Midnighters Widgets

In honor of the Jan 2 release of the brand new Midnighters paperbacks, here are a trio of countdown widgets for your websites and desk tops!

And because I never posted it, click on the thumbnail below for a full-size version of the new Touching Darkness cover.


To complete this purely self-promotional post, here are multi-store links for The Secret Hour, Touching Darkness, and Blue Noon.

That is all I have the brain for right now.

As of 6PM US Eastern Standard Time, Leviathan is 18,569 words long!

334 thoughts on “Midnighters Widgets

  1. that is why i said that Ellie ALSO told me to read Scott’s books cuz in an earlier post I said Lucy was my friend….

  2. ok this is really old………………but i’m still gonna say it, i’ve always had a problem with keeping my mouth shut. anyways……. as for what Serafina Zane said about how she doesn’t view bella as realistic…… well i have to disagree. if you put yourself in her shoes, having had your father leave when you were young, and now having your mom leave you for another man, your bound to end up with a few issues. also if you move to a new school, why would you really care about the ppl you just met, especially when they’re pretty much treating you like crap anyways. i think edward was the one person in her life that had truly cared about bella for as long as he’d known her, which probly meant a lot to her. i think she was very realistic, just in a screwed up, tortured kind of way.

    ok i’m done ranting now!

  3. but bella wouldn’t have left her mom if her mom hadn’t found another guy, she didn’t feel wanted so she left her mom so her mom would be able to live her own life. very selfless move on bella’s part i think

  4. Ugh
    I read the Giver in 3rd grade
    I was horrified ;my cousin convinced me that a society like that was real…. he did that alot 🙁

  5. if she had fit in better when she was little she would have grown up alot better, but she didn’t seem to want to fit in very much…

  6. she was definetly an outsider………… but where’s the fun in being like everybody else, i wld rather be my own person and an outsider, than a clone of everybody else and “fit in”
    ……….just a thought

  7. i love ranting!!! it makes me feel better!!! and i like ranting on the internet too cause nobody here knows me so they won’t hold it against me tomorrow!!

  8. I didn’t know my messages could be so dizzy-making
    hmm….my mom does say that it is hard to understand what I’m talking about

  9. I get on microsoft word alot and type like 5 pages full of rants….about different things; I have a short attention span

  10. my friends always say i’m random and they can’t follow what i’m saying, but it always makes perfect sense to me
    ….. i guess because i’m saying it!

  11. My brain goes so fast that my words jumble into stuff like
    jhfjdkhfdksjhfkjdshfkdjshfknscudekjs…… my friends and me talk fast

  12. Something else might confuse you… earlier I said I only have 1 cousin, Marianna
    the guy who convinced me the giver was real was my half-brother’s cousin….sorta like mine

  13. I have alot to say and i can’t put it all into a comprehendable message so I put it into little messages that are easier to understand…. well, i try but most of the time i forget what i was going to say so I don’t say it at all

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