Midnighters Widgets

In honor of the Jan 2 release of the brand new Midnighters paperbacks, here are a trio of countdown widgets for your websites and desk tops!

And because I never posted it, click on the thumbnail below for a full-size version of the new Touching Darkness cover.


To complete this purely self-promotional post, here are multi-store links for The Secret Hour, Touching Darkness, and Blue Noon.

That is all I have the brain for right now.

As of 6PM US Eastern Standard Time, Leviathan is 18,569 words long!

334 thoughts on “Midnighters Widgets

  1. Can’t WAIT for Leviathan…!!!

    I’m excited about the new paperback midnighter books, but i’m actually a fan of the old ones myself((I own all three. :D)) The new ones are cool but they’re not exactly how I imagined the characters((duh, I know. But it’s true…:) ))…

    I love those books((the Twilight series))! Jake’s the Best! <3. well….. I hated him in Eclipse. I still love him though.

  2. I heard about the secong book New Moon that like Edward leaves Bella, it makes me soo mad, but i also heard he comes back so, exciteing. He is so nice, i love him.
    ill name my book loves: Cal, colton, William, Zane, Edward, Moz, Qwen, Frizz, Johnathon, yep thats all of them, but i am currently, irrasistably in love with Edward. Me like him!

  3. Alice is one of my favorite characters…she is awsome, and funny
    her emotions are extreme
    Edward overreacts
    Jacob is stubborn
    I like Jasper too
    I feel bad for Esme 🙁

  4. I could blabber on forever about books but life doesn’t offer that option so I am content with just blabbering now, mostly to myself….

  5. Angela Webber in twilight is very fake….I want a book from her point of veiw, mostly to prove she is supposed to be human,HUMANS HAVE ANGER!, Angela Webber doesn’t

  6. I like vampires
    my friend forces me to read her favorite books
    I wouldn’t have read twilight if she hadn’t made me

  7. wow, that was alot of coments Netta-la. i dont want edward to leave. I heard you saying things about Jake. What? i have no clue who that is. I read a teen read review. they said New Moon seemed to drag in the middle. Urg, i just want her become and vampire and live with Edward for ever. but you never no…..it may haapen in Eclipse! i bet it will, ok so i read a review about Eclipse…..
    i was curious if they were together!!!!

  8. names for new midnighters talents for tow characters form his latest books!!!

    Please hurry!!!!!!

    Bis dann!!! 🙂

  9. I found out about Scott-la’s books from my friend Taylor…cuz we picked out books for each other one day at school and she grabbed Uglies for me…she almost grabbed this book about a queen or something who kept chopping off heads, it’s a good thing i said no.

    I just finished Trout Summer….it was pretty good–(not as good as any of Scott-la’s!), sad at the end, i almost cried, but what can i say..im a sapp.

    has anyone read any of Will Hobbs books?

  10. well eclipse is totally fawesome Bran-la, no review could do it justice. but before you get to the fawesomeness of eclipse, you have to go thru the sadness of new moon, sorry, life isn’t fair. but don’t worry, new moon has it’s good parts too, especially the last half!!!!

  11. I know, i dont want Edward to leave!!!! Hehehehe, but i no he comes back. So if i read it quick illl get back to the happiness of Edward, i hope! I want her to be a vampire because if not she will out age him and they cant be together and that will bring them so much closer, being the same kind!!!

  12. New Moon is my least favorite, because it’s so un-Edward-ish. But I love the other two.
    Netta-la, I agree with The comment about how Edward over reacts, and Jacob and Jasper and Esme.
    The thing about Edward, though, is that he’s suppose to over react to everything. Stephenie Meyer makes a big point in having him over react at everything on purpose. It’s like, she wants to make it totally obvious and overwhelming how much he loves Bella. Because everything she does us amazing to him, or terrifying, or something very extreme because he feels SO EXTREME about Bella. You’ll notice that he doesn’t over react to things that have nothing to do with Bella.
    But I couldn’t agree more about Jacob. I hate him >.>
    But the thing with Angela; why would she show anger? There’s never anything for her to be angry about in the books! I could understand you saying that if something bad happened to her and she was still all mellow and calm, but when nothing bad ever happens to her then it would just be dumb for her to come in and be angry. Plus, I know lot’s of peopl a LOT like Angela, and it takes a whole whole lot to get them mad. Angela is never angry because there’s never any reason for her to be angry!

  13. okay, as there are over 70 new comments, i don’t feel like reading them all now.

    *just reading the last one*
    heh, actually New Moon is my favorite because i love werewolves. even if they are pretty lame as far as werewolves go.
    Edward Cullen. well, i’m not allowed to talk about him anymore.
    he’s still the most boring vampire ever.
    he. wears. tan. turtlenecks.
    enough said.
    don’t even get me started on Bella, she’s obviously some sort of android.

  14. Okay 2 things

    1. No my cousin, is NOT a cat lol I was kidding because he acts like one a lot (I know, my family’s weird)

    2. Who asked about Non-Scott Books? I didn’t lol (just about Scott books) I’m just curious because this went from Midnighters, to -la vs -wa stuff and now the Twilight Series (which I haven’t read New Moon yet b/c it’s not freaking out in paper back-my parents NEVER let me get books out of paper back because I read so fast)….

  15. I cant believe you said u didnt like Edward! How brain-missing you must be!
    I love Edward. SPOILERS ABOUT TWILIGHT (not that you havnt read it)
    I am on the part where Edward just left Bella to hunt James. I almost starting crying. i would die to have a bf like Edward, he sjut so, mysteriously romanticly beautifuly lovable. there is just somehting about him that makes me want to be Bella. Be sides the fact there her nickname starts witht a B and my name starts wity a B.
    AHHHHHH, i dont want him to leave!!!!!!!!! I dont want her to get attcked!!!!!!!!!! I am addicted!!!!!!!!!!! i cant put my book down, someone remove the clue on my hands!!!!!!!!!

  16. I read so much that………
    ~my mom makes me get two books from the store because we have to go back to get more next week, she trys to hold me as long as possible
    ~my grandpa built me a book shelf. It acculy has four selfs but you call it a bookself right?
    ~my friend says ive changed
    ~people wonder whats wrong with me
    ~everyone asks me, “So, what are you reading now?”
    ~i have made a list in the order that i read them in order to be able to look back in the future and now what books i read and in case they stop making them i buy them. (i am weird)
    ~i come to this site everyday to talk about books.
    ~i say words i use to never say and people ask me what it means. And i mean more……..mature words i guess you could say like, “The boys voice was a deep mix of saticfactory and a hint of confussion.” Oddly enough i talk like that to people. Its fun, you look smart and they look stupid witht there expression!
    and i wonder why i dont have a bf. Well, this certanly explains a lot.

  17. Uhhhh, my stomach hurts. I had a very large donut and got full them and hour later (now) i ate a small donut and i realized………….i was still full. So now my stomch aches.

  18. Lizzy-wa???? EXCUSE ME??????????????????????

    ahem. sorry.

    But…I think you were talking either to me or Serafina. Cause Lizzy-wa hasn’t commented here in like…forever. so yeah. If I’m wrong just tell me.

    I don’t like any guys at my school. So I don’t have a bf. Not because I read all the time. I haven’t read in like forever (ok, besides last night.) I read Gathering Blue. Disconcerting book. I like science fiction and all, but Lois Lowry is just a bit creepy. I like books where there are real people and not just violent, relentless, uncaring beasts. That’s crazy, man. Just crazy. We had to read The Giver in 5th grade…now THAT was creepy. Are those books like companions or something? Cause, they follow the same plot, except it’s more distopia in Gathering Blue and more utopia in The Giver. Actually, I think they are both distopias.

  19. eh, i don’t like Lois Lowry that much. they strike me as like, sci-fi for people who’ve never seen an episode of the Twilight Zone. like, nothing really happens in the books. there’s a concept of a dystopia/utopia/whatever and yeah. they hang out there for like a hundred pages. nothing really happens. i don’t see that much difference between reading the book and the back flap, they’re pretty much the same. like, it’s an okay (if majorly overused or vague) concept, Mrs. Lowry, but where are you going to GO with it now? and the answer seems to be nowhere. as someone who reads/watches/lives a lot of sci-fi and fantasy, they’re not really anything new, and they’re not done wonderfully enough for me to excuse that. they’re like, a good intro to sci-fi sort of concepts, but they’re not that original or complex. i want a deeper dystopia. i want characters to do more than one thing in a book. i want a plot, not just a world.

    and yeah, they’re companion books. there’s also Messanger, which i had to read for english class this year. took me about half an hour.

  20. Well, Allie-wa (Emphasize on the Allie), i dont like violent books either. I dont like it when there are non realistic people either. I was reding a book and i was like, no one talks to there parents like that, she was like this. “Mother, can i please go to the Blah Blah Blah?” and her mom would say something and she responed. “Why mother, thank you, i love you mother.” I thought it was pathetic, i couldnt stand it. i read a book and the girl was suppose to be 13, she acted like she was 8, seriously. i kept thinks she was.

  21. hehe. I was kidding. You can call me Lizzy-wa if you want. Just put a “2” on the end so it’s “Lizzy-wa2”. So we can tell the difference. lol. 😛

    Must read Messenger. I’ve heard of it. I think. Haven’t been able to find it. Don’t think my library has it.

    I’d rather read Uglies than The Giver. duh. I like the future better in Uglies. hehe.

    I don’t like violent books, but I don’t like happy books either. I’d rather read violence than happiness. Where’s the fun in that? It’s just when the children are abused, just kicked around like worthless pieces of crap, that bothers me. Like in Gathering Blue. Or when they kill people for stupid reasons (e.g. old age, twins, even colick), like in The Giver.

    – Lizzy-wa2 OUT :mrgreen:


  22. i agree with Serafina Zane, her books are just kinda boring to me. they definetly need a better plot, or one at all. but i was also forced to read those books in the 7th grade, thankfully i’ll never have to do that again!

  23. Yeah, well, I still want to read it. The Giver wasn’t that great but i read Gathering Blue. So I’m stil going to read it if/when I get the chance.

  24. Ok, you dot have to make fun of me now! Just because i called you lizzy-wa! no, im just kiding, lizzy-wa2. she will come back and wonder y i am calling you that, O well, i will explain to her my misfortune.

    AHHH, i am almost done with Twilight! I think Bella is realistic. I mean, if Edward was mine, i would act like that. Panicy, lovy-dovy, and sweet and………well i am allt that already, but maybe not the lovy-dovy……….me have no have lover. 🙁

    I am going to finish it and get the sequel tommorow. Uh, ill read later. To. Many. Words. To. Comprehend.

  25. just a hundred pages? I don’t remember the number of pages for Gathering Blue, except that it ended in a 41/14. Can’t remember exactly…:P

    – Lizzy-wa2 OUT! :mrgreen:

  26. Hehehehe, i think its funny when you act like Lizzy-wa, shes such a goofball.
    I need an imatative nickname.

  27. i don’t know it exactly, i’m just guessing. it was really short and went quickly is all i know.

    and i don’t think Bella is realistic—she’s too mature, too cold, too old, she doesn’t care about anything. she doesn’t give a crap about her human friends even before she meets edward, she has no ambition or dreams about anything, she doesn’t do anything except sit around, read jane austen and cook pasta or something. she doesn’t have any interests, she doesn’t have any style. she can’t survive on her own and she can’t make up her mind. she talks like no 18 year old i’ve ever met, and definitly doesn’t act like one. much like edward himself, her entire personality is defined by how she relates to her vampire boyfriend. which is that she lusts after him and is remarkably stupid. which does not make a good or realistic personality. i spent the majority of Eclipse waiting for her to smack him. i know i would have, even if i was in love with him.

  28. ‘kay, this is sorta random but it’s really gotten on my nerves. it’s about the schools in my district.

    The elementary school get half days once a month. The high schools get an hour delayed start every Wednesday. What do the Middle school get? nothing. It sucks. Especially when school starts at 8:00. For the high school on wednesday, they go at 9:30. But get out at the same time. And on early release days, the elementary school get out at 11:40. that is not fair. I hate middle school.

  29. Omg, your never gonna live that down are you Allie-wa. You will always sihn with ‘lizzy-wa2’. Yes, Lizzy-wa very entergetic. I havent read for a whole hour. i know i cant believe it mysef.

    I need a nickname to write when i finish a comment.

  30. lol. I LIKE being Lizzy-wa2. I just made a really wierd comment on the new post…lol. Like really long. And I typed really loud and fast. It actually made me kinda depressed, thinking back on all the internet communities I’ve seen…

  31. Ahhh…I made so many typos. I feel stupid now. lol. I said “his stuff” instead of “this stuff”. hehe.

    -Lizzy-wa2 OUT! :mrgreen:

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