For those of you wearying of the Great Pullman Debate, I offer a pair of podcasts to soothe the spirit.

Back in October, when I was on tour for the release of Extras, Justine and I had a chance to sit down outside of Chicago with an old pal named John Scalzi. Scalzi was writing his first YA, so his publishers thought it would be cool to record our conversation and podcast it. Well, it’s finally ready for listening.

We discuss our books, hoverboard derring-do, and of course zombie suppression.

Here’s part one and here is part two.


(No Pullman arguments in this comment thread! Here is where they go!)

125 thoughts on “Podcast-tastic!

  1. Your on a roll with this comment stuff, huh? Well I got 99 >P
    Anyways, yeah Tech would be way better for Dess, but as long as Language Dude is awesome, then I guess it’s okay.

  2. oo, NUMMY TIME!!
    I think that’s how it’s spelling in PEEPS :/
    Whatever, I’ve got Sonic to eat [the Fast Food place, NOT the Hedge Hog]
    And I have to go find someone to lend me a copy of The Last Days to reread :]

  3. Im not a nerd. I hate nerds. I study, sometimes. i read ALOT! My grandpa is making me a bookshelf for Christmas! There is acculy this guy and he is my friend and i like him ok so he told me he thoguht i was, i guess you could say, cooler because i was smarter. It made me feel happy. I have had 2 boyfriends and they used me to make the smae girl jelease.

  4. the guy that has a language talent is from when they were searching the globe for new midnighters. he helped them in other countries.

  5. Oh! Done eating Hedge Hogs!
    Bran-la, WOULD DO YOU HATE NERDS?! I take offense.

    And what is the Language Dudes name?!

  6. Wow, three comments were entered at 14:26. cool! O and they just scare me, you ask them somethin and there like LITTLE ROCK! I just said that randomly.

  7. on my fanfic there was a guy that had a talent for languages and he and dess had a kid.

    Ummmmmm……i don’t know what is name is…..Alpha?

  8. Alexander-protector of manknid
    Sterne-serious minded
    Nestor-traveler, wisdom

    that’s all that i got for right now come back with some more later, unless ya’ll can come up with some??????

  9. haha. Well if your gonna go for Alpha, then I think Beta deserves a chance to be the name too!


    …Am I scary?! ..0_o..

  10. ALPHA BETA BUFFALO! Dude, that’s like defiantely the SWEETEST name I’ve even heard(possibly with the exception of Zahler)! Oh my gosh, you would totally be my hero if you named him that!

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