they are onto the new people appearing puit of nowhere (becayse in the magical new place Bixby is basically in between cities) and they need Melissa so they doin’t get caught by the specials and then they take down all the cities using the midnight hour to destroy all them by vandalizing and stuff and oh yeah i 4got to say that all of tally’s friends were mystically born on the stroke of midnight also and then everyone merges together like we are today and then it becomes total chaos and eveything starts all over agian with another rip in the secret hour and and Tally is also a flame-beinger and they k ill brb ive g2g eat dinner ill continue l8r

  10. You’ve died your hair pink, read, blue, brown, black, indigo? OMG! Dye it the rainbow why donut you! My mom would kill me if i dies my hair pink, or red, or blue, or indigo, or green, and so on……
    I wouldn’t anyways. I have never been one of those people. Although i no someone i is naturally blond and has dies her hair, from blond to: sandy blond, blond with brown highlights, orangish color, and now brown but she died it so much its more like a red. i have always wondered if her real hair is blond……
    well not anymore!

  11. Omg, if my pages were lost. I’d go crazy. Steps of craziness:
    1. Run my neighborhood (8 hrs past)
    2. Scream at who ever did it (40 min past)
    3. Wouldnt sit still (5min past)
    4. Make my mom buy me a book to be entertained (9 hrs past)
    5. start rewriting it

  12. I am kind of a girlie person. I do dance. Im listening to Aly and Aj right now. I dont like preps though. I drool over guys. Yep, thats me…….
    Although, really positive people make me mad. sometimes you need to let out negativity!

  13. aww… poor bran-la, no one will talk to poor bran-la! eww! Aly and AJ?!?!?!?! but bran-la, too much negativity is bad too. there is this boy that is all like “the world hates me and im going to slit my wrist and commit suicide.” come on, all i did was break up with him… 😈

  14. No, and hey, i like Aly and Aj, i dint make fun of ppl becase they died there hair, i said it looks like a rainbow, isnt that a compliment. And i dont go around saying all negative stuff, but its ok to let out your inner emotions and not be embarassed about it.

  15. Ok this is kinda creepy but i just thought of this. i wonder how the people on the cover of Scott-las books, since there best selling, feel abou there face all over it. i mean it must be cool but at the same time creepy. Weird.

  16. hey thx for saying i have an imagination bran-la!! i just all of a sudden thought of it and i know its really bad but i just thought id throw it out there to see what kind of comments it gets. maybe ill start writing or typing something and posti it here. just to see what you guys think.

  17. i thought it was kind of weird, no offince hannah-wa. i did notice something though, in the last days, the owner of the strat is in a town near tulusa, bixby maybe…, and in extras, aya lived on the 13th floor, and frizz was the 13th most popular tech-kicker.

  18. eeeeewww…Aly and Aj. can you get more Disney-executive created?
    i’m not girlie. at all. i don’t likes preps. i do drool over guys though. quietly.

    lol, Amy-wa is a heart-breaker.

    and i’m a highly negative person, but there’s nothing wrong with that. i also love dying my hair colors.

    odd…i was in Borders today and looking at midnighters (they had bks 1 + 2 old covers, but neither of 3. ah well, guess i’ll just have to buy the hot jonathan cover) and the Secret Hour cover was wierd. like, instead of having the raised silver writing, it just had flat orange. it looked horrible. would rather see Jess on there.

  19. Well, its not like i watch disneychannel Pssh, no! Maybe. STOP ASKING MY QUESTIONS! and i dont like the johnas brothers (talks about ugly) and the cheetah girls are just weird (i wonder if they get rejected at school) andHannah monatanna makes me puke (no comment). Ok, so it one stinkin
    CD i bought becase yes, i likes it! Ew, hate me! My hair will stay the same color, til i get old and i die it again to make it my regular color.

  20. How can you drool quietly, i tried but it just didnt work out, i just started making these goofy laughing noises.

  21. Ok, who didnt tell me my B wasnt capitalized! Ok you guys, if your gonna be my friends, you got to tell me if theres something wrong with my name, just like my friends tell me if i gt food in my braces. Gross in a way.

  22. Yeha i hated the food in the braces. i got my braces when i was 9 and had them for 15 months and i go back soon to see when i need them again. im 11 now and here they do it weird so u get 2 phases of braces where u have ’em like 2 years on & 2 yrs. off. its kinda weird.

  23. Aly and AJ suck. No offense. And if they weren’t sisters the stuff they do in the Potential Beakup Song would be…yeah.

    Hannah Montana sucks. I couldn’t even stand to hear half of Nobody’s perfect b/c I threw up. almost. Vomit rose up in my throat (next part is disgusting) then I swallowed it back down.

    Hannah Montana made me throw up.

    Don’t even get me started on the Jonas Brothers. Besides having incredibly sucky music, they are like sooo ugly. I hate them.

    And pretty much everyone else from Disney sucks. No offense.

    I’m stayin up all night 2nite. have a poem to rewrite…for the 7th time. Getting this one perfect…my Fanlib crap sucks.

  24. Hey, i kind of like Hannah Montana, and in all of these stars’ defense, some of them actually have pretty good music. Ok, ill admit, the Jonas brothers don’t have the best music in the world, but, they aren’t that bad, really. But, ZAC EFRON IS SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO HOT!!! that’s all i have to say on the matter. HES SOOOOOO HOT!!!!!!

  25. Awesome New Covers. Its weird seeing people as the characters, after reading the books and thinking myself how i figured they looked. Are they only changing in America? Everything good happens in America.
    When I’m older, I’m moving!

    Also Hey to any other peoples -waves-

    Join my Scott westerfeld appreciation site?


    Cheers (:

    Alisha-La xx

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