For those of you wearying of the Great Pullman Debate, I offer a pair of podcasts to soothe the spirit.

Back in October, when I was on tour for the release of Extras, Justine and I had a chance to sit down outside of Chicago with an old pal named John Scalzi. Scalzi was writing his first YA, so his publishers thought it would be cool to record our conversation and podcast it. Well, it’s finally ready for listening.

We discuss our books, hoverboard derring-do, and of course zombie suppression.

Here’s part one and here is part two.


(No Pullman arguments in this comment thread! Here is where they go!)

125 thoughts on “Podcast-tastic!

  1. Oh, there’s that hoverboars derring-do we’ve been waiting for!
    Now I’m going to go listen to the podcasts!

  2. I cant really listen to all of it. I am not able to sit that long with nothing to do but listen. just a known fact of most people. I get to do homework! And since i know your all so excited i want you to do it for me. You only have to do my science card for Midterm and my Language diagnostic test. 25 questions each and i have 4 more to go. Make that 5.

  3. OMG I CANT KEEP UP! I’m soo busy lately with swimming/school/doctor stuff and trying to sleep!! >_< golly, Mr. Scott, I am your biggest fan. and i would check your web page every day but… yeah.

  4. I’m excited about her book too!
    Except I have to read THE BAR CODE TATOO first, and then THE BAR CODE REBELLION.
    But then I can finally read Justine’s book.

  5. There are actually lots of authors that have websites…like

    ok, so 4 that I can think of right now.

  6. I’ve never told anyone I like them.

    I’ve never gone out either.

    Probably b/c I always reject guys asking me out.

  7. Listening as I speak! =)

    also, the “hoverboard derring-do” greatly pleases me. i did some half-hearted googling on the subject and came up with this:

    “Derring-do” turns out to have an interesting history. It was a challenge to find, but the OED lists it as a “pseudo archaism” which originated with Chaucer, was misunderstood by Lydgate, picked up but misprinted by Spenser, and then taken up by Sir Walter Scott, and it’s been “derring-do” ever since. The series of errors and misunderstandings have created a word meaning “reckless courage.” If you have an OED, it’s interesting reading.


    interesting. =)

  8. Ok, not to sound snobby or anything, butgetting asked out isn’t very special. Especially when the only guys that have ever asked you out are almost a whole foot shorter than you.

    That’s very un-special.

  9. Eh. I have never been asked out, but I don’t particularly like the boys at my school. They are not of a very intelligent variety. But anyways.

    Someone said something about movie news and it reminded me of how An Abundance of Katherines is going to me a movie (someday) and now I am once again filled with joy.

  10. “And, as we know, teenagers NEVER curse or have sex.”

    That was hilarious and informative.
    I should pick up a few of Justine’s books. They sound interesting.

  11. i think girls (and i’m a girl myself but whatever) make the whole crushing and asking out thing incredibly complicated. just tell him how you feel… worst thing that could happen is that he tells you he doesn’t feel the same.

  12. i should read An Abundance of Katherines. iรขโ‚ฌโ„ขve been thinking about it.
    It is one of the best books ever. John Green is an amazing author! Read it! As soon as you possibly can!
    Hoo haa, NERDFIGHTERS!
    Sorry. I had to say it. >.>

  13. this is really random but you know what the high temperaturein my city is going to be tomorrow?

    82 degrees!!!! That is crazy.

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