Reputation Economy Conference

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Yes, it’s a conference about reputation economies that took place back on December 8, at Yale University. Alas, I missed it, but the online description says:

Reputation, which plays a key role in almost any economic or social system, is a fundamental, but not well understood, aspect of online business transactions, peer production of information and knowledge, and exchanges within virtual social communities. Traditional modes of authentication, accreditation, reputation, and prior acquaintance with participants rely on the social norms of close-knit communities and the accountability of meeting face to face. Since these mechanisms usually do not apply to online environments, we have witnessed the development of alternative models for reputation management including third-party certificate authorities, peer-produced evaluations, ratings, stars, points, karma and others.

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The term “reputation economy” had been around a while when I started conceptualizing Extras. I have no idea when it first came into use. Cory Doctorow invents a reputation-based currency called whuffie in his 2003 book Down and Out in the Magic Kingdom, and Howard L. Meyers mentions a similar system way back in 1971 in his story, “All Around the Universe.” And, of course, we’ve all seen websites like eBay, where sellers are ranked with feedback from all the people who’ve bought from them before. That’s a real-life reputation economy that’s been around since 1995.

Obviously, reputation is important to human beings. We want to know who to trust and who not to trust. Alas, whatever kind of reputation system we use—word of mouth, online, bathroom wall—there’s always someone willing and able to abuse it. Pointless celebrities dominate, news channels fabricate, banks collapse, and even best friends lie to us sometimes. (Sad for the world, but lucky for novelists; otherwise a lot of cool plot twists would disappear.)

But you guys know all this. You’re the first generation to grow up with the quasi-reputation economies that are Facebook, Myspace, and Google, all of which show us who has the most friends, links, or comments.

So how does reputation work where you go to school? (Or to work? Or to network?) Who do you trust? Who trusts you? And what’s the worst failure of your local reputation economy that you’ve ever seen?

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  1. Yeah, Sansa’s rock. Did you get the 8 gig or 4? I’m also uploading stuff right now! U love the spinny wheel on it!
    I also got Tithe.
    But Take This To Your Grave is their best album!! It rocks. The whole thing is already on my sansa :]

  2. My sister had a Sansa…but it broke. then she got the same one again. But it also broke.

    So she got a Zune for Christmas. She didn’t know how to set it up, so I spent like 2 or 3 hours helping her with it.

  3. haha. I got a Zune last year for christmas. And guess what… it broke!!
    But then again, that might have something to do with the fact that I ran it over with my car :] oopsies. I like Sansa’s better anyways.

  4. mine’s only 2, but i got it like two years ago. love that spinny wheel too. i’m listening to it with my new headphones right now…Von Bondies, until i build up the courage to unplug long enough to upload Take This To Your Grave.

    i see a theme with your sister and mp3 players, Allie-wa. my mom got a Sansa after i did, and then my best friend and her brother, and it turns out my other friend had one. i start trends.

    lol, did u really RUN OVER A ZUNE sauvy-la???????

    i loves my sansa. couldn’t live without it.
    and i might mention, i got this really awesome case for it too. it’s all styled like a converse, and about as scuffed-up cuz i use it so much. very cool and durable though.

    wow, everyone’s reading tithe and having sansas.
    well i’m way ahead of you, i did both those things in the summer between 7th/8th grade, and that wasn’t last summer, it was the one b4.

    also, i finished Sensitive. very good. 😀
    now i go back to my library pile until i get hold of The Sweet Far Thing.

  5. Yeah… I ran over my old Zune. It would have sucked, except for the fact that f I hadn’t, I;d still be stuck with it instead of this foolio Sansa :]
    Oh, by the way, that Midnight Werewolves thingy; very fawesome! Are there more than 2 chapters, cause that’s all I could find?

  6. you mean on my LJ?
    there’s only two installments of Graduation on there, mainly because…that’s all there are. haven’t had writing time in a while, and have been spending it on my other story. more coming in the near future. glad you liked it though!

    so you seriously drove over your zune. that is…hilarious.

    sansas are foolio.

  7. Well, driving over your mp3 player isn’t exactly hilarious at first, but now that I have another it is pretty funny :]

  8. OMG i got THREE*3* scott shirts for christmas AHHHH im wearing one right now
    i got
    the smoke lives
    im an extra hoodie thingy
    and the 13letter words shirt that has peep midnighters and uglies on it

    i like died!!=]=]

  9. lol, support Wearable Extras! *still wearing I’m An Extra t-shirt*

    yes, i imagine at the time it was pretty tragic.
    ummm…this may be brain-missing of me, but i don’t remember. how old are u, Sauvy-la? you don’t have to say if you don’t want to. but are you, like, old enough to drive legally?
    see, that would be why i don’t leave my mp3 player lying in the driveway. i ususally keep it on a little wire leash, which is attatched directly into my skull, where it keeps me sane. god, i sympathize with melissa WAAAAY too much. ah well
    *turns up volume on headphones and strokes fawesome headphones. oh how i love you, skullcandy*

  10. scott seriously needs to post something else soon or this post is gonna get sooooo many comments it will take a day to scroll down to the bottom to post one yourself!

  11. hehe, yeah, I have no clue as to how the mp3 player actually got in the driveway…
    But I’m a freshman. 15 years old, so I’ve got my permit. Sort of old enough to drive, if you count having an adult hovering and yelling at you driving.
    Rosie-wa, if you wanna see alot of comments, check out the Midnighters Spoilers page. Wow, it’s like a super blogger threw up there or something. So. Many. Comments.

  12. i get my permit at like 15 and 3 months, i think, then my license at like 16 and 3 months, i dont think the month parts are right but it is something like that.

  13. Dear Scott,

    I have been reading your blog regularly but this is the next time I’m commenting on it. Reading your blog has been a ritual for me and I want to thank you for all the happiness you’ve given to me.

    At this time, I want to take the opportunity to give you my heartfelt wishes for Christmas and wish you a great New Year ahead.

    May all your dreams come true 🙂

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  14. ZOMG GUYS so i play world of warcraft and my new main name is Ayafuse(im so obsessed) and i got a little robot pet and so it says ayafuse’s companion so it reminded me aya and moggle so i took a pic of it! but its to big to put into the comment=[ so im just gonna make it my wallpaper but can’t u just picture it!!!

    well of course u cant unless u play WoW and know what a dranei is

    but take my word for it its really cool!

  15. as i promised, here is my christmas present to all of ya’ll.
    Here ya’ll go:

    At the stroke of Midnight, when Aya and Fizz were watching Nana Love cut her giant pink cake. Aya was tense with excitement, already planning what her new story was going to say. Then the big moment arrived. Nana picked up the knife covered with jewels and gently slid it into the cake. With a giant splat, the cake exploded as everything turned blue. Aya looked around and saw globs of pink cake suspended in midair. She also saw all of the other people at the party frozen stiff. “Hello?” she called hesitantly. Then she heard a crashing and howling through the trees. Then a huge gray wolf ran into the courtyard. As it came closer to her it transformed into Tally Youngblood. “Aya-la? I heard you yell? Where are you?” What is she saying, thought Aya, I am right here. She looked down at her hand, but she could not see it! “I’m over here Tally-wa,” she called. “Oh, there you are. I see you now,” she said. “What do you make of this, Tally-wa?” asked Aya. “I don’t know,” answered Tally. Just then three people came floating into the courtyard. “Welcome,” one of them said, “my name is Calypso Jenell Greene and this is Midnight.”

    hope ya’ll like it. commet to make it better. 🙂

    Bis dann!!! 🙂

  16. Yeah, see Serafina Zane, there’s a big difference between Texas and New Jersey :] Very diferent, I think. See, in the south we’re much more full of anarchy-fandom, and so our driving laws tend to examplify that.

  17. HAPPY CHRISTMAKANUKA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Happy BDay Netta-la!!!!!!

    in washington you get you permit at 15.5. i think it used to be 15. but now its 15.5. unless they changed it back….and you get your license at 16. yepyepyep.

    HAPPY CHRISTMAKANUKA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    -Lizzy-wa OUT! 😀

  18. I like Savvy-la loves David’s explanation. lol.

    Well, people in the south are filled with anarchy-fandom. That’s half the south. The other half are the rednecks who put George W. Bush into office.

    There’s a city near mine, in the same county as me, but it’s made up completely of trailers and fireworks stands. I’m not kidding. Oh – it also has a Wal-Mart, of course.

  19. Omg I had the weirdest dream. Well, not exactly the weirdest, but pretty weird. You guys know the Dr. Evil sloth or w/e his name is from Neopets? (Sry guys, I am a Neopets addict) Well, I’ll start from the beginning. Me adn my Mom lived in an apartment and this lady who lived above us was my Mom’s friend. SO, on the bottom of the staircase on our building, my Mom was talking with her friend on the phone. SO, I turn the “light” on by my mom because I am going up the stairs holding the imaginary cell phone I wish I had in real life. My mom screams “Hannah!!! Why did you do that!! Someone’s going to cut your hair you just got cut and wore for CHristmas 3 inches shorter!” And trhen I scream “When?” And then my mom goes “If you answer that phone call!” And I don’t answer the phone and “he” calls my mom’s phone and says “Is your daughter there?” “NO. May I ask who is calling?” “NO. I cannot reveal my identity. I will kill you and your daughter tonght at midnight!! MUAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!!!!!” And then I woke up. “he” was the evil Dr. Sloth Neopets dude. And oh yeah, Saturday I cut my hair, that’s what the new hairstyle thing was about.

  20. wow, last time i posted, those two posts above mine totally didn’t show up. wierd.

    love it kim-la!!!! hilariously crossoverriffic.
    i likes the christmas present very much. it haz darkling werewolves!!!!! tally the darkling werewolf!!!!!!
    my christmas is complete.

    thank god someone else has to wait until sixteen for thier permit, even if it’s in australia.

    that is kind of amusing.
    i think that having fifteen year olds try and drive in new york city is a valid concern. driving in the city is a precise art of recklessness and running out in front of cars, best honed by trips to paris and rome.

    that is one messed up dream.

  21. omg. list of really crappy internet encyclopedias (w/o links because of fear of the “awaiting moderation” crap).

    * Uncyclopedia – The WORST attempt at being funny. Ok, some stuff is funny but most of it is just stupid.
    * Conservapedia – omg. The “trustworthy Encyclopedia” isn’t very trustworthy at all.
    * Encyclopedia Dramatica – Don’t even ry to go there. Please. Do yourself a favor. It is just an attack on Wikipedia, made by those who have been blocked there. they probably all have Aspergers.

    I’ll probably think of more later. After I post this.

  22. Yeah, that’s true. Like some people wouldn’t even know they had it if they weren’t told they did. I could have Asperger’s (or Asbergers?). You could. Your mom could. 😛

    Your also right about the fact that I spend too much time in the wikiverse. Except I prefer you call it wikiland. Sounds more European feudal-ish. And I drew a picture once of Wikiland that was European feudal-ish. lol. I’m such a geek at home. At school, I don’t think anyone knows about my Wikipedia account.

    Qhich is a very good thing.

  23. lol. I think I still have it…buried underneath all my sister’s school crap from last year where no one will ever find it. hehe. I drew it this summer when I spent like 6 hours a day on Wikipedia.

    Whenever i start to edit Wikipedia in 4 hour sessions I start becoming wary of politics again. idk why. I spent lots of time yesterday. Like, over 100 edits yesterday.

    Really funny how I was blocked from Conservapedia. You don’t even want to know what I did…

  24. I am half way through New Moon. It rocks, im proubalaby going to buy Eclipse today, because i have the money. Hopefully Breaking Dawn of whatever its called will come come out soon.

    Does it tell you in Eclipse who she picks?

  25. Bran-la I am not going to tell you who Bella picks!!!

    Bran-la I’m reading New Moon too, again.

    I have read New Moon at least (and I’m being serious) 20 times!

    I was going to read Eclipse but IT HAS GONE MISSING!!!! I’ve looked for it for 2 weeks and i can’t find it!!!

    Oh, and Breaking Dawn comes out in the Fall of 2008! (yaaaaaaaaaaaaaa, i can’t wait!)

  26. actually Allie-wa, i do. i really want to know.

    hmmm….aMelIA_wA. maybe good taste elves stole your copy of Eclipse. sorry, just had to say that. don’t get offended.

    and seriously Bran-la, it’s the most contrived contraversy ever. like, it’s competely obvious who she picks. and she pretty much does pick in Eclipse. that was another thing that annoyed me, they made this whole big deal about “Who Will She Choose?” and it was an even more contrived debate than Snape, it was all marketing and crap, you knew from like, before the end of New Moon who it would be.

    got Cross My Heart and Hope To Spy from the library, started it.
    am trying to beg Mom for trip to Borders to get The Sweet Far Thing.

  27. *sigh* its raining out i hate this it rains like every year around christmas time!!! I WANT SNOW NOT RAIN id even be fine with no percepitation but if there must be some it should be snow! or at least hail not dinky rain!

  28. Rosie-wa, it’s raining here too! I wish there was snow here too! It’s soooo boring here everyone is at work except for me and my twin, Ben (hey that rhymes, hehe) and he is soooooooooo annoying!

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