For those of you wearying of the Great Pullman Debate, I offer a pair of podcasts to soothe the spirit.

Back in October, when I was on tour for the release of Extras, Justine and I had a chance to sit down outside of Chicago with an old pal named John Scalzi. Scalzi was writing his first YA, so his publishers thought it would be cool to record our conversation and podcast it. Well, it’s finally ready for listening.

We discuss our books, hoverboard derring-do, and of course zombie suppression.

Here’s part one and here is part two.


(No Pullman arguments in this comment thread! Here is where they go!)

125 thoughts on “Podcast-tastic!

  1. I’ve had snow… but then it rained and it was all icky and gross for a long time. Stupid Seattle. >.< It’s really cold here, but sunny. So we still have to go outside and play kickball for PE even though our hands and feet are frozen and numb.
    Okay. Enough of that…

  2. In the summer it usually gets up to 100. Which suscks when you have to ride on a bus w/o air conditioning for a full 45 minutes. It is hell. almost.

  3. We just finished this week-long kickball “tournament” and my team won. Which was pretty amazing. But my school doesn’t have a gym, so we are outside or we sit inside and play these strange games that our teacher makes up on the spot which usually involve blindfolds and rubber balls. Don’t ask.
    Last year we had about five days of snow and basically everything shut down. Washington is just not prepared for snow. People were literally abandoning their cars in the middle of the road last year in not even a foot of snow. It was sad. XP

  4. I also have no A/C. So we open all the windows. My room has HUGE windows and it gets REALLY windy in there and things blow around. Haha.

    I just sort of hate sports in general. All the time we are forced to play tennis baseball in PE and it is really a horrible sport. Truly. Bleh.

  5. Why don’t you have an A/C?! I’d DIE if I didn’t have one.
    Texas gets hottttttttttt.
    And it only snows like once every other year here :[

  6. finally done with stupid project!!!freedom!!!
    it’s like fifty stupid pages about the iss.can u believe it 130 billion dollars for some stupid station that hasnt done anything in the past 9 years!!urg!!ok, im going to read all of these posts…….

  7. Thats cool i just listened to it. I cant wait for Justines new book.

    Ok I just finished the Last Days, nine kinds of fawesome! I loved the girl at the end wanting her strat back. Is there a conection. between when Min sings the worms coming and when Cal and Lace kiss them being able to feel the worms moving under them?

  8. im reading the last days but i don’t really get it.i keep saying that i’ll get it soon but it just gets more complicated.when it says Moz or someones name, is it their point of view??
    KINDA SORTA A SPOILER***************************
    is pearl the girl that caught the guitar with moz??
    and moz is a cool name.random.

  9. yesterday I went to Borders and there was a whole row of Uglies Box Sets and then The Last Days, and So Yesterday. I got The Last Days even though I haven’t read Peeps yet. & then i got like this book that looks really good called Into The Wild, and I got the Private Series box set, which my friend says is really good. I got a few other adventure/survival books too. πŸ™‚

    I would die without my A/C, infact my family owns a plumbing, heating, air conditioning business. and we get a lot of snow in the winter. tomorrow we have a snowday due to the sleet like snow and stuff. πŸ˜€

  10. haha, it’s funny to read all these things about TLD, since I just finished reading it or the second time like 2 minutes ago >.<

    But, yeah, Pearl was the one who caught the Strat with mozy. And by the way, I think that The Last Days is a hard core amazing band name. But personally, I’m alot more of a Zahler fan than Moz. Zahler needs some love too. But what’s up with Alana Ray? Is she liked pchysic or what?!

  11. FINALLY! After long boring classes of reading The Christmas Carol, were done. You cant even understand it so why do they still make it!

  12. omg my comments are selectively dissappearing and reapperring.


    We finished a Christmas Carol, too today. Soooo boring

  13. I know. i usually tried to do other stuff but i am heavily intimidated by teacher, there forth, i am to scared to do anything. Especially with my Lang. and Lit. reacher.

  14. wow every sence extras theres been so many posts like 60 in one day

    i jesouse of all you people in the north i was in washington now im in stupid hot frorida with the evil one its not fair

    i want to be cold not hot

    and im a loser too never gotten asked out no boys have known me well enough sence 4th grade(lots of school changes after that 5 to be exact im in 7th now) and you dont get asked out in 4th grade

  15. yeah. but i’m not like a nerd. my problem is that the guys like girls who aren’t like them. whereas i have so much in common with them. play guitar, not an idiot about music, listen to same music, love zombies, sleep in class, tap pencil constantly, wear black sweatshirts and stuff all the time.

    and i have friends, they just hate me or are annoying.

    and why did a bunch of my comments not appear? are they requesting moderation or something?
    are they lost to the void?

  16. yeah im more of a nerd but i do wear a black jacket even though its like 80 outside

    i saw this thing on the sci. channel and they where talking about how like in millions of years we would have to flee earth because the sun would eat us and they said we would have to adapt and possibly *slight spoilier alert(extras)* have an extra set of arms instead of legs like the the extras in extras

    i suspect scott copyed them not the other way around because it was from 2001(pathectic date i hate old sci. news)

  17. i dont own black pants but i own a pair of grey jeans and more jeans

    i just started doing the whole black jacket thng to show my anoyyance at the world and the despised prep evil one

  18. well, the world does suck.
    sadly, i do not own any black pants at the moment. my mom got mad that they were shredded and threw them out, much in the way she disposed of my converse that were held together solely by duct tape.
    right now i’ve got jeans (boring dark blue washed-out ones) and a couple pairs of cargo pants.

    i see a good story behind “despised prep evil one”. plz do share. (if you want to, that is)

    i’m writing on Graduation! i mean, studying math.

  19. Oooo, I don’t know if this is totally off topic or not, I just saw something about a jacket and it made me think of this.
    When I was in like 6th grade, or just a long time ago, I used to wear this totally terribly ugly puffy white coat. It was sooo long, it always dragged the ground and collected sticks and thorns and stuff on the bottom. And it was like five sized too fat for me, and the puff part of it was basically like a bazillion pieces of string. And I once convinced my friend that it was made out of pollar bear{which I only now realize is sad and cruel} and it was hilarious.
    Some people sill make fun of me for that stupid coat :]

  20. where did my post go? here it is again.

    My name is Calypso Jenell Greene and I am a mindseer. I am the first of a new generation of Midnighters. My name means concealer of knowledge. My dad is Rex Greene who is famous in the Lore for being turned into a Halfling which is half darkling, half Midnighter. He also came up with the plan that saved Bixby from plunging into Midnight forever. I inherited me Seeing from him. He can See the Focus on Midnighters and traces where darklings and their prey, humans, have been. I can see all that as well as darkling werewolves. When my dad was teaching me to read the Lore he said that is did not mention any other Midnighters like me or my friends. My mom, Melissa Greene, said the same thing after she sifted through all the thoughts of generations of mindcasters. She says that I can control my thoughts better than any experienced mindcaster. This is true because I was born in Midnight when mindcasting thoughts are the clearest. When I was was born my father and his friends, Dess, Jonthan, and Jessica, were fighting darklings that were trying to kill me because I would change the way that they lived forever.
    My closest friend in both the normal daylight time and Midnight is Elysia Ilona Martinez who is a flying-flame bringer. She can shoot bolts of lightening from her hands, a talent she got from their mom and she can fly as well. She is the daughter of Jonathan and Jessica Martinez. Another one of my best friend 25/7 is Theron Latimer Buffalo. He is poly-language. He was born knowing every language in the world including animals and darkling. He can also convert any measurement into another instantly.
    The three of us make up a new generation of Midnighters. The times that we live in have become dangerous. There are new types of monsters that we must fight. We are the new hope of the world, we are half-bloods.

    hope it works this time. make sugestions to make it better πŸ™‚

  21. OO, for the poly-language. My only suggestion would be to make that like… He is a polylinguistic instead. Just sounds better in my head.

    And, yeah, it was a very scary image. It was even scarier when I pulled it up over my head and chased people (shows you how cool I am >.<). I liked like an albino Cousin It.

  22. Yess… I was an odd child. I’m still odd, actually. Except I don’t chase people in fake polar bear coats anymore… :/

  23. That was a lie. I should have said: I donÒ€ℒt chase people in fake polar bear coats VERY OFTEN anymore.

  24. So, let me ask a question.
    I get how the kid is a mindseer. Rex and Melissa.
    And I get the flying flame bringer. Jonathan and Jessica.
    But who did Dess screw to get a poly-language?!

  25. Well, I’d assume so, but who is this language dude, and who says he’s fool enough to handle the fawesomeness of Des?!

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